Getting Organized with #Deflecto #itscool2bcaddy

Getting Organized with #Deflecto #itscool2bcaddy

I received the below products for review purposes from @Shoplet. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today I have two organizers to share with you and I think you’ll agree that they are designed to make any home more organized.

Stackable Caddy Organizer
Rotating Carousel Organizer

I have been using these to get my arts and crafts for the kids and myself organized and even my makeup and beauty products. The possibilities are endless with what I can use the organizers for. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

I’m going to start with the Stackable Caddy Organizer. It has one large compartment, one medium size compartment, and one small compartment. All compartments stay shut with snap type lids. I could attach the organizer compartments to my wall but I decided it’s more convenient for me to have it handy in my craft area, by keeping the organizer intact on my desk. The kids can reach everything better. My new organizers are made with a nice thick plastic and I am sure the organizers will last a long time. The following video gives a great example on how to use these.

Getting Organized with #Deflecto #itscool2bcaddy


Next up is my new Rotating Carousel Organizer. I love that I can sit this on my desk and rotate it around to find the supplies I need. It glides around easily and has so many compartments (9), that one is really all I need. I’ve knocked this over a couple of times (actually my cat did it) and because of the snap shut lids, everything stayed in the compartments. I was glad to know that the organizer was made well enough to withstand the falling over onto my floor because I’m sure the kids will use this a lot. Everything in my home has to withstand a lot of use.

Getting Organized with #Deflecto #itscool2bcaddy

You can learn more about these organizers at Shoplet. Shoplet has all of your office supplies, medical supplies, cleaning supplies and office furniture, all in one place.

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  1. I need all the organizational help I can get! These both look amazing!

  2. This is my first to hear of Shoplet. It sounds great and I def. like organization.

  3. What neat organizers! I could totally use these. I love being organized. Thanks for sharing and I may just have to go check these out!

  4. I need to get those organizers. Perfect to store small craft supplies and keep the house neat

  5. I have the same products and they are so awesome. They really help with staying organized.

  6. I love the caddy! This is perfect for my embroidery threads and accessories.

  7. I was just mentioning to someone last night that I was looking for some organizers and this Stable Caddy Organizer would be perfect. Thanks for sharing such an awesome product.

  8. This This looks super handy. I think I could put the contents of my junk drawer in here.

  9. Omg what a great organizer! This would
    Be perfect in my office for all my crafting supplies!

  10. Cute canisters! I want to buy these and put in my office and in the kitchen.

  11. I like these products! I have a very messy desk whenever my son is playing around it.

  12. This is such a neat product! I could use it to store all of my painting supplies which are currently all over my desk.

  13. Gosh these are awesome. I could really use something like the carousel organizer in my studio for all of my supplies.

  14. Awesome looking caddies! Perfect for the art supplies or ingredients in the kitchen! I can totally use these in the office as well. It’s really useful!

  15. I love that you can see what exactly is in this caddy! What a great way to organize your office and craft space.

  16. I think these would be great for crafters and artists, as well as kids. They look very durable and I like that you can see what is in each one.

  17. Those are so cute. I need about 20 of them. Lol.

  18. Robin Masshole Mommy

    That sounds like an awesome way to stay organized. I want to get some of these for my kids school supplies.

  19. Those stackable caddies look great! This is perfect for children in school and crafters alike.

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