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We are a cookie loving family. Simply put we love cookies. I recently had the opportunity to enjoy some organic & gluten free cookies from ginnybakes and I have to admit that they are far better than I ever expected them to be. They taste amazing as they rightly should considering they were created by a holistic nutritionist, Ginny Simon. Ginnybakes are healthy cookies that just about anyone can enjoy.


When I opened my package, I felt like the cookie monster. I wanted to try every kind at once. So did the kids and we had a cookie eating good time. We dipped them in milk, ate them right out of the bag and I even snuck in some quiet me tea time, with my favorite tea and ginnybakes cookies.




I don’t have a favorite from the cookies I received and that’s a new one for me. Usually when I review foodies, something stands out above the others but these cookies truly are amazing, each and every kind. They are all my favorites. What I’ve been munching on: chocolate chip love, chocolate chip macadamia love, chocolate chip oatmeal bliss, coconut oatmeal bliss, double chocolate happiness, buttercrisp love, dreamy vegan delight and chocolate chip oatmeal bliss ginnymins. They are extremely affordable for any budget.

Not only does ginnybakes provide the best cookies ever, they also have go bake mixes so you can bake your own ginnybakes cookies and goodies. Lucky me, I recieved lovely brownie bliss and chocolate chip love. The bake mixes are also organic, gluten-free, non-gmo and kosher. They taste as amazing as the cookies do and can be eaten and enjoyed by almost anyone (no genetically engineered ingredients). They both feed a family + with the chocolate chip love yielding 21, 23g cookies and the lovely brownie bliss yielding 12, 40g brownies. I am really impressed with the low price of these baking mixes as well.

Included in my package were some mini chocolate chip oatmeal bliss cookies, individually packaged. The kids were out of school for spring break last week and I had to run some errands. They hate errand day but I took along the mini cookies and when they started grumbling, I handed them out. The rest of our time went by smoothly and I felt great knowing I was giving them an organic, gluten-free snack that kept the mess to a minimum in my car. Each package comes with six packs and you’ll be happy to know that each pack is just over a dollar each at $6.49 for a pack of 6. Very affordable.

I’m pleased with all of my ginnybakes products and I do recommend them highly with 5/5 star ratings. We started giving Abby organic products when we began to suspect she was ADHD. I’ve read several articles suggesting switching to organic foods so we did. I grow organic veggies and we buy organic foods. I’m thrilled that these cookies that taste amazing are organic. Even my sister and my daughter who are both on a gluten-free diet can enjoy these tasty, delicious, and gluten free cookies and baked goods. I’m definitely impressed with ginnybakes and I’m confident you will be as well.

ginnybakes is certified gluten free, organic, non gmo cookies and bars.

This post was brought to you by Shabby Chic Boho and ginnybakes. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. we seldom have cookies at home as my little one has yet to discover the love for eating them, but if these cookies are gluten-free + organic, then i am all for it!

  2. I haven’t heard of this brand before but they sure do look yummy! I haven’t really hit the Gluten Free or Organic deal just yet. I mean if the products I buy are either or then bonus but i just haven’t fallen into that line again. But I would like to try these out. They really do look yummy! Thank you for sharing! =)

  3. I love that gluten free foods and baked goods are now available everywhere. A good friend of mine has been gluten free for years and initially is was quite a struggle for her to find delicious alternatives. I am sure she will love these yummy organic gluten free baked goods.

  4. I am excited to hear about this brand. I am gluten-free and have been for 20+ years. In the “old day” the only options I had to eat were rice cakes and a white dry spongy bread. ;( It is so fun now to find out about products like ginnybakes. I love that these taste good and are affordable. I will definitely check them out!

  5. These cookies all look amazing! I have not heard of this brand before sounds like an amazing gluten free company. I have a huge sweet tooth and would have gone cookie monster on these as well.

  6. These cookies look they taste so yummy! My mom is gluten-free due to her health, and these would be a great treat for her. I’m definitely going to look out for ginnybakes.

  7. My stomach is simply GROWLING for cookies right now. I made a nice big batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and froze half the batter for my birthday (which is in may lol). I should really just break it out now and make some fresh cookies. Because they were amazing. Haven’t heard of this brand before – but would be handy to have around if I had any GF visitors come to the house.

  8. I love GinnyBakes products too. It is so nice that gluten free baked goodies are now available. It certainly caters to families with specific needs like you.

  9. Those look really great. You know, for years, I always thought the gluten free had to be gross. I had no idea that anything as tasty as what I’ve been seeing around the blogosphere could exist when it comes to gluten free. Thanks so much for sharing another great gluten free option!

  10. These look great. I feel like sometimes “restricted” recipes aren’t as tasty, but these look delicious. Since my father in law tends to think he is allergic to gluten, I bet he would love trying these.

  11. These looks delicious. I so need them in my life lol. I think I do want to make some cookies or something today, especially now after reading tis post and seeing the delicious cookies.

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