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I’m lucky in that the kids love to read. From the time they were born, I read to them until they could read to me. I’ve been a bookworm since I could read and I wanted to share my love of books with them. The best gifts I’ve ever received were books. I can remember Christmas’s when I got books and could tell you the titles too. I can’t remember other gifts I received for those Christmas’s. I fully believe that a book is a gift in itself. It’s not just about the feel of turning the pages while holding a new book although I love that part of reading, nor strictly about reading but it’s also a great way for readers to learn, find adventure, travel without leaving home, and so much more depending on the book. A book truly is worth a thousand words.

Because I promote reading so strongly, I’ve made a list of 3 books that would be a great gift idea to help inspire kids to learn to love reading and to be able to learn about things of interest in a fun way.

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The first book is a nice hardback book with a colorful book cover titled “Hey, Baby!: A Collection of Pictures, Poems, and Stories from Nature’s Nursery.” This book will last and outlast your kids so their kids will be able to enjoy it as well. It gets up close with adorable baby animals that all kids will swoon over. It also has fun stories, folktales, and poems. It was published last month and has 192 interesting pages guaranteed to capture the attention of kids age 4 – 8 years (and beyond because, Alyssa, age 13 loves it equally as much as Abby age 9).

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

Next up is a softback book with nice thick pages that are very sturdy titled “National Geographic Readers: Let’s Play.” This also comes in a Library Binding. It is so colorful and features the cutest animals as well as fun text features such as vocabulary trees and the wrap-up activities for each story. In short, kids are introduced to new words and concepts which helps them expand their understanding of the world. With 96 illustrated pages, kids age 2 to 5 will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

Finally, I’ve selected a copy of National Geographic “1,001 Ways to Slow Down” which is a nice thick hardback book with a protective book cover. This book is to help anyone calm down if they’re struggling with feeling overwhelmed. The following description says it best. This book contains 320 pages and can be enjoyed by anyone who can read.

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

I feel like these books would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s book collection. They’re learning & motivational books and I strongly recommend all three of them according to your kid’s ages.

Give the gift of books for kids #learning #fun #reading #animals #activities #gifts #holidaygiftguide #book #books #momsmeet

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8 thoughts on “Give the gift of books for kids National Geographic

  1. I think I would benefit from that book 1001 Ways to Slow Down! That would really be a worthy read. My kids are grown so I would probably suggest these books to my cousins and sister so they can get them for their kids.

  2. Most Children nowadays is focusing more digitally and it’s a good thing that you are promoting reading. These books would be perfect for children. Very educational and fun to read. They will enjoy reading this for sure.

  3. I always enjoyed National Geographic magazines. They would be the highlight of going to the doctor, dentist or eye dr. When my children were young we received subscriptions. These books would be fabulous for my grandchildren. Not only would they be encouraged to read they would be learning as well.

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