Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015 @unocasaproducts

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I’ve been a fan of the Retro style for as long as I can remember. I mix and match retro decor in my home when I find something that sticks out. Having said that, I found the cutest retro canister set that I just couldn’t live without and I think it would make the perfect holiday gift for anyone. It’s colorful, made of durable glass and it’s just so stinkin cute.

One of the big pluses with this canister set is that the lids screw off easily. I have arthritis in my hands so opening canisters that I have to struggle with, is a thing of the past. We’ve all had them, those metal canisters that we have to pull up to open and I can’t tell you how many nails I’ve broken over the years trying to open those types of canister sets.

But no more.

The reason I wanted this particular retro canister set is because of the size. I live in a studio apartment and my counter space is so limited. I didn’t want it for the normal tea, coffee, and sugar, or whatever. Uh uh. Nope, I wanted it for those items that I use multiple times a day. Motrin, pet treats and Scentsy wax tarts. I know this is a strange combo but my hands can’t take opening medicine bottles, pop up pet treat bottles and Scentsy packages. The Scentsy packages are the worst. I cut them along the seams and put the wax tart cubes in my jar. Now I’m happy. I just have to open the top and grab a cube.

Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015

Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015

Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015

Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015

Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015

I got this product at a discount for review purposes and if you’re ready to add this set to your wish list for your own Christmas gift, or if you’re ready to purchase some of these to give as a unique and practical gift for friends or family, head on over to Amazon to buy the Retro Canister Set. If you buy this canister set using my Amazon link, I will receive a small commission.

Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015

Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015

What would you use your Retro Canister Set for or who on your holiday gift giving list would you most like to purchase this set for?

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22 thoughts on “Glass, Colorful, Retro, Canister Set #unocasa #holidaygiftguide2015 @unocasaproducts

  1. I’d love to have some of these just to use for my basic pantry stuff – flour, sugar, etc. Right now I just have plain boring plastic containers so I’d love something more colorful like this 🙂

  2. I love the designs! And it looks like a pretty reliable canister too. Does it come in other colors?

  3. These are so cute! And you make great point about canisters being sometimes difficult to open. Sometimes I wonder if companies WANT people to be able use them, lol. I’m glad you found something that is easy for you to actually use regularly.

  4. Oh man, I’d purchase that for me!! Some things you just gotta give to yourself (and I don’t say that often). 🙂

  5. Oh these are so adorable and can be used to keep a variety of things – from candy to hair accessories and clips, etc. I will check them out. Having extra canisters at home is always a good idea.

  6. Those are so adorable! I’m a fan of modern-contemporary design when it comes to homes but it’s so hard to achieve. Retro is just so nice!

  7. I LOVE it. It’s so colorful and that would be a lovely addition to any kitchen. All of those colors match mine and I would love a set 🙂

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