Gorgeous hair for the holidays with CoCo LoCo Irons

Gorgeous hair for the holidays with CoCo LoCo Irons

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I decided a year ago to go short and sassy with my hairstyle and I’m happy with that decision because my hair can become unruly and straggly in a hurry. But Alyssa and Abby’s hair is a whole other story. They have long hair and are little divas who want it to have perfect looking hair when they go anywhere. On rainy days, their favorite thing to do is primp. Once in a while, I’ll put a little bit of makeup on them but I think they’re too young to wear it in public so we limit it to cold or rainy days when we’re going to be home. However, when it comes to their hair, I think it’s acceptable to let them style it how they like it and I recently got them a new CoCo Loco Iron so they can play around with new styles. It’s fun being a girl.

Gorgeous hair for the holidays with  CoCo LoCo Irons

I remember those days well so I do my best to make primping days fun days. Of course, I’m concerned about the products I let them use on their skin and their hair so I’m very picky about what I buy. When it comes to their hair, it’s so important to me to select quality made products because I don’t want their hair damaged. For that reason, I only buy ceramic products like the CoCo LoCo Irons that have Variable Temperature Control and Floating Plates For Silky Smooth Hair. In the beginning, ceramic irons were really high but these days, we can find really good ones at an affordable price. I’m happy to say that the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Irons Ceramic Styler & Straightener falls into the good quality and affordable category. And it’s just so cute too. When you live with divas, cutely is important. Can you relate?

Gorgeous hair for the holidays with  CoCo LoCo Irons

Gorgeous hair for the holidays with  CoCo LoCo Irons

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Gorgeous hair for the holidays with CoCo LoCo Irons

As you do your holiday shopping or for yourself, check out Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Irons for the beautiful women in your life.


  1. Best I have ever used is the Karmin

  2. I’ve never heard of this brand before so I’ll have to look into it. Anything that isn’t super damaging to my hair is an A+ in my book.

  3. Oh my goodness your hair is gorgeous! I have a cheap straighter from Target, and never even thought about how it might be damaging my hair! I think I’ll invest in better hair care this year!

  4. Such a beautiful hair. I would like to change the color of my hair this year but I’m too scared to try lol. I love the color of that iron.

  5. I love straighteners and curling irons made from ceramic! They heart more evenly and are safer on your hair. That is a cute little straightener!

  6. Nothing better than a good hair straightener! My hair is already pretty straight but they sure do help make hair look silkier!

  7. When I rocked straight hair I has to have a good straightener. Now I keep it really short. My daughter is all about dressing up and primping.

  8. How cool, I need to get a new straightener. Mine is dying. This looks like a great one!

  9. Back in my late 20’s I decided to go short and sassy. Never looked back. Using really good products to help with our hair is extremely important for health and good looking hair.

  10. These seems like the prefect gift for my sisters. I love yourreview and I will certainly pick up a few of these irons

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