Groupon pampers your pet #Groupon #ad

Groupon pampers your pet #Groupon #ad

This is a sponsored post for Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello pet lovers. I’m crazy about my little dog. He makes me laugh on a daily basis and I want the very best for him. Sometimes that comes with a price but at Groupon, I can pamper him with luxury dog beds at a fraction of the cost. Peanut would go crazy over one of their Groupon Goods, a Furhaven Deluxe Quilted Sofa Orthopedic Pet Bed.  I really love the way they look. I don’t know anywhere else you can purchase a $69.99 sofa style pet bed for $14.99. That’s 81% off savings. This sale ends tomorrow (8/28) so scoot on over to take advantage of the savings. Ahhhh how cute is this? Pets need their beauty rest as much as we do.


Groupon pampers your pet #Groupon #ad

While your pet is sleeping, you might want to listen to music on your favorite apple product. Check out these Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic. You can play the music you love as loud as you want without disturbing Fido. You wouldn’t want to hurt those cute little ears and I myself find it hard to sleep with noise in the background. Be considerate of your pet and others around you. These EarPods are priced right at $9.99 with the 67% savings you’ll get. Yep you read that right. These Apple EarPods are under $10. This sale ends tomorrow (8/8) so head on over and snag a pair or two.

Groupon pampers your pet #Groupon #ad

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  1. I wish I had known about them since they started but now that I do, I plan to make up for lost savings lol.

  2. I love pampering my pets with the savings I get from Groupon.

  3. You’re very welcome. They have something for everyone!

  4. I think it would be a perfect gift!

  5. I love to save money as well.

  6. Awww I used to have a pug, I bet yours is cute.

  7. My daughter has a zoo as well with her combo of critters, lol.

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure your friends will thank you as well.

  9. I have too. I wish I had known about Groupon a lot sooner.

  10. I bet your fur baby will love it. It’s so stinkin cute.

  11. You’re very welcome. I live alone with my pets so they are like family to me.

  12. I wish my apartment wasn’t so small because I’d buy it for sure.

  13. I’ve not tried any spa deals yet but I want to.

  14. Oh wow, I guess so, lol. I have a dog, cat and two fish tanks.

  15. I bet my cat would love the bed too. She likes to take over Peanuts beds even though she has her own lol.

  16. I do too. I’m thrilled I found the site.

  17. The more I look on Groupon the more astonished I am on what all I could be saving money on.

  18. I fell in love with the bed for my little Peanut.

  19. What a nice bed. I bet any dog would feel luxurious in that! Groupon is really the best.

  20. I have never looked into the pet section of Groupon. I guess I need to check it out, my pampered pooches would love one of those couches.

  21. I always find such cool deals at Groupon. I love that they cover so many areas.

  22. I bet any dog would love that bed! Groupon is one of my favorite apps ever!

  23. I love all the savings you can find on Groupon. It is amazing all the ways you can save and having pets, saving on them is important because with 5, every penny counts.

  24. I love Groupon and order a lot of things through them in order to save money. I especially like the deals that I find on Groupon for massages.

  25. This bed rocks!! I would want to lay in there, lol! I know Groupon has the best deals, but I don’t go on it enough!

  26. Grouponing is great for saving money on everything. I am going to be using Groupons for my pet’s for their food and needed supplies this week. It is so true that our pets need some pampering too. Thanks for sharing the groupons.

  27. Oh!!! I love that bed. It looks so comfy. I’m going to have to order one for my rottweiler.

  28. That looks so nice! It’s awesome that groupon has discounts on everything! From your needs to your pet’s needs as well! I’ve saved a lot thanks to groupon!

  29. Groupon is simply the best! So many great deals out there, just like this one 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, I’ll pass it along to friends with pets!

  30. I love groupon! I’ve never thought to look for pet items though. I will have to check it out. We have a zoo and could use a few things. so this is great!

  31. I really love that Groupon has so much to offer now, I will have to look at some deals for my Jenny the Pug and Zebo doggy!

  32. I have found some great pet items on Groupon. I love to save money!

  33. I didn’t even know there are orthopedic beds for pets available! This Groupon deal looks like a great gift idea for a dog owner!

  34. Wow! You can really pamper your pooch! Groupon has some great deals going on right now. Thanks for sharing them.

    Life With Lorelai

  35. We’ve ordered a few things from Groupon for our 2 black labs. Thanks for highlighting what they have available! We love the dog beds we got!

  36. I’ve been a HUGE Groupon fan since they first started, and I love how they include our non-human counterparts LOL! Thanks for the heads up on the deals 🙂

  37. They have the best deals, I think, for everything I need.

  38. I love Groupon! Since moving to a new city I use it for everything especially where to go get the best deals on nails, car repairs and such!!

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