Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips

I spend a good part of my day in my kitchen. I love to cook and look for any excuse I can to host parties and over they years, I’ve learned some kitchen savings tips that often help me save time.

The first and most valuable tip I can offer you is to give some thought when selecting your trash bags. You want a trash bag that’s strong enough to handle the weight of your garbage. I keep an 8-gallon trash can in my kitchen and in order to prevent myself from running in and out all day long, I stuff it as full as I can get it. By the end of the day, I have 13 gallons stuffed into 8. And then I add more trash. It’s okay, Hefty offers active tear resistant technology for better puncture resistance. I’m sure you can imagine what’s going to happen if I don’t use a trash bag that’s strong enough to handle the weight of all of the trash I go through in a day. Over the years, I’ve tried just about every kind of trash bag available. I started with a cheap brand and actually ended up throwing THEM in the trash can. Now, I use Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags because I think the quality rating is above any other trash bags I’ve tried. They are strong, durable and can stand up to my test. I love the scented bags most of all. I have a cat. I actually have a dog too but I’m going to complain about my cat for a second. With a cat comes a cat litter box. Smelly litter makes me gag so I scoop all day long. Before I started using Hefty Ultra Strong scented trash cans, I had to rush the trash outside immediately after scooping. Arm & Hammer odor neutralizers and new invigorating scents help keep Chelsea’s litter odors at bay. Now, I can add her scooped litter to the other trash and save my aching back from the added pain of walking up and down stairs to my outdoor trash can. For those of you who prefer a scent-free option, that’s available as well. Where else are you going to find a trash bag that offers top-quality performance with a new lower retail price?

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Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

My next tip is that I compost my kitchen scraps, mainly my used coffee grinds. I drink coffee from morning until night and I decided to make use of the used grinds. I always have herbs growing in my kitchen. Every year I repot the old ones to sit outside and I start some new ones for my kitchen. I just started some new seeds and I used 1 part compost and 1 part organic potting soil. I embraced the tiny living movement a couple of years ago so I have to think small. Amazon has a 1-gallon compost pail for a low price if you’re looking for a nice space saving compost pail. I prefer to use smaller containers due to the lack of space in my kitchen so I use my empty plastic coffee containers with a lid. To keep the air circulating, I add holes to the top and side of them. I’m able to add the holes in the tops of the containers as pictured, but my SIL drills holes in the sides of them for me. It’s a cheap and alternative way to compost and it saves space as well. When you’re living tiny on a budget, it’s important to reuse what’s on hand as well as think about the size. I store mine out of sight on a really narrow shelf I keep pushed in a little nook in my tiny kitchen. I currently have my LED plant light going 24/7 on my newest batch of herbs and I can’t wait to start seeing the seeds spring up. There’s scarcely anything better than fresh grown herbs in all of my favorite dishes.

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Buying a multi-purpose blender just makes financial sense to me. I use my blender for everything imaginable. I was able to get rid of a lot of products because it truly does it all. This saves me space and I enjoy eating healthier with fresh foods that I make myself. I make most of my own sauces including spaghetti. I buy fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market and I make a big batch at a time. I even make all of our fruit beverages as well as baby food. My blender grinds my coffee and espresso beans to perfection. Having a good blender really does save time and money in the long run. Look for one that does it all like I did and you won’t be sorry.

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Have you tried Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags?

Do you have any kitchen saving tips you’d like to share?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Author: Terri

My name is Terri and I live in an urban area in central Georgia, USA. I'm a mom to three kids, a dog, 2 cats, 2 parakeets, 2 lovebirds, and other small aquatic pets. My hobbies include photography, reading, binge-watching movies, crocheting, D.I.Y. projects of every kind, gardening, hiking, glamping, and camping. I love to travel and go sightseeing. My coffee pot is my lifeline.

63 thoughts on “Hefty: Kitchen Savings Tips #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

  1. We LOVE Hefty bags! They’re our go-to brand for heavy duty uses—whether my husband uses them at work, or for projects such as spring cleaning around our home.

  2. There are some things you just can’t skimp on when it comes to quality. Bags are one of those things! We love Hefty.

  3. I love Hefty garbage bags, not only do they NOT rip, but they are scented, and they hug the top of the trash can so it doesn’t slip down ( my pet peev!)

  4. Hefty is such a good brand when to comes to trash bags of great quality & these are some wonderful tips as well. Trash bags usually does a great job & a one with good quality makes a big difference.

  5. Ugh…is there anything worse than a trash bag that tears on it way to the barrell–usually with a big slop inside. My husband puts five bags on top of each other in the trash can. That way when he pulls one out there’s a replacement.

  6. these are fantastic tips! Hefty is our favorite brand when it comes to trash bag and zip loc. Thanks for sharing!

  7. We use Hefty brand to our kitchen and garbage, this is pretty amazing and really strong!

  8. Yes! You definitely have to have good trash bags-the cheap ones can break and it’s terrible. I only use a little garbage in my kitchen, but my big cans are right outside my back door which is in the kitchen and I don’t have to go far.

  9. I would love to compost, I’ve just never had a good place for it. I think I will have a spot that works in my new yard though. We move in Friday!

  10. I have a 13 gallon trash can in our kitchen and most days I think it’s too small. I’m like you I stuff my trash bags as full as possible so that I’m not wasting money. It irks me when a trash bags busts. It’s a huge mess to clean up.

  11. Hefty Trash bags are awesome. Never had one tear, they are so durable. I need a blender like yours. Mine is so junky that if I attempt to blend fruit in it, it gets jammed.

  12. We’ve been using Hefty bags and I don’t think we’ll ever switch. Thank you for the tips. We compost our kitchen scraps too. Been doing it for years now.

  13. I use Hefty bags too! I learned very early in my married the difference between a Hefty bag and a regular bag. After you’ve cleaned up a busted trash bag once, you learn to go with the good stuff!

  14. I have used the Hefty bags before. They work great too. I love how strong they are. This is one of my favorite brands of garbage bags.

  15. Wow, this bag looks so strong and can be multi-purpose! I am gonna try this brand and see the difference!

  16. cool stuff, but do they ship overseas you think, or are they sold in Tbilisi (the country Georgia). I have major issues buying good trash bags here(they just use plastic bags you get at the store, and you know what happens: they obviously leak and break…..)

  17. I’m glad I found this post, I am looking for a strong plastic bag for our kitchen use. I am going to try the Hefty bag, thanks!

  18. We are using Hefty bags in the house ever since, Hefty are durable and very useful, especially in the kitchen!

  19. I have used Hefty bags, I use these actually. I have a few boxes in the kitchen πŸ™‚ LOVE Hefty!

  20. My daughter is learning about the environment in school and she has been really into composting lately. I swear she is going to end up being an environmentalist.

  21. These are awesome. It’s good to know tips like these especially when you love cooking or baking. I love a clean kitchen too, so these tips are definitely useful! Thanks for sharing them!

  22. I love all of these tips. One thing I have never done is make spaghetti sauce in the blender but now it is on our to-do list!

  23. I haven’t really thought about diving much into detail when it comes to trash bags. Now that I think of it, I usually need to have them doubled when I take them out. That multi-purpose blender sounds tempting to have one!

  24. I literally just bought these last week and couldn’t get over the difference it made. These are the only trash bags i”ll be using from now on.

  25. I love these garbage bags. I buy them for my house. We have a lot of heavy garbage usually and these work great!

  26. Hefty is the only trash bag brand I will use. Its amazing how much will fit into these bags.

  27. These are great tips, I have heard amazing feedback regarding the Hefty brand. They simply seem to be the best out there for many families dealing with trash! Thanks for sharing some kitchen savings tips!

  28. Hefty is one of the strongest bags to use when it comes to anything that is trash-related….just watch for the scent on some of them….

  29. I haven’t tried Hefty Ultra Strong Trash bags but now I know I should. I love that it is tear free and odors are kept in check with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. A must buy for our house.

  30. We use almost exclusively hefty! They seem to stand up better than most other brands. I am the opposite of you if I can avoid the kitchen I will LOL! The more tips you share the better for me! πŸ™‚

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