Hottest Back To School Products for Teens

Hottest Back To School Products for Teens

As some of you may or may not know, Tyler started High School this year. High School!  And if that’s not bad enough, Alyssa starts High School next year and Abby will head to Middle School. It seems like just yesterday I was buying walking shoes (and will be again after March baby gets here) and now I’m looking for the best deals on the hottest products of the summer for teens. Man, if that doesn’t age a person, I don’t know what will. I signed up for newsletters from all of the kids favorite clothing sites so I’d be informed of sales and promotions and I was so excited to get the below information from one of our favorite sites.

A Back to School Gift Guide for teens and/or college students.

With’s permission which of course I asked for first, I’m going to share it with you.  It’s not easy trying to please teens as I’m figuring out.   Thought you could use a little help too.

Hottest Back To School Products for Teens

  1. Trade red for refreshed, itch for ease and shine for glow.  BioClarity is a clean, green, and never mean way to get beautifully balanced skin using the smarts of science and power of plants.  Packed with natural, good-for-your skin ingredients — good stuff makes good skin. Use promo “BacktoSchool” for $15 off your first month of BioClarity.
  2. Welcome to your new favorite jacket. The Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket from Levi’s® is becoming a style staple in every woman’s closet. The slightly oversized, slouchy fit makes it the perfect “throw over anything” piece.
  3. Vans Old Skool shoes. They brought the dawn of the classic Vans side stripe that has developed into a status symbol of tradition and skate stature. Aside from all that personality, they have lasted as long as they have because of their ability to perform on a skateboard, and to last, and last.
  4. Since Levi’s® invented them in 1873, 501® jeans have always been a blank canvas for self-expression. The iconic straight fit with a signature button fly has been worn by rebels, rock stars and presidents. How will you wear them?
  5. This classic full size black JanSport backpack is a back-to-school essential. It has both a main compartment and a front organizer pocket.
  6. The lightest, most flexible version of Max Air to date, the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit eliminates excess and leaves just want you need — in one revolutionary silhouette.
  7. For a fresh take on the traditional checked shirt, go oversized. This Misguided checkered shirt features a bleached effect, oversized fit and blue and nude shades.
  8. Head back to school in style this year. Street style meets technical performance in the adidas Originals NMD Runner.
  9. This simple Misguided light blue denim skirt features an A-line style, mid blue shade and distressed detailing.

Didn’t find the perfect item for your teen in this list? The VigLink Trends Explorer is also a great resource for even more popular products that cater to your growing kids!


  1. I had no idea denim would come back and be so popular as more than jeans! Wonder what the trend will be when my kids are teens?

  2. Awesome list! I don’t think my oldest will ever grow out of his love for Vans. Getting him a new pair is always a win for me no matter what age.

  3. I love them too. I thought they were the perfect choice.

  4. Me too even though I’m well past my high school years lol.

  5. I am really loving those Adidas kicks. They are a perfect for back to school or just rocking a laid-back look on the weekend.

  6. I love that you included skincare in this guide. The teen years are the perfect time to start a healthy skincare habit.

  7. These styles are really cute. I remember going back to school shopping with my mom back in the day and it was absolute torture! I wish it were so easy back then to pull up cool styles to prove I had good taste! 😜

  8. These are all lovely products! I really like the sneakers! There’s nothing like good shoes to help the kids do their everyday activities in comfort!

  9. Great choices! It’s amazing all that is new and out there that teenagers like or want. This is a good variety listed.

  10. These are all great choices. Luckily my 18 year old goes to college, and would laugh at me if I even suggested anything for her to wear. My 12 year old is homeschooled, so our shopping consists of cute leggings and pjs! Ha.

  11. I teach high school and I know all my students would love these items! They are loving plaid shirts this fall!

  12. Oh i love that number 3 black shoe! So cute!

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