How Cats Help You Recover From Addiction

How Cats Help You Recover From Addiction

Pets are animals that are dear to humans. They tend to evoke emotional responses from humans and much more than that, they act as friends and companions. In addition to this, they are useful for animal-assisted therapy.

Animal-assisted therapy is when pets are involved in a patient’s recovery process. This is also true for people who struggle with substance abuse or addiction and are receiving treatments to overcome this. This article talks more about what animal-assisted therapy is.

An addiction recovery phase can be quite lonely and during this time, pets can be quite useful. They are loyal and faithful and are worthy companions that will stay with you no matter what. They help to relieve stress and provide both emotional and mental support.

There are a variety of methods that may be used to approach treating substance addiction. Involving pets is one of these and this brings about tremendous results due to their ability to relate with humans. Cats are one of the pets that can help with recovery.

Cats alongside dogs are the two most domesticated animals and have been part of human lives for ages. They look very attractive and mushy and that alone can melt or soften the heart. You will want to carry them and play with them.

There is something about the way cats look that is attractive and appealing. Just a look at them and you are enamored. It is also soothing to rub their heads and run your finger through their fur. Them snuggling against you as well as kissing and licking your face is also therapeutic.

Why Pets are Important In Your Recovery

How Cats Help You Recover From Addiction

The bond between humans and their pets is something that is fairly established. It is one that benefits both entities physically, psychologically, emotionally, and mentally. This is seen in the fact that millions of households own one form of pet or another. Oftentimes this is either a cat or a dog.

Animals are different from humans. They are judgment-free, do not get offended, or hold grudges with their owners. They do not have preconceived notions but love unconditionally. These are qualities that a person trying to recover from addiction needs.

You cannot blame humans for the way they are made up. It is easy to get upset with a person who may not be taking responsibility for their life. At times, humans may be preoccupied with other life pursuits and may not be available to take care of others.

Furthermore, it is common to experience a collapse in the relationship between you and your loved ones during a period of substance addiction. No matter the reason, while family members may still love you, they cannot be available all the time. They also have their lives to live. 

You can learn more about the importance of animals during therapy here

Benefits You Derive From Cats During Recovery

Fortunately, animals are dependent on humans and do not have any other thing they do other than staying with their owners. Some benefits you can derive from having your cat with you in therapy include:

  • Helping you to overcome boredom and loneliness.
  • They assist in recovery by providing empathy and staying with you all through the process.
  • They provide you with a sense of responsibility and purpose. You need to care for them and provide for them even during your recovery. When you take care of them, they will be able to provide you with the needed friendship.
  • They act as your family and can serve as a way of helping you build back frosted relationships and social engagements. Renewing your relationships or building new ones is one of the important steps in therapy and recovery.
  • They teach you how to give and receive as well as honesty and patience as they mirror whatever you do.

Note that not all rehab centers are animal-friendly. Is there a rehab center I can bring my cat you may ask? Yes, there are clinics that believe that pets are key to the recovery process. You can search for these kinds of clinics and get your treatment there.


Pets such as cats are some of the best animals you can have with you during a time of recovery from addiction. This is a time where most of your relationships may have suffered a breakdown. Asides from helping you to recover quickly, they provide you the needed support, empathy, and friendship.

They also teach you how to be responsible, patient, kind, and honest. With these, you can begin to build back meaningful relationships and live a healthy life.

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