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How to Add More Privacy to Your Yard

How to Add More Privacy to Your Yard

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Yards are often not secluded enough, and everyone can peek inside and see you relaxing or sunbathing near the swimming pool. Therefore, if you wish to make your yard more secure, and hidden from the public eye, choose some of the possibilities and don’t let anyone invade your privacy. From shrubs, to trees and tents you can opt for various protective screens that will protect your privacy.


When you mention secluded yards, most homeowners will instantly think about fences, landscaping or porch enclosures. Additionally, stone walls and water features can perfectly close the yard and act as great barriers. Invest in pergolas, arbors, and gazebos to create visual barriers, but to also decorate the yard with them. Climbing roses, morning glories, or clematis can also act as a beautiful décor and perfect protection against anyone peeking.

How to Add More Privacy to Your Yard

Hedge Walls

Hedges and shrubs would look nice in any yard. Not only do they look great, but are convenient for creating privacy as well. What’s more, you can extend the height of a fence, by placing them along the inside border. This way you’ll create the high privacy you always needed. They both give a nice natural look to the garden, and successfully filter the wind and the noise from the streets. Moreover, hedges can keep out the intruders, while thick hedges are great for preventing children and pets to walk out of the yard.

Professional Help

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to think about the landscaping, so you should consider hiring a professional. Landscape designers will know exactly where to place a tree, a creeping vine, or some other plant that will give you all the natural privacy you need. Additionally, when they start designing the yard, you can always suggest some of your ideas and create the great yard together.

How to Add More Privacy to Your Yard

Outdoor Curtains

When you think about defining a space, the outdoor curtains would be a great solution. You can attach them to porches, gazebos, and cabanas, with no trouble. What’s more, if you’ve thought about buying something to protect you against sun, outdoor curtains will be a great choice. Whenever you’re investing in an outdoor embellishment, keep in mind the durability, privacy and comfort. Not only do outdoor drapes frame the outdoor space perfectly, but also filter light and provide you with more privacy. Furthermore, remember to pick out the waterproof shade sails so that the rain doesn’t ruin your perfect ambience. If you like romantic atmosphere, flowing fabrics are the best choice. Like curtains, shade sails offer additional privacy, and make a good protection from the sun.

Protective Accessories

If you’re not so fond of many plants and trees growing in your yard, investing in a number of furniture accessories is the great alternative. What’s more, if your yard is not big enough to have large fences, and big trees, furniture with canopies, umbrellas and screens would look just as great and protect your privacy. Durable, water resistant umbrellas that are especially made for yards, can be the perfect protection, and not occupy too much space. Large and small containers with flowers or herbs and vegetables are portable, make the perfect décor, and look fantastic. If you’re landscaping on a budget, consider hanging a fabric as a canopy. You’ll achieve just as great result, without spending a lot of money on plants, fences, or furniture.

All you need for your own private haven is a little bit of creativity and investment. It may cost more than you expect but it will all be worth it, for you will be spending hours in your marvelous oasis. Be imaginative, add some lighting, sculptures, or even consider fountains. Check out some of our suggestions and you’ll successfully create privacy in your yard.

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  1. Hedge walls are such a great idea! I hadn’t thought about that – they’re really pretty too! These are all such great tips!

  2. These are really great tips! I love outdoor curtains! My mom is using them and they give her yard a really great look and privacy too!

  3. Quite common in UK Sans the pool and all that jazz since few people own them and we don’t get that many sunny days although this summer was super awesome :) Awesome ideas to create some more privacy in one’s yard!

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