How to Maintain Your New Carpet?

How to Maintain Your New Carpet?

Most people prefer to choose hardwood or tiled floor, these are easy to clean and durable. They make particular sense in the downstairs areas of your home where there is plenty of traffic.

However, in recent years carpet has been making a comeback. There are several good reasons for this including the feeling of warmth and comfort a carpet can provide.

Carpets are actually a great choice for rooms that aren’t used as much, such as bedrooms. The warmth and intimacy brought to a space by a carpet can transform the feel of any room. But, as with most products, you need to ensure you’ve found a reputable firm when you’re ready to buy carpet flooring.

Once you’ve had it installed professionally, or even laid the carpet yourself, you’ll need to ensure it’s well maintained to avoid future issues. Here’s what you need to do.

Remove Shoes

The simplest way to avoid carpets getting dirty is to remove your shoes when you enter the house. Whether you have slippers or prefer to walk around in bare feet, removing your outside shoes is one of the best ways to protect and even extend the life of your carpet.

Choose Your Area

It’s essential that you carpet the right areas of your home. As mentioned, it’s not a good idea in high traffic areas. That means don’t put it in the hallway by the front or back door. The kitchen is also a good place to avoid as spills and stains can be very difficult to remove.

Clean Regularly

The best way of cleaning your carpet is with a vacuum cleaner that has a carpet attachment. This stirs up dirt caught in the fibers and allows the vacuum to suck them up.

This is also a good way of removing allergens and maintaining the shine of a new carpet. 

As well as vacuuming you should wash the carpet regularly, several times a year. The aim is not to saturate the carpet but simply to agitate the dirt, allowing the vacuum to suck it up.  If you have a lot of traffic, it’s better to choose dry cleaning carpets instead of using shampoo because the carpet stays dry while providing a deep clean. 

It is a good idea to use a dedicated carpet cleaner or if you don’t have time to do it yourself, call newcastle carpet cleaning to schedule a cleaning.


You’ll find there is an array of carpet protectors on the market. They are designed to be sprayed onto your carpet. These products restore the stain protection that many modern carpets come with. Stain-resistant carpet has a coating that buys you time to remove the stain before it soaks into the fibers of the carpet. You still need to act quickly if you have a spill. 

Most importantly, if something is spilled on your carpet use kitchen paper and blot the area to absorb excess fluid, never try to rub as you’ll simply be pushing the spill into the fibers. 

If you do experience a stain that you can’t remove or simply want to give your carpets the very best treatment then you should contact your local experts. They’ll be more than happy to clean and restore your carpets for you, helping them to give you years of service.

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