How to Take Care of Your Granite Countertop in Three Easy Steps

How to Take Care of Your Granite Countertop in Three Easy Steps

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When it comes to kitchen countertops, there may be no surface more popular than granite. Granite countertops are durable, practical, and—of course—beautiful to look at. Maybe even better, they’re great for baking and cooking, being resistant to high temperatures and scratches and also perfect for rolling out dough. Many people who spend a lot of time in their kitchen favor granite countertops for their natural warmth and character. Whatever your reason for choosing granite countertops, however, it’s important to remember that they do need to be cared for in a certain way. Fortunately, granite countertop cleaning and care are a snap with the right granite cleaning and sealing products!

How to Take Care of Your Granite Countertop in Three Easy Steps

Lots of people who invest in granite countertops make the mistake of thinking that because granite is so durable they can afford to neglect its proper care. Unfortunately, since granite is a natural stone, it has a slightly porous surface that can absorb spills and stains if it isn’t properly cleaned and sealed.

Your granite countertop was probably sealed when it was installed, but that seal doesn’t last forever. You can pay somebody else to come in and re-seal it for you, but why do that when it’s so easy to do it yourself with the right granite cleaning and sealing products? To tell if it’s time to re-seal your granite countertop, all you have to do is perform the water test. Just sprinkle a few drops of water on the surface of the countertop. If the water beads up and wipes away, then your seal is probably doing just fine. If the water soaks in and darkens the granite, then it’s time to re-seal.

So for those who haven’t yet decided to invest in granite countertops, you may be asking how much work we’re actually talking about here. The answer is: not much. Granite countertop cleaning and care take just a little time and the right tools, and you can keep your granite countertop looking great in just three easy steps with granite cleaning and sealing products from Rock Doctor!

  1. Clean up spills when they happen, and apply Rock Doctor granite cleaner as needed to stains then wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towel and you’re done!
  2. To keep your countertops looking great, polish them once a week with Rock Doctor granite polish, which also helps protect your countertops from stains, spills, and those rings of water that a cold glass leaves behind.
  3. Finally, re-seal your granite countertops every 12 to 18 months. Fortunately, Rock Doctor granite sealer is incredibly easy to use, and re-sealing your whole kitchen shouldn’t take long at all!

That doesn’t sound so bad, right? And it’s a small price to pay for great-looking kitchen countertops that will last a lifetime! So whether you’ve already sprung for granite countertops in your kitchen or are still thinking of making the plunge, I recommend picking up Rock Doctor granite cleaning and sealing products at participating Lowe’s, Home Depot, and True Value stores. But before you head over to make your purchase, take a minute to follow Rock Doctor Granite Care Products on Facebook and Twitter!

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11 thoughts on “How to Take Care of Your Granite Countertop in Three Easy Steps

  1. Such an useful article as we have granite counter-top in kitchen that definitely needs a lot of attention as I have been staying so busy lately. Our is almost 5-years old and I think it is good to go for a re-seal right away!

  2. I just recently remodeled my kitchen and I could really use these tips! Thanks for this informative post. It’s nice to be able to maintain your granite countertop so that it won’t get damaged easily.

  3. Great article with an important message as too many homeowners keep putting off home maintenance ’till tomorrow, not realize they’re going to end up with unnecessary repairs & expense.

  4. I will have to do that trick you wrote to check if my countertop needs re-sealing. Those granite countertops do not come cheap and it is only wise that we take good care of them for it to last a long time.

  5. These are great tips! We had granite counter tops when I was a kid, and we weren’t allowed to have any kind of red liquid near them because they would soak up the color if we spilled it. I don’t think a lot of people realize how porous they are.

  6. I wasn’t aware you needed to reseal your granite until I made some upgrades in my kitchen. Not the I didn’t take care of it before, but I am more conscientious about how I treat my granite.

  7. It’s nice to have a granite countertop that is well maintained. I think these are very good pointers on how to do exactly that. Spills should always be cleaned up immediately.

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