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Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon

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We have had the worst weather in the history of our state lately. You name it and it’s happened.  Hurricanes, flooding, power outages, etc. has become the new norm around here. For that reason, I’ve not been able to get out and shop for Christmas this year.  But that’s okay by me because holiday traffic is something that I like to avoid when I can. And besides, everything that’s on my gift giving list, can be purchased at amazon.com/gifts.  I shop on Amazon year round so it makes sense that when I started my Christmas shopping, I turned to Amazon as my favorite shopping site.

Despite the bad weather, I’m so excited to officially kick off getting ready for the holidays by wrapping gifts. When I wrap, I have this little tradition of plugging in my potpourri crocks and adding in Cinnamon Oil. The smell gets me in a Christmas mood no matter what time of year I use it. I also turn on Christmas music and start some homemade hot cocoa.  Wrapping is a special occasion for me because it’s when I feel that the holidays are officially here.

Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon

Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon

Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon

With all of the holiday excitement in the air, I wanted to show some of the fun finds I found on Amazon for loved ones.  Are you ready to check out some of the products I’ve purchased so far? Say yes! Eeeek, I’m so excited that I found really great deals on the products at Amazon and I don’t have to go out in this mushy rainy flooded cold weather to try to find the things on my gift-giving list.  I always find the sizes I need all in one place and there’s no having to try on and return items because Amazon reviews help me decide what sizes I need when buying clothing. I’m going to share my links if you’d like to purchase some of these for yourselves.

Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon

  1. Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition Card Game

I’ve played this game before and knew it would be one that the kids would LOVE. It is hilarious and provides hours of fun.  Which is perfect since we’re all stuck indoors for now.

Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon

  1. HomeIdeas Women’s Faux Fur Lined Suede House Slippers, Breathable Indoor Outdoor Moccasins

These slippers are going to provide hours of warmth to my gift recipient. Normally I wouldn’t have thought of giving slippers as a gift but a family member asked for some and I obliged. She recently moved into a home with hardwood floors and no carpet and her feetsies are cold on the hard floor.

  1. Deluxe Women Fleece Robe with Satin Trim | Luxurious Plush Spa Bathrobe Waffle Design

What I love about this robe is the color and the plushness of it. It’s not too short and not too long and just looking at it makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon

  1. Langle Pajama Sets Women Sleepwear Cotton Sleep Top and Shorts Nightwear

These pajamas are cute and lightweight. Even though we’ve been having wet and rainy weather, Georgia is not known for having cold winters. These are perfect for the girl I’m giving them to and it’s what she requested.

Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon

Are all of these cute or what? I have more gifts on the way and I’m going to enjoy every second of wrapping them all. I believe I made a smart choice to do my shopping at Amazon this year. How about you? Have you made any Christmas purchases on Amazon?

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Holiday Shopping Online At Amazon #DeliveringSmiles #AmazonDeliver #ad @Amazon


  1. I had many products from amazon. Its a perfect place to buy things online. But haven’t bought any gift yet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazon is a great place to buy every kind of gift for different types of people. Great finds!

  3. I love all of these gift ideas. I haven’t heard of that card game. My kids love playing games though. I will have to try this one

  4. I’ve played the “watch ya mouth” game and it is so much fun!! Great list with great ideas!

  5. A spa bathrobe is such a good idea! Winters get really cold here so it’s always nice to bundle up!

  6. I love shopping on amazon! the website has everything rally! no wonder you found a gift for everyone!

  7. Ordering everything on AMAZON right now! The only way to shop during the holidays.

  8. Amazon is my permanent choice for shopping. It has everything for everyone. TBH till date, it has never let me down

  9. I couldn’t agree more. Online shopping is indeed a big help for me especially when I am so busy with work and I couldn’t even drop by to malls. I just buy stuffs online and voila! Everything I need is there.

  10. I love online shopping but sometimes the things you buy mainly clothes don’t look the same as what the picture looked like. Sometimes I need to go to the store and buy in person. But that board game looks really fun!

  11. I love online shopping until your still waiting on packages. All these gifts look great.

  12. It is amazing the things you can buy on Amazon, I love that you managed to shop for the whole family there, I totally need to think about doing this next year it would take all the stress off!

  13. Wonderful finds. Online shopping indeed brings loads of convenience. Haven’t tried Amazon though.

  14. I am not gonna lie. There are a few items on this list that I would not mind. The slippers and the radio…
    Thanks for the gift guide

  15. Amazon has gradually bcome my favorite online shop. Its so easy to get all you want without any problems.

  16. Girl Who Can't Smell

    I’d never heard of the Watch Yo Mouth game before, sounds like a neat idea! These are gifts with purpose, btw. I would love receiving the comfy robe. I might just gift it to myself. LOL.

  17. You found some great stuff. I love shopping on Amazon! Almost too much, according to the credit card. Ha. But it’s just such a great place to shop.

  18. Cool gift guide round up here! I love shopping on Amazon – I will need to check these items out for sure.

  19. The deluxe women’s fleece robe seems like a gift I would not mind receiving. Thanks for the roundup.

  20. Amazon is my go to site when I have to buy someone a present especially for Christmas. I have found so many unique items and it keeps on surprising me with more

  21. I just finished my Amazon shopping a few days ago! I’m helping my dad with the family’s Santa gifts–and I literally bought all of them on Amazon. Having Amazon Prime is one of the best purchases my husband and I have made. Presents for the whole family are arriving at my dad’s house this week. He’ll open the boxes and hide the presents in my childhood bedroom until I can get them out late Christmas Eve for everyone. 🙂

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