I'm Moving And I Need Moving Tips
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I’m Moving And I Need Moving Tips

First of all, I’m not going anywhere on this site.  I’m only planning to set aside an hour or 2 a day for packing because this site helps keep me sane from my chronic back pain.  It’s my number 1 priority.

Now, lets back up.

If you follow me on my personal blog, I wrote a post about an apartment I had found when I thought my daughter was going to need me to move out of town, by her, due to babysitter issues.  And then I just left things up in the air, not confirming if I moved or not. I did not. As it turned out, she may be moving here, since she started working back in this area and babysitting issues have been sorted out.

So, I put apartment hunting on hold and did a reevaluation as to why I kept changing my mind when it came to finding apartments I was going to move to, versus signing my name on the dotted lines.  Needing a new apartment is a must due to space and more.  But needing the right apartment is a must as well.  Once I realized what wasn’t working for me here, I pretty much knew what would work for me at other places.

It turns out that I’m a lot pickier than I realized when it comes to apartments.  But, I have a very good reason for that and I’ll touch on that in just a few.   When push came to shove the other apartments I had looked at would not work for me due to various reason.  One was a 2 story apartment, with all of the bedrooms being upstairs.  The other was an upstairs apartment and even though they had an elevator, I could not picture me going out at all hours of the night to take Peanut out to do his business.   Then there was one that the area was an issue about (I can only drive short distances on my worst pain days, so felt like I needed to have an apartment in town) and so on and so on.

To understand my small town, there are a total of 5 apartment complexes here.  I live in the middle one when it comes to cost.   But it’s not working for me for so many reasons.  Which led me to finally realize I needed to be looking for a handicap apartment.  Even the sound of that makes me want to cry.   I try not to think of myself as handicapped but I am.

That’s what’s been missing in my apartment hunting.  So, I got a note from my doctor as to why a handicap apartment would benefit me and the ins and outs of it all and I checked out what was available in my area.  That’s when I found the perfect apartment.  Unfortunately, it’s in the most expensive apartment complex in my area, but fortunately, I can manage it with less shopping sprees (lol).   I thought it would be a lot more expensive but it’s only $290 more than what I pay now for a 1 bedroom apartment.   There are a couple of bills included in that which I have to pay here so in reality, it will be even less than that.  My new apartment has 3 bedrooms (1 will be a home office),  and 2 small but adequate bathrooms.  It has a galley kitchen unlike here but it does have a small dining area and a bar, also unlike here, so the tiny kitchen will absolutely work.  My table is in my kitchen (remember the table you picked out for me on my facebook page?) in my current apartment.  I could either use the space for a dryer or a table so I’m hanging my clothes out and that in itself is an issue with my back injuries and issues.

So, with apartment hunting finally out of the way, I’m packing and I can’t wait to show you before and after photos when I get moved it.  My goal is to start moving by the beginning of October.  Unless I finish before I expect to,  I will have to pay rent for both places for a month or 2.  It will take me at least that long to pack and get moved unless I decide to call for help.

What I love about my new apartment is that it does not scream I’M HANDICAP AND THIS IS A HANDICAP APARTMENT.  Not at all.  It is set up in a way that works for me without making me feel less than adequate and I give the apartment manage full credit for that.

The kitchen cupboards are lower so I don’t have to climb on a stool/chair to reach them.  The hall is a lot wider so I can cart my groceries in and out as well as laundry, etc (I can’t bend, lift is absolutely prohibited, can’t turn to look without turning my entire body; due to all of the hardware in my back).  I won’t risk any more falls (which has happened here a few times) when I get in and out of the shower/tub.  There are plenty of bars to hang on to when I’m slippery and wet.  There are pull string plugs in both bathrooms to call for help if I need to. There is a laundry closet included so I won’t have to go through the pain of hanging my clothes out anymore.  I will have an outdoor storage room so I won’t have to buy then give away my Christmas tree and decorations every year. That in itself will save money. If and when the time comes that I’ll be in a wheelchair, I’ll still be able to cook, clean, etc, because I’ll be able to roll my wheelchair under the counters, and anywhere in the apartment.  There are no upstairs apartments and mine is on the end, in the back so I only have 1 attached neighbor on one side of me and none behind me which will work out when I take Peanut out at night, in my nightwear (getting dressed can be difficult if I’m in a hurry).

The apartment is a mile from where I live now, it’s closer to town (everything is within about a half a mile, basically, and walkable if I wanted to walk).

More fun stuff about my apartment is that there is a common room that we can rent (money back if cleaned afterward), for large family gatherings.  The manager (who really went above and beyond in redoing the entire apartment for me, from floor to ceiling, including new appliances ), gives painting lessons free of charge and provides other activities to engage everyone at the apartment complex.  There is a playground for the kids.  The back is fenced in with woods behind, so I don’t have to worry about Peanut chasing squirrels off into the woods. Because he would, the little devil.

And of course, I can’t leave off that I will have shade, people.  With a front semi-private and back full private patio, I can drag my laptop outdoors, and sip on my coffee during the early morning hours while I work.   Since I gave my bistro table away due to lack of space here, buying a new one will be one of the first purchases I make for my new little pad.  My first DIY project (more on that later) will be a garden wall in my kitchen.

Anyhow, off I go to put in my first official hour of packing and if you have any moving tips, please leave them in a comment.  I’m going to try to move everything except the furniture myself and I want it to be as organized as possible.  Be sure to check out my apartment wishlist on my above menu. Ta ta.



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25 thoughts on “I’m Moving And I Need Moving Tips”

  1. Good luck on your moving day, and hope you explore your new place and enjoy it! Hire a movers if you needed.

  2. Oh you are moving? Goodluck! Moving in is difficult but it can be easy with some tips!

  3. Congratulations on finding the perfect apartment! I’ve been purging and cleaning my space and I have chronic pain as well…and it’s tough. You just have to pace yourself.

  4. Hiring professional movers is really a great help for lots of people, especially for those who are always busy. Instead of doing the packing and unpacking of things, you’d be doing your own stuff already and this will help you save time and effort. This is such an informative read.

  5. I definitely believe in hiring a moving service. They will help you out in so many ways you never thought possible.

  6. Definitely hiring movers is the best way! And they need to be good so better to have some reference. Good luck!

  7. I would hire professional movers. For me it’s too tedious. That is probably the reason why I don’t move around so much, I don’t want to spend time packing and unpacking. ugh!

  8. The best way is to hire movers and packers specialist. You can save your time and from other damages which sometimes happened while packaging.

  9. Moving houses is a nightmare. When we moved into our house we didn’t have that much but if we need to move again now it would be a nightmare. Hire a good moving service provider because that would solve half your problems.

  10. I can totally relate to your post, we moved recently and I struggled when we were looking for new houses because I would get emotionally attached and then we would loose the auction. Just take your time making your choice.

  11. I know when my friend tried to move out sorry friends as they got married. So moving is the first thing they had to do before marriage. All they had to do is hire a service who can do it for them cos there are lot of stuff which you need help for it. So yeah, I feel in some cases hire a good service and in some cases of moving, you can do it by yourself. Or you know you do the packing and let the movers do their job.

  12. When we moved I took the opportunity to throw away things and donate things that we didnt use. Definitely throw as you go!

  13. Congrats on your new apartment and can’t wait to see more of the new place. Happy moving and I guess there are plenty of stuff to take care of.

  14. Getting a reputable moving service is the only way to guarantee you get the right things done!

    Don’t go with an option that you’re going to regret in a long run.

    Hope it helps

  15. Good luck with the move! I would hire movers for sure. There is no way I could ever move on my own. I’d also get rid of as much stuff as you can! If you don’t love it, chuck it!

  16. I would say hire movers! Moving is the worst, packing is the worst, unpacking is the worst, its best to let the professionals handle it!

  17. Ekk got luck! I hope it all goes well. I would say the best thing is to plan, make sure you know what you want to do and of course label everything!

  18. My only real advice I can give is – HIRE AN AWESOME MOVING SERVICE! That saved me the 2 times my husband and I have moved together because they legit did EVERYTHING!!!!! It was so not stressful thanks to them!

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