Improved Comfort With Marvel Foot Rest

Improved Comfort With Marvel Foot Rest #shoplet #shopletreviews #shopletblogger

Brought to you by Shoplet and Shabby Chic Boho. I received the following mentioned product for review purposes. All opinions stated are 100% mine.

When I originally received my Marvel Foot Rest, I planned to use it under my desk to provide comfort and support for my back and legs. I suffer from back pain due to failed back surgery and when I’m sitting, because of poor circulation, my feet swell like you wouldn’t believe. All day long I have to get up and move about just to get my circulation circulating. I knew the foot rest would help me with some of my issues because my mom purchased a foot rest and it’s been helping her.

Improved Comfort With Marvel Foot Rest #shoplet #shopletreviews #shopletblogger

Improved Comfort With Marvel Foot Rest #shoplet #shopletreviews #shopletblogger

Improved Comfort With Marvel Foot Rest #shoplet #shopletreviews #shopletblogger

What I didn’t realize was all of the uses I’d get out of my foot rest. I use it when I’m watching TV. When I’m sitting down for dinner, when I’m working at my desk, etc. I’ve even thought about taking it to church with me to provide a little relief and comfort from our pews. Whenever I have to sit at home, I drag my trusty foot rest around with me. I can see how this would come in handy if I worked outside of my home as well.

The foot rest is really strong and durable so it can withstand all of my moving it around. It’s all steel and has 4 footrests on the bottom so it doesn’t scratch my floors. It has a rough textured mat pad surface on the top to keep my feet from sliding around due to the wedge-like shape of the Marvel Foot Rest. The footrest is made with a textured powder coat and I’m sure that it’s going to last me for years to come.

For this and other office supplies, head to Shoplet where you can find anything from cleaning supplies to medical supplies to office furniture.

Where or how would you use your Marvel Foot Rest?

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19 thoughts on “Improved Comfort With Marvel Foot Rest

  1. I want to buy this and give as a gift for my hubby. He keeps complaining about his tired feet.

  2. This could help my posture in so many ways especially if I’m working all day on the computer! I love having a food rest as my legs get tired easily. This product is a keeper!

  3. I could really use one of these in my home office. I have a really bad habit of sitting in my office chair in Indian Style and I know that is not good for me at all.

  4. I love this foot rest! Looks like your cat already tried it and just knocked out!

  5. I could actually really use one of these. I am on the computer all the time working, so this would be nice to put up my feet. I’ll have to look in to this!

  6. Now this is definitely something I need under my desk. It’s tough to sit all day, working on the computer without proper support for your legs.

  7. Perfect treat for myself! Can be use at home and even at office. I want to have this!

  8. I could use this when I am working. I’m always moving around trying to get comfortable because I have such short legs and the chairs never seem to hit me right.

  9. I could use that sitting at my desk all day at school. Sometimes I just need a little prop for my feet after teaching a class!

  10. I’ll be taking it on vacation this year as well. 🙂 Anything to help ease my pain and swelling and provide some comfort is worth its weight in gold.

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