Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

I love to cook as I’m sure you’re aware of if you’ve ever visited my site, so, having the opportunity to review some beautiful Infinity Jars to store my herbs in, was so appealing that I couldn’t wait to receive them in the mail. I selected the below screw top jars and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to store their herbs in the world’s best glass jars. I’ve added a few more to my wish list; cosmetic and oil jars. I’d also like to own the complete apothecary set one day.

  1. 500 ml Glass Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar ($24) 
  2. 250 ml Glass Screw Top Jar ($20)
  3. 500 ml Glass-on-Glass Apothecary Jar  ($39) 
  4. 100 ml Tall Glass Screw Top Jar ($16)

It wasn’t an easy task to choose which jars I thought would work best for the reasons I wanted them because there are so many styles to choose from, over 60 styles to be exact. These jars are heavy duty which I found out after opening them. My dog heard the rattling of the packing and thought I had a treat for him. The bugga jumped against me causing me to bummp into one of my new jars. It rolled off the table and I was having a fit until I realized it was still in perfect condition even after the fall. I don’t recommend juggling these on concrete or throwing them down, lol, but one bad fall didn’t damage mine, thank goodness. The jars are so dark, you can barely see that they’re blue unless you hold them up to the sunlight. That’s due to the ultraviiolet light filtering.

Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

Infinity Jars guarantees that the power of these jars can maintain the optimum freshness of nearly any foodstuff, dried good, lotion, or essential oil. They ship worldwide so be sure to check them out even if you don’t live in the U.S.A. You’ll get free screw top jars with your order of $25, and $50. Plus you’ll get free shipping on orders of $100.

Let me show you how these jars work. The following screenshots are self-explanatory.

Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

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16 thoughts on “Infinity Glass Jars #InfinityJars #WorldsBestGlass #glassoverplastic #ultravioletglass

  1. Thanks for telling me about these jars! I always need jars to keep my pantry clean and organized!

  2. This is actually my first time hearing of the infinity jars but I really like the concept. I have some oils and lotions and these glasses would be perfect x

  3. i like the versatility of the glasses, and the use of them as well while it still has a simple look to it .Might actually get some for my room

  4. It sounds amazing! Not all jars have feature like this, Especially if you want to keep the freshness, aroma, and other stuff from food or oils, this is the great jar to have. I would absolutely love to have this.

  5. These Infinity Jars look gorgeous and seem to work great. I am going to be make my own body butter and these jars would be perfect for that. I love that there is 60 different styles to choose from Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. I love the look, the color and design. I usually go with the standard cobalt blue but I love violet. This look great in my gray bathroom

  7. I never thought about how light could actually make the contents in something sealed age. Very interesting. It sounds like these jars really do the job at preserving thing.

  8. I have not been doing as much DIY lately. Partly out of laziness…part time job plus full time blog. So when I get back into the DIY thing, these jars totally sound like the way to go. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wonderful looking jars and all different sizes. Can be used for so many different uses. The jars would make great gifts.

  10. These would be great for my herbs and essential oils. I also love the overall look they are modern chic! They would fit with my kitchen perfectly.

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