Kickin off Cyber Monday with prAna & Discount Promo Code (CMTH17) #giftedprAna – Shabby Chic Boho

Kickin off Cyber Monday with prAna & Discount Promo Code (CMTH17) #giftedprAna

Kickin off Cyber Monday with prAna & Discount Promo Code (CMTH17)  #giftedprAna

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I received a product sample from prAna for review purposes only. Please note, the promo code will not be active until around 2 pm, Cyber Monday.

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned prAna and it won’t be the last.¬† I’ve been wearing their clothes ever since I learned about this company.¬† The reasons for my first purchase were because of their¬†sustainability: Fair Trade, recycled clothing, hemp clothing, and traceability.¬† This company truly cares about our environment and they do what they can to make sure they’re not taking away from it.¬† That’s important to me because I love to travel especially in areas where nature is the highlight of my trip.¬† Caring about our environment in the way they do was enough to get me to try their clothes, but the combined effort of this as well as the comfortable all day wear is what sealed the deal of keeping me as a customer.¬† ¬†When you live with chronic back pain, comfort has to be a priority.

Kickin off Cyber Monday with prAna & Discount Promo Code (CMTH17)  #giftedprAna

Cyber Monday is the day that the holidays become real.¬† It’s a reminder that if I haven’t started shopping yet, it’s time to get my rear in gear.¬† And what better place to start than with a company whose main goal is to use resources that are better for our environment?¬† This year, I challenge you to buy something for someone on your gift giving list, as well as something for yourself from a company who prefers to give back instead of taking away.¬† ¬†I believe in my heart that you will both be 100% satisfied and will become fans as well.

Kickin off Cyber Monday with prAna & Discount Promo Code (CMTH17)  #giftedprAna

Since day 1, I’ve been their biggest fan (IMO).¬† If I find a promo code online, I share it with all of you.¬† Over and over and over again.¬† ¬†Because I know that all it takes is one item of clothing or one outfit for you to become a fan as well.¬†¬†And once again, I’ve snagged a promo code for you for¬†15% off prAna gear:¬†¬†CMTH17¬† Add this code when you’re checking out for 15% off your entire order.¬† ¬†While you’re shopping on Cyber Monday, keep prAna in mind.

Kickin off Cyber Monday with prAna & Discount Promo Code (CMTH17) #giftedprAna

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Thanks to prAna for my beautiful complementary outfits for my travels this week. Check out the below video to learn more.

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  1. This is awesome – and I LOVE that they give back. I always look for that in a company – it makes them appealing more than anything!

  2. I recommendation from a person who uses a product is always better than a commercial for me. I’ll pass this info about these clothes on to the women in my life.

  3. PraNa is my Absolute favorite clothing brand! I have their knitted dress and jacket that I can’t stop wearing! So comfortable! I am going to be shopping for more I am sure!

  4. I LOVE prAna! Their commitment to sustainability and classic pieces that last, are why I love to shop prAna! From yogawear to cardigans to dresses, they have pieces you want to live in every day. It looks like you received some nice things!

  5. I love when a company cares about their footprint. I find more and more that the environment is an afterthought to most companies. I think I will be changing my efforts more to shop at companies that care like this. Sorry about your back. I too choose comfortable clothes.

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