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Kmart & the Best Dressed Home Sweepstakes

Kmart & the Best Dressed Home Sweepstakes

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I spent the weekend decorating and getting ready for Christmas. I turned on Christmas music, made some homemade cocoa and then I put up a couple of trees, decorated my home and wrapped some presents. I love Christmas and everything associated with Christmas. I can’t think of a better way to deck my halls than a retailer who has a large holiday collection. Like Kmart. They have so many neat Christmas items in their Kmart holiday collection.


One can’t help but love Kmart’s Jaclyn Smith 7′ Pre-Lit Preston white Christmas tree. I decided to use buy a white tree this year to put in my little sitting area. It’s small and lighter colors make it appear larger than it is. I think the white also makes my ornaments stand out more than the green pine trees do. I also put up a green tree in another area of my home. I wait all year for Christmas so one tree just isn’t enough. This week I plan to buy a real Christmas tree to complete my trees. I only buy ones that I can replant.

white Christmas tree

green Christmas tree

When my kids were growing up, they went to see the Nutcracker in Atlanta every year and we just fell in love with Nutcrackers. If I had more room I would collect them. I’d buy every one that Kmart has in their holiday collection because I love each and every one. I can’t imagine trying to pick out just one. You’ll see what I mean when you click on the link to see their large collection. FYI these make the BEST Christmas gifts for those that are hard to buy for.


I have a really cool sweepstakes to share with you because I’ve seen a lot of your sites and decorations. Most of you have the “Best Dressed” homes and take pretty photos so you’re already on your way. Check out the Kmart Best Dressed Home Sweepstakes and upload those photos for a chance to win.

What you could win… ta da..

best dressed home sweepstakes


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  1. I had no idea that Kmart had a Nutcracker collection, so of course, I had to go check it out. It’s so much fun to collect something that has a wide variety. I love the Fairy Ballerina one – she’s very cute. The Darth Vader one is very creative!

  2. I always have more than one tree too but I have one inside and one outside. I love the the white Christmas tree and I will for sure consider buying one indeed. Thanks for sharing

  3. Kmart has such a great selection of holiday decorations. I am decorating my new house for the first time this year. I will have to go and get some new decorations.

    1. I just bought another Christmas tree which I put outside and I decorated it with pinkish purplicous ornaments. I also bought a pink blue and purple Christmas wreath. My neighbors will want to strangle me, I’m sure. Gotta love pink to appreciate it lol.

  4. What festive decor, thanks for sharing this! I love that so many have great sweepstakes this season for many to enter for chances at help this holiday season.

  5. I was just in Kmart the other day looking at their decorations. They have some of the cutest stuff! I’m thinking about going back and getting a lawn ornament. Yes, I am that girl. I am going to stick a giant blow up thing in my front yard. Everyone else does it, I want one too, lol!

  6. We just put out all of stuff last night.. i am not a decorator for the holidays so we let the kids do it.. Kmart, and Sears are 2 places we like to shop in frequently.

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