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Brought to you by Shabby Chic Boho and Koyto Sports via #yogasocks.

UPDATE: THANKS TO KOYTO SPORTS, YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE YOUR OWN YOGA SOCKS AT 30% off: 28WTBYNU. Valid until 4/30/2015. Don’t let this deal pass by.

If you are a follower on my site then you know that I’ve been doing Yoga for a couple of years now. It really helps me with my back strengthening following failed back surgery and I have to admit that it’s my “relaxing” time as well. When I’m stressed, I turn to Yoga.

I’m currently looking for a new mat but after using these I might not even get a mat. I’ve got a few great Yoga towels and other Yoga accessories but I didn’t have any (non skid) Yoga socks until now. I now have 2 pairs of socks from Koyto Sports that are both non skid. They offer great traction so I can skip the mat like I mentioned and move on. This set is currently the only set that has a pair of the full toes and a pair of the toeless socks. They are fantastic to move and groove with. With my back issues, the last thing I want to do is fall and injure myself any more than I already have.

Yoga Socks

I feel like I’m totally in control with my new set of Yoga socks. I wear a size 5 shoe and these fit me better than I expected them to. They come in one size which fits sizes 5 to 11. They are made with 82% cotton, 12% polyamide and 6% spandex.

Yoga Socks

If you don’t do Yoga (you should start), you can also use these for Pilates and Dancing as well. Sometimes I wear them around the house especially when I mop so I don’t slip and slide around.

Yoga Socks

The socks are cute and keep my feet warm without causing them to sweat. Sweaty feet can result in bad hygiene when it comes to using mats, but I can just throw these in the washer after use. If and when I do get another mat, I can keep my feet clean from the dirty mat by using these with the mat.

Yoga Socks

You can purchase your set of Yoga socks on Amazon for a super reasonable price plus you get a 90 day guarantee with them.

What is your favorite Yoga accessory?

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31 thoughts on “Koyto Sports Yoga Socks

  1. What a smart idea for a yoga class. there have been times when I could have used a pair of these on a cold floor.

  2. THese socks look great!!! I’m just starting to get back into yoga and these would be great!

  3. I have never heard of yoga socks before but they sound interesting. These I will have to check out and share with my sister whom does yoga. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those look so comfy. I have never tried yoga but really should look into starting.

  5. I attempt to do yoga but am not very flexible so sometimes it feels like a chore rather than relaxing. These would be super helpful! I like that they’re non stick

  6. I love yoga socks and I’ve been looking for a good pair to use when I’m not using my Yoga mat. As far as favorite yoga accessory, I’d have to go with bands.

  7. I also practice yoga at least once a week. It will be good to also try on these yoga accessories such as socks to keep my feet protected. It’s nice that you won’t slip around the house because of them. 🙂

  8. Whenever I have done yoga, I have done it barefoot. I think these socks might be distracting for me.

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