Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

I’ve become fairly acquainted with the American Diabetes Association Gift of Hope program recently and was so surprised that I can help fight the cause of diabetes by doing something I do several times a week. Shop. But more on that in a minute. Diabetes has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’m hypoglycemic which is the opposite of having hyperglycemia (diabetes). Basically what this means is that instead of my blood sugar rising, mine bottoms out. I have an abnormally low blood glucose. I have to keep sweets on hand (send me chocolates, Santa) and when I start feeling sluggish, I have to eat immediately. I have some concerning symptoms if my sugar drops too low like shaking and confusion. I try not to ever let my sugar get that low because it could be fatal.

Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

While I try to keep my sugar level up, others in my family have to keep theirs down. My step dad had diabetes and before he passed away, we had always hoped that they would find a cure for diabetes. They didn’t and even though it wasn’t the cause of his death, I’m sure in some round about way it had something to do with his demise. We continue to hope for a cure because my aunt and my dad also have diabetes. It seems like it’s going to affect our lives for the duration of our lives if something isn’t done to prevent or cure it. Even if a cure isn’t found in my lifetime, at some point I’m convinced that it will happen. Maybe in time for someone in your family and maybe in time for someone in mine. For now, I’m happy that I can do my part by sharing and participating in the American Diabetes Association Gift of Hope program.

Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

As I mentioned, I recently discovered that there is a way I can help the American Diabetes Association Gift of Hope program to help fund research, prevent, cure and manage diabetes. And so can you, by shopping. That’s my favorite word by the way; shopping, shopping, shopping. I can’t say or hear that word enough. Anyhow, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t shop. And if you’re like me, now is the time to finish up my Christmas shopping and even check out last minute gift ideas. There’s always someone I need a last minute gift for. I decided to check out the Gift of Hope catalogue and I received a very useful Guard Your ID Stamp Roller from the catalogue. It’s especially helpful right now because I’m moving this week *excited* and I’m throwing out everything that I don’t need. Those things that have my personal information are getting rolled over with my new roller. I’m protecting my ID and private information with a simple swipe of the hand. I bet you can think of someone who could use this useful and unique gift. I know I can. We can’t protect our information enough in this day and time (someone got ahold of my debit card info recently and had a blast shopping, but that’s a whole other post). Are you ready to help? Head on over and see what all they have to offer for those on your gift-giving list, and know that your purchase or purchases are helping to raise money for a great cause. So far they’ve raised more than $26 million. Let’s make it $27 this year, okay?

Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

Don’t forget your holiday cards while you are shopping. Many of the holiday cards are designed by or dedicated to people with diabetes. Send a card to show you care.

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22 thoughts on “Last Minute Gifts & Shop to Stop Diabetes #ad

  1. What a great cause. I love that you can do good by shopping through the Shop to Stop Diabetes store. You need to be so careful with what you eat and take good care of yourself.

  2. I have some of those stamp products too. They’re really nice to have. Diabetes is terrible too, both my father and father in law have diabetes.

  3. I love to shop and help out a great cause at the same time. I could really use the Guard Your ID Stamp Roller.

  4. I was a gestational diabetic over my three pregnancies and diabetes has affected many of my relatives. I would love to help any cause that assists those dealing with this disease. And the stamper is just ingenious.

  5. Weirdly enough I have always wanted a stamper for myself! I never thought about them helping people, especially diabetics who have to prick there fingers all day. Great idea!!

  6. I keep telling myself that I am going to buy one of those stamps. Right now I have a huge pile of stuff to be shredded and take it to the Free shredding days at the Credit Union but this would save so much time.

  7. This was a very informative article. I got a little tearyed. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. Whatever we can do to help find a cure is important.

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