Leveled Readers and Super Readers program for Kids, National Geographic #MomsMeet

Leveled Readers and Super Readers program for Kids, National Geographic #MomsMeet

Today’s post is brought to you by Moms Meet for Kids National Geographic.

A lot of you might remember growing up reading National Geographic books. I can remember that we had an extensive supply of them. My siblings and I are bookworms and we kept our parents busy trying to keep enough reading material on hand to satisfy our curious little minds. Today National Geographic is a favorite in my home as well. It’s easy to see why they are the leading nonfiction publisher for kids and the only publisher with the world’s premier scientific, education, and research organization at its core. When it comes to my kids, I want them to use their time productively but in a fun way. NG helps me do that with their colorful graphics, beautiful photography and rich informative content which are hallmarks of its books.

Leveled Readers and Super Readers program for Kids, National Geographic #MomsMeet

From the time the kids were born, I started teaching them ways in which we can help take care of our environment. If we’re out walking and see litter lying about, I pick it up. There are some kids in the neighborhood who are pretty much given way too much freedom so they walk through everyone’s yards leaving a trail of trash where ever they go. When I do something like pick up their litter, I explain why I’m doing it. I’m hoping it will catch on with them and I think it’s starting to as I watched even the youngest of the kids stop and pick up trash on our sidewalk when we were taking a stroll around the block. I’ve yet to see any of them walk over trash instead of picking it up.

Leveled Readers and Super Readers program for Kids, National Geographic #MomsMeet

Leveled Readers and Super Readers program for Kids, National Geographic #MomsMeet

Leveled Readers and Super Readers program for Kids, National Geographic #MomsMeet

One of the many many many (and a hundred more many’s) things I love about National Geographic is that their mission is to inspire kids to learn about the planet and empower them to make it better. Last week when I was too ill to even sit up, I let NG help me with the kids. They read through all of their leveled readers and started over at one point. They even enjoyed taking the quizzes and or word banks at the end of each book. I’m always happy when they learn things that are important to me, which I want to be important to them and things that will follow them throughout life.

Leveled Readers and Super Readers program for Kids, National Geographic #MomsMeet

Not only does National Geographic have the new National Geographic Kids Readers that’s been entertaining the kids, they also have a Super Readers program on March 2nd of every year. Go ahead and add it to your calendar for next year so you won’t miss it. FYI, March 2nd also happens to be the Birthday of none other than the beloved Dr. Seuss. To learn more about the Leveled Readers and Super Readers program, head on over to NG. If you think your kids are ready for reading adventures, be sure to check out all of the cool prizes, awesome activities, and more.

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  1. Awesome program for kids

  2. Yes!! I grew up reading all the books and readers. I wanted to work for them when i grew up… still so.

  3. I remember getting and reading these when I was younger. I was obsessed with them and had a huge collection!

  4. Kids should be encouraged to read. This is a great summer activity for them. How I wished there’s a program similar to it in our place.

  5. I also grew up reading National Geographic. Glad they made it more interesting for young readers.

  6. My son loves the National Geographic readers about turtles and rocks. Those are his two favorite things. I need to look into the program. He would love it.

  7. We use National Geographic in the classroom. It’s an awesome resource and the kids love it.

  8. This is something that my niece would love. She’s 2 but she loves books, animals, planet, plants. I also want to teach her about taking care of the earth.

  9. My husband was a book lover and it’s great to motivate our kids to love books too at the age of 3 or 4

  10. I really appreciate that National Geographic has books like these for the kids. There are so many for them to choose from too. It’s a great way to encourage kids to read more.

  11. I love this post and Such a good Program for kids, My son was love geographic and a great subscription.

  12. I used to love reading National Geographic as a kid! It’s what led me to study geography in my higher education 🙂

  13. I didn’t know about this program. I think it is something my children would love and they could do over summer break.

  14. You can really learn so much from NG books at any age but it is great they have a selection for kids. Its important to get them interested in the world x

  15. Wow! Fantastic books of National Geographic. I love to learn more about animals in a variety of species especially those rare..

  16. We love NG in my house! My 2 boys can’t get enough of learning about animals and the world – it’s a great way to keep them reading without even realising they are!

  17. I used to have a bunch of these when I was younger! These are so awesome! Definitely perfect for kids.

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  18. I really like NG. I remember one of the first things I did when I moved into the dorm at college was change my address for NG – didn’t want to miss a single edition.

  19. We LOVE National Geographic! My kids read these when they were little and we all read the magazines and watch the channel to this day. These provide such a wonderful way for kids to learn!

  20. My boys and I love these books. We learn so many amazing facts from them.

  21. What a fantastic program for kids! A great addition to any local library reading programs, I’m sure.

  22. We love, love, love National Geographic books in our house. My kids have tons of them and LOVE them.

  23. As a child I loved National Geographic, We looked at them in school a lot. I would love to get this for my son, he loves looking at books.

  24. I used to love National Geographic as a child! I was looking into getting my daughter a subscription when she gets a bit older, but it may be more for me than anything lol

  25. I’m a book lover! So important to motivate kids to read! The earlier, the better!

  26. I love seeing young readers! As a teacher, it is so important for kids to learn and love to read. I remember one time I finally got through to a child with a book and he said wow it tells a story. He was hooked from then on.

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