Little Linen Muslin Swaddles

Brought to you by the Little Linen Company and Shabby Chic Boho.

I love quality swaddle baby wraps and that’s exactly what I received from the Little Linen Company. My new 3 pack muslin swaddles are made with 100% bamboo. I’ve tried other products made with bamboo in the past and I was pleased with them so I already had an idea before my package arrived that I would be equally happy with the swaddles. And. I. Am.

Here’s what I read prior to deciding that I wanted to use this brand for my baby swaddle wraps…

The Little Linen Company

The Little Linen Company

Muslin swaddling wraps/blankets have become so popular over the years for many different reasons and I can give you several why this brand is a great choice. The swaddle wraps are lightweight so they can be used during the hot summer months as well as any season. They save you money. They can be used as a swaddle wrap or even a baby towel. Swaddle blankets have been used for other uses as well, such as a burp cloth. I’ve been using mine as a changing cloth as well. This set has quickly become one of my favorite baby items to date. They are so versatile, they can be used for whatever you can imagine. So, basically, you aren’t just getting a 3 piece swaddle wrap set when you purchase these swaddling wraps from the Little Linen Company.

Little Bamboo Muslin Swaddle - 3 Pack

Little Bamboo Muslin Swaddle - 3 Pack

Little Bamboo Muslin Swaddle - 3 Pack

Little Bamboo Muslin Swaddle - 3 Pack

Can you see how these swaddle wraps would make the perfect baby shower gifts? And as an added bonus, the blankets are downy soft and because of the materials used, these swaddlers are more breathable than cotton. Be sure to send your friends and family members over to see where they can order their own LITTLE BAMBOO Muslin Swaddle Wraps – 3 Pack.

Little Linen Muslin Swaddle 3 pack

Little Bamboo Muslin Swaddle - 3 Pack

What would you use your Little Bamboo Muslin Swaddle 3 Pack set for? Blankets, Towels, Burp Cloths, Changing Pads? All of the above?

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I received the above mentioned product from the Little Linen Company and have provided my honest opinion on the product/products received.


  1. These look amazing!!!! I have a niece or nephew on the way I may have to look into these for him or her. I believe its a him, mom says her… She’s wrong! hehe But really they look so amazing and soft! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This swaddler looks so warm. I just saw someone say on a Youtube video to help a baby stop crying so much is to swaddle them really good and make sure they are comfy. No kids yet but I know the swaddle method helps newborns feel as comfortable as they did in the womb and this muslin swaddle looks like it would do the job perf!

  3. These look fantastic! I love how soft and plush they look. Also that they are as natural as can be! Your little baby looks like he is absolutely loving it! I love the white color of these as well, fresh and clean! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. I love that they have made wraps our of bamboo. It is such a more durable materiel for something for babies.

  5. These blankets were my favorite when my son was young. The muslin fabric is breathable and lightweight. We used them to swaddle and also just for naps throughout the day. My toddler still uses these blankets for picnics or just to take with us. We live in Florida so the light fabric is awesome.

  6. I bet these bamboo swaddle wraps do feel nice. I got a pair of pillowcases made out of bamboo and they feel so nice against the skin. These would definitely make a nice gift for a new Mom.

  7. I love muslin swaddle blankets! Not only are awesome for little babies, but they are still handy for toddlers!

  8. They looks so lovely and so soft, most of my friends with kids use them as towels and burp blankets.

  9. I loved these muslin swaddles for my kids. They were so lightweight but still kept them warm.

  10. These look so comfy. Love the natural aspect.

  11. Omg swaddle blankets are seriously the best!!! My daughter lived swaddled up when she was a newborn! Unfortunately I sucked at it so hubby did most of the swaddling but still, I would recommend these to any new mom or dad! They will literally save you most nights 🙂

  12. Though I do not have any children of my own I can understand the benefits of a Muslin Swaddle cloth. The fact that it is multipurpose and superior in quality is a positive. I like to think of it as environmentally friendly!

  13. I am a horrible swaddler, my boyfriend did all the swaddling with both our boys. I wish we could have swaddled longer with them but they were very big babies. Would love to have tried this on them still.

  14. Those look incredibly soft and comfortable. I’d love to have a set around for my youngest.

  15. These would be a great shower gift. My kids loved being swaddled when they were babies.

  16. i love blankets like this!! muslin is so soft, my daughter loves getting wrapped up in them.

  17. My cousin’s wife is having a baby shower next month and I am on the lookout for really cool baby gifts. This swaddle wrap is lovely and will definitely look into getting it!

  18. Those are great! I’m a huge fan of bamboo clothing and products. I love your pillow, by the way. Did you make that yourself or was it purchased somewhere? I must have one 😛
    I shared this on FB!

  19. I love that they’re 100% Bamboo. Bamboo just feels so soft against the skin!

  20. You can see in the photo how the child love it. He’s all smile and he looks so comfortable with the linen. I may say that kids nowadays are so lucky for having innovative products like this. I never had this when I was young.

  21. Out of my four kids, I think only #3 actually used swaddle blankets, because she was in the NICU for a month and half. The other kids, just used normal blankets throughout the year long. But these seem like they would make a nice little something for the warmer seasons for sure or just something to have in the car while traveling.

  22. These look so soft and like a great size. So many are too small.

  23. I absolutely love using muslin blankets with my babies. I feel like the lightweight nature really helps them stay at a comfortable temperature, and the large size is so incredibly helpful for swaddling. I saved all of mine, hoping that my sisters have babies soon. These look just as great as mine!

  24. Gasp. I complain if I’m stuck at the airport for 2 hours. I’d go nuts-o for 11 hours.

  25. I swaddled my son when he was a baby but never tried muslin. This is definitely something to consider for any future babies! 🙂

  26. Babies nowadays are so lucky to have this innovative products available in the market today. When i was a baby, I don’t have like this. I can see how babies find it comfortable. This is also a good gift idea.

  27. How lovely! Swaddles were a godsend when my daughter was an infant.

  28. None of my kids really liked to be swaddled, but I found one of these muslim type swaddle blankets at the local thrift shop and the fabric is fantastic! I want to cuddle it up, these would make awesome gifts and I like the white because you could always tye dye it and make it more personal. Great review!

  29. These look great! I have swaddled both of my babies – they absolutely love it!

  30. I love bamboo wraps. I have one as my sofa throw that I wrap up in every night!

  31. Ahh,,,,the baby is definitely enjoying the muslin swaddles! It’s been a LONG time since we had a baby in our house, but even way back then the importance of swaddling newborns and infants was something important to me. My kiddos were all swaddled with receiving blankets. The Little Linen Muslin Swaddles are so big and I would have enjoyed having a product like this to make the swaddling process easier. I just had a new baby niece born and I am sure her Momma would love these. Thanks for the idea!

  32. While stuck in the Philli airport for 11 hours …. YES 11 HOURS … I had the chance to feel some bamboo made items, pillows, sheets, etc. I could not believe how SOFT they were! If I were not broke already I would have bought some! I do not have little ones anymore but if I did I would absolutely get these!

  33. I really don’t know anything about swaddlers, but they seem like they could be really useful for babies! Would love to try some if I ever have kids.

  34. I’m going to stencil letters on one of mine and see how that turns out for future baby shower gift ideas.

  35. Though I never used anything like this for my daughter, it looks like a great product to comfort our little ones! I could definitely see adding these to a gift basket for a baby shower, perfect fit! Something to keep in mind for our next little one!

  36. I didn’t have anything like these when mine were babies. I really missed out! But it seems like I’m attending a baby shower every other day, so I’ll be keeping these in mind. ~Thanks!

  37. These are very affordable for a 3 pack. They are so large that the girls were wrapped up in them tonight watching a movie. From infant to toddler, lol.

  38. I wish I knew about these earlier. I’m heading to a baby shower tomorrow and I was looking up muslin baby wraps for her a few weeks ago but they were SO much money!

  39. Keep them in mind for when your son gives you grand kids, lol.

  40. I wish I had this when my son was a baby – it looks and sounds wonderful – great review and info

  41. Muslin swaddles were my favorite when my girls were babies. You just can’t beat the feel of it.

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