Lolleez™ Lollipops for Sore Throat Giveaway $100 Amazon #LolleezOrganicThroatSoothingPops #ad

Lolleez™ Lollipops for Sore ThroatAND Giveaway $100 Amazon #LolleezOrganicThroatSoothingPops #ad

This post is sponsored by Lolleez™ for the Mom It Forward Influencer Network. All opinions stated are 100% mine alone. #LolleezOrganicThroatSoothingPops

I can’t believe cold and flu season is here again.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we had to deal with allergies, runny noses, coughs, and sore throats?  As a mom, I dread this time of year because when kids go to school sick, they pass it around. No one wants to be miserable during the holidays and that’s especially the case when it comes to kids. With colds and flu come sore throats. I can’t recall a year when at least one of the kids didn’t have a sore throat, however, I can recall many when they all had one, yours truly included. I already know it’s going to happen because it does every single year. This year, I’m playing it smart with Lolleez™ throat soothing lollipops for kids because goodness knows, I’m not up for the battle of trying to get the kids to take their medicine for sore throats.

Lolleez™ Lollipops for Sore Throat Giveaway $100 Amazon #LolleezOrganicThroatSoothingPops #ad

Unlike other sore throat products on the market, the USDA Certified Organic ingredients are made from ingredients you can pronounce and understand, like natural fruit pectin and organic honey. They are also Non-GMO as well as gluten, dairy and nut free. What’s not to like about a worry-free product that kids ages 3+ (and adults) love?

Lolleez™ Lollipops for Sore Throat Giveaway $100 Amazon #LolleezOrganicThroatSoothingPops #ad

Meet Melissa Evans, Lolleez™ Founder. *clap clap*

Lolleez™ Lollipops for Sore Throat Giveaway $100 Amazon #LolleezOrganicThroatSoothingPops #ad

When it came to sore throats, mom of four and health coach, Melissa Evans couldn’t find anything to “eez” her kids’ throats or her mind. Thus, the idea for Lolleez™ was born, luckily for all of us. Last year, Melissa’s daughter came down with a sore throat and like so many of us, she wasn’t comfortable giving her daughter any of the available products so she decided to do something about that. She then came up with the idea for a worry-free, healthier and fun alternative for kids. She then took it a step further and decided Lolleez™ needed to be flat and not fat and round, thus freeing her mind (and ours) about the potential choking hazard.

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Where can you get these amazing pops? Lolleez™ are conveniently available at CVS, Stop & Shop, Amazon and will be available in November at Babies ‘R’ Us. These pops come in packs of 15 and include scrumptious kids approved flavors of watermelon, strawberry, orange mango and a variety pack. They ditched the traditional cherry and grape flavors to give kids flavors they really like. They’re very affordable and in fact, you might even pay less than you normally do for sore throat meds, at the low price of $6.99.

Lolleez™ Lollipops for Sore Throat Giveaway $100 Amazon #LolleezOrganicThroatSoothingPops #ad

Lolleez™ has graciously agreed to sponsor a giveaway so one of you can try Lolleez™ for free plus the winner will also receive a $100 Amazon GC. Sound good? U.S. 18+ to enter. Please use the easy giveaway form below for your chance to win.

Lolleez™ Product & $100 Amazon GC

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  1. My tip for staying healthy is reducing stress, increasing Vit D3, plenty of water and rest each night.

  2. My son loves Strawberry anything lol

  3. I actually keep EmergenC around!! It really helps me.

  4. Have lots of chicken soup, fever reducer, and water on hand. Take vitamins and wash hands frequently.

  5. Strawberry would be our preferred flavor.

  6. It’s hard to completely avoid coming in contact with infected people, but I find the more I keep out of stores, the less often I get sick. I make sure to use sanitizing gel before I get back in my vehicle, and again when I get home.

  7. We always make sure we wash our hands before and eating meals. Bleach door knobs the stair banister and carry hand sanitizer to keep the germs and bacteria out of our home

  8. I believe my kids would love the Watermelon flavor best

  9. Lolleez are such an ingenious idea. Probably the easiest way to get your children to take their medicine.I think that my kids would like the Strawberry and Orange Mango flavors. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  10. I think strawberry would probably be our favorite flavor.

  11. My tip would be to wash hands after sneezing.

  12. I think my daughter’s favorite flavor would be orange mango!

  13. My biggest tip for getting through cold and flu season is to drink lots of water! It really helps flush out germs and as a bonus keeps you skin nice and moisturized!

  14. WASH YOUR HANDS. Have a bottle of Purell handy. Get your flu shot!!

  15. They’d probably like the strawberry.

  16. Wash your hands a lot and try zinc lozenges at the first sign of sore throat.

  17. Definitely the watermelon! They all would probably be a hit though.

  18. Wash your hands especially when coming back from stores. Use hand sanitizer. Strawberry would be the flavor I would pick.

  19. Use your empty tissue boxes as makeshift garbage cans to throw out used tissues. Keep you from having to get up all the time to throw them out. And the watermelon flavor sounds great.

  20. My kids would love the strawberry flavor! Watermelon would probably be a close second.

  21. My tip is to wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face.

  22. Thanks for amazing giveaway. I’m searching many product like this on Amazon but i am from vn, so long to receive this product from american. Lazada vietnam have not product like this

  23. We would love the watermelon lollleez

  24. Always buy sanitizer to get through cold seasons

  25. They would like the strawberry flavor!

  26. My tip is to always wash your hands, and keep hand sanitizer on hand as well.

    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  27. Use antiseptic wipes before dining out.

  28. I am pretty sure the kids would like watermelon the best.

  29. To help with cold and flu symptoms we always wash our hands when we get home.
    thank you

  30. The strawberry would be our fav

  31. my tip is to wash your hands properly and eat nutritious foods to get the vitamins you need

  32. Grapeeeee!!!!!

  33. Wear warm clothes and drink lots of liquid

  34. My tip would be one that we try to do as often as we can. Whenever we are out and about, we always try to wash our hands as soon as we get home. We try to keep those germs out…but they still find a way to sneak in.

  35. Oh I think his favorite would be the watermelon flavor!

  36. I would say the strawberry would be my little ones favorite flavor pop.

  37. My best tip is to use lysol or clorox wipes and wipe all light switches, door handles, remotes, faucet handles at least weekly.

  38. My tip is to wash your hands all the time.

  39. I think watermelon would be their favorite.

  40. I’m sure my daughter would love the strawberry flavor.

  41. Make sure you get plenty of Vitamin C!

  42. I think their favorite flavor would be watermelon 🙂

  43. No one is old for lollipops! Sweeten or not they are always a good delight.

  44. My best tip to get through cold and flu season is to wash hands frequently, eat well and get plenty of rest.

  45. I think they’d most like the watermelon flavor. Thanks.

  46. Wash hands thoroughly and often. Spray all surfaces that are frequently touched with Lysol, especially door knobs, light switches, and such.

  47. The kids would love the watermelon (but I think I would like to sneak a taste of the orange mango).

  48. Try to eat raw garlic often because it’s amazing at fighting off germs and also take probiotics.

  49. I think grape is one of my kids favorites

  50. Take vitamin C. if you get sick stay home.

  51. One type to get through cold and flu season is handwashing. Honestly there are so many germs. Also take advantage of the hand sanitizers where you see them or carry your own.

  52. I think the strawberry would be the favorite flavor around here. I know everyone loves the flavor and it would be soothing.

  53. Strawberry flavor would be the family favorite for us.

  54. Tips for flu season–be paranoid about hand-washing. Stay hydrated and well nourished. Stay away from others who have symtoms.

  55. My tip for the ‘getting sick’ season is to stay hydrated! Drink lots of water.

  56. My tip to stay healthy is to wash your hands!!

  57. My kids would love strawberry flavor best

  58. Good to know about these amazing pops! Will sure keep this in mind for my son. Bet he’d love them especially that those flavors are his faves.

  59. The watermelon flavor sounds good.

  60. My tips are stay rested and wash your hands often.

  61. consistently wash your hands, and use hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes on shopping cart handles and on your hands when touching door handles etc.

  62. i think my boys would like the watermelon flavor!

  63. mango or strawberry

  64. Take Elderberry Elixer when you feel a cool coming on.

  65. My son would love the strawberry Lolleez Lollipops.

  66. My tip, stay well hydrated to help stay well during cold and flu season.

  67. use hand sanitizer!

  68. Strawberry would be my kids’ favorite.

  69. Hot toddies for grown ups!

  70. I really love probiotics, this is helpful. Thank you so much. I love your blog!

  71. Oh my gosh, my son would love all those flavors. Orange mango would probably be his favorite.

  72. My kids would like strawberry. Thanks.

  73. My tip is to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose & mouth. Thanks.

  74. that is so cool, and seriously what an awesome giveaway!! amazing is the best!!

  75. My kids would love the watermelon flavor.

  76. My tip is to wash your hands. often, take vitamins and drink orange juice.

  77. My tip to get through cold and flu season is to wash your hands a lot and use wipes on everything.

  78. The kids would love the strawberry the best.

  79. I think the watermelon they would like the best

  80. I find giving the kids a vitamin c drop along with their vitamins help out a lot.

  81. These would be perfect for my daughters, who at the moment have sore throats!

  82. Soar throats suck! A sucker that can help eliminate the discomfort gets a thumbs up!

  83. Watermelon would definitely be my nephew’s favorite flavor.

  84. My cold and flu tip is: Drink hot lemon water with raw honey to soothe your throat.

  85. This is a cool way to treat sore throat! I wish we have this in the Philippines!

  86. My kids would love the watermelon and strawberry.

  87. My tip is to wash your hands. My kids get home and the first thing they do is wash their hands.

  88. Elderberry syrup is a natural product that can help boost your natural immune system. It’s great for this time of year.

  89. I think I saw someone on my Facebook feed posting about these lollipops. A tasty way to deal with a sore throat!

  90. amy guillaume linderman

    i make sure my family eats plenty of citrus fruits during cold season

  91. amy guillaume linderman

    i think my kids would love the watermelon flavor the best

  92. The Strawberry flavor sounds really nice.

    For tips, I definitely try to wash my hands as often as I can, when I can not, I make sure to have my hand sani close at hand.

  93. I’ve never tried those pops before but I would love to! Plus, I could totally use that amazon gift card! ha!

  94. My kids love these. Plus, it makes it easy on me because they hate cough drops. These keep them from whining 😛

  95. We are definitely feeling the cold and flu season around this house. We sure could use those lolleez!

  96. My tip is to wash your hands frequently and to take daily vitamins.

  97. My grandkids would love watermelon.

  98. These are exactly what I need for my daughters. They don’t like taking cough drops. These sound like a better idea and I’m sure they’ll actually like taking them too.

  99. My kids would love the Orange Mango flavor.

  100. I always drink lots of tea with lemon and honey to get through cold and flu season.

  101. Have cold medicine on hand so you don’t have to make an unexpected trip to the store.

  102. It may seem old fashioned but gargling warm salt water really does help.

  103. My kids would love watermelon and strawberry.

  104. We would love the Orange Mango flavor.

  105. Get a flu shot, eat a healthy diet to keep up your immunity and use Zinc lozenges at the first time you feel sick. It really helps.

  106. Oh my gosh, I was just looking at Target for an organic throat pop, how awesome that I found this! My tip for staying healthy in the winter is to keep washing hands with soap and warm water!

  107. My kids would love the strawberry flavor best!

  108. I am sure kids would choose this over any medicine when they have sore throats. It’s this season again, better stock up. Great giveaway!

  109. orange mango

  110. I keep zinc handy it really does help shorten the cold.

  111. Watermelon would be their favorite flavor.

  112. Make sure to get plenty of rest and take vitamins.

  113. Watermelon for my Chloe Pearl. She loves lollipops so much and this would be so super to win for her!

  114. I believe a healthy balanced diet can help ward off sickness in the cold season. I think it also helps to either take a Vitamin C tablet or a multivitamin. I hate getting sick and I do everything that I can to prevent it.

  115. we get our flu shots and take vitamins

  116. the watermelon flavor

  117. My tip is to exercise regularly because it keeps your immune system strong!

  118. I make a batch of what we call Fire Cider, And take my daily dose I that..

  119. My kids would like the strawberry flavor the best.

  120. My family and I use thieves essential oil to get us through cold and flu season!

  121. I think my grandsons would most like the strawberry flavor!

  122. A tip to get through cold and flu season is to wash hands frequently and try to open doors using your sleeve!

  123. We wash hands frequently and drink water.

  124. My kids would love strawberry.

  125. My tip is to take multivitamins to keep your immune system strong.

  126. My kids would like the strawberry flavor.

  127. I think my kids would like the watermelon flavor.

  128. I make sure we are always stocked up in orange juice. I also keep plenty of hand sanitizer.

  129. our favorite flavor would be watermelon

  130. My tip is to take vitamins daily and wash your hands often

  131. Now these sound like some great lollies it is so awful when your throat hurts and anything that can ease it is a plus.

  132. These are so perfect for me kids. They’re perfect for me, too. Hey, if we have to be sick, it can at least have a little splash of fun in it.

  133. watermelon would be the favorite flavor.

  134. Take more zinc or vitamin c, and wash hands a lot.

  135. Lolleez sound great! Talk about a great way to get the kids to take their medicine. I have to get some of these.

  136. I have to say that I am too, lol.

  137. My kids would be partial to the Strawberry flavor pops!

  138. We like to use probiotics which really seem to help fend the crud off. Humidifiers are a big help. We also diffuse oils when they kids are stuffy from colds.

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