Loperamide and its effects #ReadTheLabels #IC #ad

Loperamide and its effects #ReadTheLabels #IC #ad

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This is the time of year when we start getting sick more frequently. And I don’t know about you, but we don’t have time for that.  From fairs to festivals, to parties, no one wants to be left out of any of our family adventures. This time of year also means that the kids are in school and they love bringing everything going around in the form of germs, home with them.  Because they’ve built up a good immunity and because I’m a SAHM who isn’t around that many people, even when they are lucky enough not to get sick, it’s easy to pass along germs to yours truly.  Just recently, I caught some type of tummy devil, and it was a reminder of an issue I thought you should be aware of, with otc medicine that includes loperamide, an ingredient in most diarrhea medicines.

Loperamide and its effects #ReadTheLabels #IC #ad

As a retired nurse (retired early due to failed back surgery but that’s a whole other post), I still keep up with old and new medicines, the risks associated with meds, and side effects, etc.  And once upon a time, I would have recommended some medicines for tummy issues (diarrhea) that I no longer recommended because of some issues that have been going on with said loperamide.  One of the reasons being is that if taken in large enough quantities, some loperamide can mimic the high of opioids.  That is not something I feel is beneficial to anyone, let alone my own family whom I adore, even when they don’t want to share their candy *wink.*

Loperamide and its effects #ReadTheLabels #IC #ad

Because the kids so graciously shared the evil tummy bug with me (children have 5-7 episodes per year on average), and because my tummy issues are still on my mind, I thought it would be a good time to remind all of you to make sure you read the labels when you’re selecting a diarrhea medication for your family (ages +6 and older).  Loperamide is an ingredient in many products used to treat o-t-c diarrhea, and if used improperly it poses a potential risk. As I mentioned above, loperamide can mimic the high of opioids if taken in large dosages and there have been cases of teenagers using such products to get “high.”  Another thing that concerns me about loperamide is that it does not directly address the underlying cause of diarrhea; rather it may only have an effect of relieving symptoms. Of course, you want your family to be free of illnesses asap, to do the things you love to do with them, but the risks to loperamide are so great that the FDA has even recently asked retailers to voluntarily stop carrying large count loperamide products.

Loperamide and its effects #ReadTheLabels #IC #ad

I know your family’s health is important and you want everyone to get over any illness as quickly as possible, so you can head out on vacation, travel, or do whatever it is your family loves to do. When you head to your local pharmacy to buy OTC diarrhea-relief medicine, do a little research on their ingredients and the effects they can have if taken in large doses.

Loperamide and its effects #ReadTheLabels #IC #ad

Diarrhea isn’t just something kids get, (as well as tweens/teens who are in the age range to take medicine with loperamide) travelers tend to get diarrhea more often as well. If you’re planning to travel during the holidays, traveler’s diarrhea is probably on your mind and if not, it should be. I would hate for you to be caught unaware because 70% of travelers will suffer from diarrhea.

Loperamide and its effects #ReadTheLabels #IC #ad

As you head into the holidays or plan to do some holiday travel, beware of the potential for abuse of any over the counter products containing loperamide.

Please check out these additional resources at your earliest convenience.

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Loperamide and its effects #ReadTheLabels #IC #ad


  1. That is so cute! Looks like everyone had so much fun. Ours was pretty nice to but yalls was awesome!

  2. Never realized that it could do that. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I can’t belive people are using Imodium to get high!! Omg-that is crazy!

  4. It is so important to know what we are giving our children. Too often things are only pulled after multiple complaints.

  5. This is great informative post I will check it out. I don’t think anything my house. Need to check again.

  6. Thank you for this informative post. I really did not have any idea about it. We always use meds with loperamide when we have diarrhea. We need some changes now.

  7. It is crazy that people are using this drug to get high. It shocks me that people don’t have more respect for their bodies than this.

  8. I haven’t heard of this one before. I’ll have to check the labels in our medicine cabinet!

  9. I have heard more about loperamide lately. It’s always important to be aware e what the side effects of your mess, even OTC ones, really are.

  10. Definitely very important to do some research when purchasing OTC medicine. Quite alarming to hear about the effects that loperamide can cause.

  11. We always read labels and try to avoid meds whenever possible. It’s crazy what is out there.

  12. We try to only use medication when absolutely necessary. Thankfully, this is not very often. I don’t think that we have anything that includes this ingredient.

  13. Tasheena @ SimplyTasheena.com

    I really enjoyed reading your post and learning more about this topic. Especially, as a parent. This is great information to keep in mind.

  14. This is good to keep in mind. I always want to be safe so yes, I do always read the labels. I think that’s always important to do.

  15. This is definitely something that is concerning! You figure out what you were giving your family is safe and when I read stuff like this it makes me a lot more wary.

  16. I will be checking out all the links. So far we have stayed healthy but the grandkids share everything.

  17. We try to avoid OTC medications as much as possible, homepathics and essential oils have really done wonders for us! This is very scary and makes me want to avoid them even more so!

  18. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun. One thing I miss as a adult is being able to have a Pinata. Although Sunday is my Birthday and I might purchase one for myself and fill it with Gift I would like to have. That would be ok wouldn’t it?

  19. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve always assumed it was safe because it’s so readily available. That is scary.

  20. Ugh! I definitely need to make sure I read the labels. I don’t think I have anything that contains this in the house, but I will go double check now.

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