I recently selected a couple of products to review from Lush Decor to add some style and flair to my home and I’m going to share them with you today and nudge you in the direction of their amazing quilts {they even have a boho chic quilt set}, black out curtains, bamboo throws and their teen window curtains. Deciding what I wanted on their website was a difficult task. I wanted one {or two} of everything they have. I’ve even started a wish list so I can make future purchases of the products I feel I can’t live without. There are many.

What I finally did decide on was a new pair of curtains for my bedroom and a beautiful shower curtain for the bath. In my bedroom, I have a shabby chic bed set and I wanted curtains that lean towards the shabby chic, boho chic, design to go over my window. I only have one window in my bedroom so I can afford to splurge a little more on curtains for it. I didn’t have to splurge at Lush Decor though. Their curtains were so affordable. I love the word “affordable”… I got a pair of Avery Window Curtains for $50. What a steal, what a deal. My previous set of curtains were too thick to let the light shine through like I wanted. My office space is also in my bedroom so I selected a lighter weight curtain set this time. Brighter office area = happier Terri.

My shower curtain was also affordable. VERY affordable. I went with a beautiful Emily Shower Curtain for only $19.99. I had a gypsy ruffled shower curtain and I wanted something a little different this time. I wanted texture {because plain jane shower curtains just aren’t me} without the ruffles. Now I can swap them up when I feel the need to. I think I did a great job of picking the shower curtain out. I love the incredible detail of the extensive ruching and the use of elastic thread. I wanted a showstopper curtain and I succeeded in my selection.

I even got 10% off my order by signing up to receive the Lush Decor newsletter. Be sure to sign up for your savings before proceeding.

One of my US readers will win a $200 Gift Card to Lush Decor. You can only use the GC one time only. IF YOU ARE THE WINNER BE SURE USE THE FULL $200 IN YOUR PURCHASE. ONE. TIME. PURCHASE. ONLY. You have to be 18+ to enter. I’ve provided an easy to use giveaway form below. Be sure to add the info it asks for if it asks for any. Have fun, it’s quick and easy to enter. I’ll announce the winner on the giveaway form at the close of the giveaway and I’ll send an email to the winner. Be sure that you check the email that you supply in the form. Thanks and good luck.

$200 Lush Decor Gift Card (US)

This giveaway is sponsored by Lush Decor. Shabby Chic Boho received the above mentioned products for review purposes and is not responsible for shipment of prize.


  1. The lux six piece comforter set is perfect! I have been looking for a grey comforter set for my husband and myself!

  2. I would love to have the Royal Empire 3pc Quilt Set in green and lavender from Lush Décor.
    I would use it to add a splash of color and update our master bedroom which could definitely use an update after ten years.


  3. I want the Lux 6 piece Comforter Set because I really need a new comforter.

  4. i love the bamboo throws they are so awesome would love to have one

  5. I absolutely love the Lux 6 piece Comforter Set in grey! The sleek design and neutral color would look amazing in our bedroom! Awesome giveaway!

  6. i like the Lux 6 piece Comforter Set, I would get it for my sisters new apartment!

  7. I’d love the Jamel WIndow Curtain because i’ve been trying to find blackout curtains for the nursery and these would be perfect! I’d also love the Berlin 3 piece quilt for our bedroom, it’s so pretty and we could use a new one!

  8. I’d love to get the Belle comforter set. It’s so pretty and I would really like to give our bedroom a facelift. I’ve concentrated on our kids’ rooms and would love for our bedroom to be pretty and cozy.

  9. I would love to get the Mia 8 piece comforter set because its beautiful and would look good in my room.

  10. I like the Rosemonde 5 piece Comforter Set because of the sophisticated style.

  11. I would take any of the bedding but I want the Ruffle Shower Curtain. I have never seen anything like that before.

  12. I would love to have the berlin 3pc quilt set

  13. Stripe Blackout Window Curtain (Pair) are great! It is so hard to find horizontal striped curtains!

  14. I love the Adrianne 3 piece Quilt set! Love the colors!

  15. I love Scroll quilt set. it would be perfect for our bedroom.

  16. I would like the Lux comforter set.

  17. Royal Empire 3 piece Quilt in purple is my fave because it is my style and my fave color. Plus it is a great price!

  18. My son could use new bedding. I think he would like the Mia 8 piece Comforter Set.

  19. I like the Tribal Dance 8 piece Comforter Set.

  20. They have several things I like. I keep going back to the Avery bedding. I think it would look great in my room and would brighten it up.

  21. I would love to win the Lux 6 piece comforter set in grey. It is beautiful and it looks like it would be very comfortable.

  22. I would love to have the grey Lux 6 piece comforter set to makeover my bedroom!

  23. I would love the Floral Paisley 3 piece quilt set.

  24. I would love the Royal empire 3 piece quilt because it would look & feel great on my bed.

  25. I would love the Lux 6 piece Comforter Set in grey if I were lucky enough to win, it sounds very soft and i love the look of it from the website.

  26. I really love the Rosina Throw because it looks very warm, fluffy, and comfortable!

  27. The Lux 6 piece set in grey

  28. i would like to get the Serena 3 piece Comforter Set it looks elegant and comfortable

  29. I would love the Royal Garden Shower curtain. It is so beautiful and a new shower curtain will be nice. 🙂

  30. I really like the Adrianne Throw! I would love to put this in my living room to brighten things up a bit! Thanks for the chance to win, this would be fantastic!

  31. the scroll flower 3 piece quilt set. I like cotton & I need something that will hold up to dogs

  32. I would LOVE the Riviera 3 Piece Comforter set in purple, its gorgeous!

  33. Good Luck Everyone! Hope I Get Lucky!

  34. I love the Nora 3 piece Quilt !

  35. I like the black out blue curtains. They would be great in our bedroom plus NY daughter in college want a set. Thsnks

  36. I really like the Flower Texture 8 piece Comforter Set!

  37. i don’t know what my wife would select but she likes blue so she might pick a blue quilt set

  38. Toni Marie Caravello Feimer

    I love the Avery 7 piece comforter set in white.

  39. There are so many beautiful products that it’s a hard choice to pick just one. 😉 I really like the Belle 4 piece Comforter Set in yellow. We would like to redo our bedroom, make it more romantic less like a storage room, and this would be a great start.

  40. My bedding needs a major update. I could use the Serena 3pc comforter set

  41. I would like the Misha 3 Piece Quilt in king size. It is so colorful and pretty.

  42. I would love to have the 2 Piece Star Quilt Set! My daughter would go crazy for this. It is just her style.

  43. I would get the 6 pc Kenya comforter set for my daughters room. I would also love some new curtains for my living room..

  44. I’d get the Flower Texture 8 piece Comforter Set because I like the color and the design,

  45. The Rosina Throw looks so cozy!!

  46. I would love to get the Star Comforter Set for my son’s room. I also love the Giselle throw.

  47. I love the Misha 3 pc Quilt set. It just screams Spring!!! The colors are so bright and vivid. I can see this on my King bed. Beautiful!!

  48. I think i’d choose the 3 pc star quilt set in purple.

  49. I like the Avon 3 piece comforter set.

  50. Would like to win blackout curtains. Our bedroom gets a fair amount of light at night and it would be helpful to darken the room for better sleep.

  51. I would love to get the Sophie Decorative Pillow Shell (Pair) to perk up our living room!

  52. I saw a kitchen valance that I like. It’s about time for mine to be replaced.

  53. I really like their Lux 6 piece Comforter Set

  54. I like the Darla 4 pc comforter set. It looks so comfy and luxurious. I would probably never get out of bed ! LOL

  55. I would get the Avon 3 piece comforter set

  56. I love the solar window curtains for kids rooms with stars on them because my boys are currantly using quilts as curtains!!

  57. I’d love to win the Crinkle 3 piece quilt set and the Lucia curtain set in white. My bedroom is in desperate need of some decor help!

  58. They have so much to pick from! I choose the Serena 3 piece Comforter Set.

  59. I would love to have the Lux comforter set!

  60. Oh I would love to order the Rosemonde 5 piece Comforter Set! That is so beautiful! My comforter is pretty old, and I would love a new one!

  61. I would love to have the Sea Life 3pc quilt for my daughter!

  62. I love the Avon comforter or the Lori bamboo fiber throw.

  63. I love the color and design of the Misha 3 Piece Quilt. I’d get that.

  64. Another great Lush Decor item is the Esme Shower Curtain.

  65. I would like to update our bedding with the Aubree 3 piece Quilt set.

  66. I would like the Lux 6 piece comforter set in gray to change up my bedroom.

  67. I like the Isla Shower Curtain.

  68. If I won I would love to get the Aurora 4 piece Comforter Set.

  69. I would like to have the Monique 3 Piece Blue Quilt King

  70. I love the Glitter Sky 7 piece Comforter Set . It is a really beautiful set

  71. I would be most excited to win the Royal Empire 3 piece Quilt. I love these quilts! They are so very pretty.

  72. I would get the Skye Shower Curtain. I think it would look so nice in my bathroom.

  73. I like the Adrienne Throw

  74. I like the Lucia comforter in red. I would like to do a Valentine’s makeover of the guest bedroom, and this would be perfect.

  75. I would love the Hester or Aurora bedding! We need new bedding terribly!

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