MADE OF Baby Sunscreen Organic SPF 30

MADE OF Baby Sunscreen Organic SPF 30

Summer is going strong here with temperatures in the ’90s and just going outside is stifling.  I’ve been trying to recover from a compression fracture in my spine, which has left me stuck in the bed, so my outdoor time has been limited. In fact, today was the first time I’ve walked outdoors for any length of time.  The sweltering heat was a reminder that I’ve been wanting to share a new sunscreen with you that I’ve been geeking out over to all of my offline friends and family members.   This broad-spectrum sunscreen is SPF 30, water-resistant, and provides 80-minute of protection from the sun.  It is for babies but really, anyone could use it.   I’m planning to gift a bottle of mine to a BFF that is due with her 3rd child.  She’s catching up to me, lol.

The name of the company who invented this amazingly gentle sunscreen is easy to remember,  It’s made by MADE OF (  Yes, you read that right.  What is unique about this sunscreen is it’s made with plant-based ingredients; argan oil, raspberry oil, and coconut oil.

Here is a little more information I snitched in the form of a screenshot from the manufacturer.

MADE OF Baby Sunscreen Organic SPF 30

MADE OF Baby Sunscreen Organic SPF 30

With fall on the horizon and winter coming up, we all often tend to push sunscreen to the back of our minds but that’s a really big mistake and it’s one I’ve made myself. Sunscreen should be worn year-round. Any time you or your family goes outdoors in the cooler months, you need to get out the sunscreen and apply it just like you would in the summer.  In order to remind myself to apply it on everyone, I now keep it on a bench by my door.  My dad has had to have quite a few skin cancers removed lately and because of all of the time we spend outdoors, skin cancer is a really big concern of mine.  And when something concerns me, I like to share that with each of you.

As you head out to fun errands or head to after school activities with the kids, make sure you have MADE OF Sunscreen on hand for your family.  Go ahead and order a couple of bottles so you can keep some in your vehicle as well and if you need reminders as I do, put the other bottle by your door so your baby, toddler or kids (and even yourself) can be protected from the suns harmful rays.


  1. I recently heard that using baby sunscreen is beneficial for anyone that has super sensitive skin. The gentler ingredients make it less harsh for everyone.

  2. Never heard of this brand before but sounds amazing! I’m all about the non-nano zinc oxide!

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