#Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal is back


I’ve been taking a walk down memory lane since receiving a large amount of Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal to review. I had forgotten how much I love the Maypo Commercials. As for Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal, it’s every bit as good as it always was.

I did a taste test on three of the Maypo Maple flavored oatmeal and I’ve decided that I like the Instant Maple Oatmeal made with whole grain oats, the best, so I’ll focus on that one for my review. I’ve been enjoying it as a hot cereal on these crisp mornings in September and other than adding a dash of cinnamon, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The kids are ready for me to make Easy Apple Crisp, and Maypo Peanut Butter Quickies which I’m going to make in the very near future. I can’t wait to see how these recipes turn out and I’m sure they will turn out wonderfully.

What I received:

  • Maypo Instant Maple Flavored Oatmeal with Quinoa
  • Maypo Instant Maple Flavored Oatmeal
  • Maypo Vermont Style Maple Oatmeal

    #Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal is back

    #Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal is back

    Because I received a case of all three Maypo Instant Oatmeal, I gave away 2/3 of it. I want everyone to experience a walk down memory lane and of course because my family and friends are clowns in disguise, many of the lucky recipients of the oatmeal couldn’t resist screaming “I WANT MY MAYPO!”

    #Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal is back

    #Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal is back

    One of the things that make Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal stand out is that it has less sugar than other maple flavored hot cereals (two-thirds less sugar to be exact). I’m at that stage in my life when I realize the importance of being heart healthy. For those of you that don’t know this, oatmeal reduces cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. I’ve been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and eat healthier meals. With Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal, I can serve my family a hot and healthy breakfast in a jiffy. There are baked maple chips in every bite to give it that delicious taste we’ve all known to love. Another reason I can give you to purchase Maypo Instant Maple Flavored Oatmeal is that it’s cholesterol free. It has low fat, low sodium, and it’s a good source of fiber as well. Most of us enjoyed Maypo Oatmeal as a kid and now we can pass it along to our own kids. Aren’t you ready for your own Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal?

    You can find a store locator for Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal or you can order it online.

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    My name is Terri and I live in an urban area in central Georgia, USA. I'm a mom to three kids, a dog, 2 cats, 2 parakeets, 2 lovebirds, and other small aquatic pets. My hobbies include photography, reading, binge-watching movies, crocheting, D.I.Y. projects of every kind, gardening, hiking, glamping, and camping. I love to travel and go sightseeing. My coffee pot is my lifeline.

    28 thoughts on “#Maypo Maple Flavored Oatmeal is back

    1. Honestly, I’m not a huge oatmeal fan, mostly because of the texture, but the quinoa one does look good. I’m glad companies are starting to dress up oatmeal a little more so people like me can have more reasons to give it another shot. I’ll have to grab that one when I go to the store this weekend.

    2. This looks so good! I always make sure we have oatmeal at home because it’s one of my go-to breakfasts when I don’t have time to prep an actual meal. I would love to try this brand!

    3. I love flavored oatmeal. I have never tried Maypo brand of oatmeal before, but it looks good. I am curious about the oatmeal with quinoa.

    4. I just had oatmeal for breakfast, but I’ve never heard of this brand so I went over to the store locator and found all the stores nearby that sell Maypo. I’ll have to buy some on my next shopping trip.

    5. Oh my gosh, I haven’t even thought about Maypo in ages! I don’t think I’ve seen it on shelves, either…but I’m craving it now. I know I’d love the maple variety, too.

    6. I love oatmeal on a cold morning! Oatmeal keeps feeling full longer!
      I’ve never heard of this brand before. I will look for it the next time we are at the store.

    7. Maypo Maple Syrup flavored oatmeal sounds so good and I am going to have to look for this in the stores. I love maple syrup flavored anything but they do tend to be to sweet so this would be perfect for my taste buds. Thanks for sharing this awesome oatmeal.

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