Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

Having recently received Zim’s Max Crack Creme Original Liquid Formula and Zim’s Max Crack Creme Creamy Daytime Formula in the mail made me really take a look at the health of my skin or lack thereof. As I age, I’ve realized how important it is to keep my skin hydrated, especially during harsh months when it’s prone to crack. Dry cracked skin can cause other problems like a staph infection or impetigo if left untreated. As I found out last year when I had my fist staph infection, staph bacteria can enter cracked or broken skin and cause infections, which can lead to other health problems. Of course, hand washing can keep these skin care issues down but they do happen. There have been times when I’ve been out and about shopping with dry cracked skin and I’d forgotten my hand sanitizer at home. It happens. Finding the right products to keep my skin from cracking hasn’t been easy but it’s important which is why I’ve been buying and trying every type of moisturizer available.

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

This week I’ve been trying DU’IT Tough Hands for dry, cracked & irritated hands as well as Zim’s Crack Creme. Of the two I like DU’IT best for my hands and ZIM’S for my feet. My feet are extremely dry and tend to crack if left untreated for even a day and when it comes to extremely dry skin, ZIM’S protects and restores completely. So, hands down, DU-IT wins for my hands and Zim’s gets to tackle my feet. Could I use both for both? Of course, I can, but, I like each one individually for different reasons.

DU-IT Tough Hands is an industrial-strength moisturizer and it feels amazing on my hands. I don’t get the icky greasy sticky feeling from it that makes me want to wash it off. This moisturizer shields my skin with a nongreasy protective barrier while hydrating it to restore and prevent dry cracked skin. Even though it is industrial strength, it renovates rough, dry, callused hands using gentle ingredients. It would be and is my choice for senior citizens as well as adults of all ages. You can purchase this online at and at CVS for a low price. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it.

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

I have decided I like Zim’s MAX Crack Creme for my feet best because it’s oily and it gets in all of the little cracks and crevices to get my feet hydrated after a harsh cold winter. I’m ready to wear cute sandals and heels and that’s not happening with dry cracked heels. It tends to be a little too oily for my hands so I don’t use it for them. It’s a liquid moisturizer and herbal based. It was originally developed over 60 years ago by a pharmacist for cement workers so this may give you an idea of how strong it is in moisturizing your skin. I apply it at night and wear socks and when I wake up, my heels look amazing. I’ve been using Zim’s naturally based products for years now and every time I try a new one, I fall in love all over again with this brand. You can buy this for an incredibly low price by clicking on my links. Definitely another 5-star product.

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

Moderate to Extreme Dry Skin Solutions

I hope you’ll take my advice and check out these two must have skin care products to keep your skin healthy looking. I’m going to continue using both of these and I look forward to showing off my smooth hands and feet while sitting by the pool this summer.


  1. This would be fantastic for me! During the colder months I suffer from dry skin that cracks and bleeds. Then there are my heels, which have problems year round. Definitely need to check out these products.

  2. oh man i totally get this. i have extremely dry skin. it runs in my family. my mom does as well

  3. I get dry and cracked skin way too often so I could really benefit from something like this! Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂

  4. My husband has been suffering from dry skin lately – something that he had not experienced before. He tried my lotion but to no avail. I think those will help. Will check those.

  5. Victoria heckstall

    I’m really glad that you shared this amazing lotion for dry hands,I always have an dry hands specially when I’m out.

  6. This lotion is perfect to my dry skin especially in my hand.

  7. My dad gets horrible dry skin in the winter, I will have to show him this product so he can give it a try.

  8. I love these, it works so well. I just don’t like the smell of it! I have a very sensitive sense of smell so it bothers me sometimes when I have to use it.

  9. My skin, especially my hands, is always rough or cracking. I feel like the lotion I always end up trying is just masking the issue and not solving it. This stuff looks awesome!

  10. I always have dry skin, but in winter it’s worse. It gets so itchy too. I’ll have to give this a try. Hopefully it helps me.

  11. My husband has to wash his hands a lot at work. So either of these would be great. I’ll have to check to see if my local stores have it.

  12. My son’s hands could use this heavy duty lotion. He washes his hands a ton at work and he comes home with cracked hands. I told him to use lotion on a regular basis to take care of his hands.

  13. My daughter got some for my SIL. He works in construction work. I let him try my goodies but was too stingy to give them to him, lol.

  14. My husband was just asking me about this, I have to get him that tough hands stuff. It sounds like he could use it!

  15. My hands are always ridiculously dry to the pint of cracking. I need to try this lotion ASAP!!

  16. I need to try out the hand cream you love. My hands are in water a lot and they get really dry.

  17. My niece and I both suffer from extreme dry skin. We also both have eczema. Definitely need to try this product out.

  18. dry skin is so easy to get in the winter months and it sucks to say the least, so thank you for your in-depth review : ) I’ll be sure to look for these the next time I’m out shopping for the house!

  19. I hate having dry skin! This stuff looks like it would be great!

  20. I have to get some Tough Hands for my husband. His hands get so dry in the winter. They crack and bleed. It’s really gross.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing these! My hands get so dry and cracked in the winter. This stuff is going to be such a big help.

  22. With the winters here our hands get so bad I will def have to check this out thank you for sharing.

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