My May Zulily Purchases

My May Zulily Purchases

Is it just me or is Zulily one of the best places to find unique products online?  I love how easy it is to shop there and so far, I’ve not received anything damaged by them.  I’m currently waiting on 3 orders to arrive which I’ll share below as well as the items that have arrived.  Because I spend so much time in my kitchen (I love to cook), all but one of the items are for my favorite room in my apartment.

These are the 3 orders I’m waiting on, actually, I should say 2 orders, 3 products.  I bought 2 of the 10” Magnetic Knife Bars. They’re currently out of them but if you click on the heart at the top to be notified when they return, like I did, you’ll need to zap them up quickly. They had 2 left when I received my notification I bought them both. So don’t wait around. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep them or give them to my daughters. I’m working on Christmas already. Yes, you read that right. The other item I’m waiting on look so vintage, Brass & Resin Magnifying Spectacles, I thought they’d be darling on my bookshelf. Okay, who am I kidding, I’m going to use them to read with. I just bought new glasses and I can’t get used to the bifocals. I spent a small fortune on them and I can’t even use them *wwhaaaa.a* The spectacles are currently out of stock as well but select to be notified when they arrive.

Now for the goodies that have arrived.

White ‘Fresh Homemade Cookies’ Personalized Treat Jar. I adore all things personalized so of course, this caught my eye. I’m always baking or buying cookies from Subway so I thought it was a smart purchase. I’m planning to buy some for my daughter AND DIL for Christmas. Again with that C word. I know, it’s too early to be thinking about it right now. But I am. This product ends tomorrow so if you’re going to order it, do it now, or buy it on Amazon. I’ll include the link below.

My May Zulily Purchases

My May Zulily Purchases

My 5th item is way larger than I thought it would be which is not a bad thing. Chrome Linear Curved Fruit Bowl.
It holds about 2 bags of fruit which don’t last long around here. If it ever quits storming, I’ve got to go stock up again. I originally bought it for a DIY project. I wanted to use painters tape and tape it one way and paint it gold. Then when I remove the paint, it will be silver the other way. But everything about it is larger than I expected and I happen to think it’s perfect as it is. What do you think? Would you do a 2 tone paint or leave it the way it is? This too is out of stock but you can select to be notified if it comes back in stock.

That’s all of my May purchases for now but we’re only halfway through the month and I’m certain I’ll find more great buys. In the meantime, if you don’t want to wait for any of these products to come back in stock, I’ve found some suitable replacements from Amazon. If you make an Amazon purchase using any of my below links, I will receive a small commission in the form of a gift card, at no extra charge to you. For the rest of you who’d rather wait, the products are worth the wait.

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