Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

I have to say that the woodie binders are the cutest binders I’ve ever seen. I received two of these for review purposes and the grand-daughters begged me to give them to them. How could I say no? Especially after learning that they wanted to decorate them to give to their moms for Valentine’s Day. I had to hold off on posting this until they were able to finish them and give them to their moms. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kids so excited bout giving a present before. They could hardly stand to keep the secret but they did. They came over every chance they could to secretly work on the binders and they completed them Thursday night. Both of my daughters work at the same place and they have to keep binders handy for work orders. They were so excited to receive their present. The Naked Binder Woodies come in 1″ D-rings (220 sheets of paper) or 1.5″ D-rings (350 sheets of paper). Since taking their new binders to work Friday, my daughters stated that everyone they work with wants one now, and who can blame them? I think they’ll have a lot of fun decorating them or letting their kids decorate them. I know Alyssa and Abby had a blast.

Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

I think the binders turned out just too cute and now of course, the girls want their own for school. I do believe they’re going to cause a Naked Binder Woodie craze at their schools when I get them some. The different sizes allow for different uses. I could even use one of these to keep my important papers and contracts in. These binders were made to help save our planet. They are made with 100% recycled materials100% recycled – 97-100% post consumer waste. The entire binder is recyclable when you have managed to wear it out. They are made with real wood and each one is a little different due to the wood grains. You can purchase these in birch or cherry and these binders were made to last at least 10 years. Head on over to check them out and to read more about this company.

Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

How would you use your binder?

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32 thoughts on “Naked Binder Woodie #woodbinder

  1. Very unique binder to begin with and then you made it even more fun by making it chalkboard. It would have been neat to make the chalkboard part a little smaller so the wood would have looked like a frame around the chalkboard part. 🙂

  2. Awkward name – but I love the wood binder and the fun idea you had for using it. I didn’t know they made wood binders – I need to get a few.

  3. How nice, I totally love this product because it is made from organic materials. This one is gorgeous!

  4. That is a really nice binder! I would love to have one like that. I’ve never seen such a nice wooden binder like this one before.

  5. That chalkboard binder turned out great. My youngest loves binders. Comes up with all kinds of ideas for how to use them too.

  6. I’ve never seen a wood binder before, never thought it would look this good! That’s really nice, I’d love to have one! Lol.

  7. These Naked Binder Woodies are so awesome and unique. I would love to have a couple for my memories with photos. These binders would indeed be great gift ideas and you can decorate them for the people even. Thanks for sharing these awesome binders.

  8. I’m getting the grand kids one and I’ll probably get me one too. They can decorate them during spring break. I spent today printing out the web address for my daughters to take to work. Everyone fell in love with these. They are going to hand them out tomorrow. I think they’ll be a hit everywhere. The fact that they last 10 years is incredible. Plus recyclable too!

  9. I love that these wood binders are super cute AND recyclable!! These would have been perfect for my wedding binder if I had know about them a few months ago 🙂

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