Natural Anxiety Relievers That Actually Work

Natural Anxiety Relievers That Actually Work

Natural Anxiety Relievers That Actually Work

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The level of awareness surrounding mental health issues has been at the forefront of a national conversation for some time. The conversation has helped alleviate the stigma attached to some mental health issues and made people more aware of the need to look after their mental health.

Here we’ll take a look at some proven techniques and ways to relieve stress and anxiety to lessen the symptoms and prevent it becoming a debilitating problem. Even sufferers of mild anxiety can experience tension, nervousness, heart palpitations, and chest pain.


One of the biggest problems with anxiety is that it can be hard to rationalize the experience when our minds are racing. Consistent meditation helps us to calm our minds and manage stress and anxiety with greater ease. There are many different styles and approaches to meditation, so no matter how inexperienced you are or how severe your anxiety is, there will be a suitable option for you.

Natural Anxiety Relievers That Actually Work

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Exercise is a great way to burn off anxious energy in a positive way. As well as releasing happy chemicals in your brain, exercise also has far-reaching benefits for every aspect of your physical and mental health. As more research is performed, the link between anxiety reduction and exercise seems to grow stronger.

Exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous or in a gym. If there is an activity you enjoy, then take it up as a hobby. If you’re unfit or have mobility issues, then start with a gentle stroll. One of the great things about exercise is its flexibility, and no matter how much you do it will be beneficial. Always keep the level of exercise within your capabilities, and seek the advice of your doctor if you have any specific medical issues that need to be considered.

Scheduling Me Time

Modern life is so hectic it can feel like we never get a minute to be ourselves and just relax. Whether you spend five minutes performing a progressive muscle relaxation exercise during the day, or enjoy your favorite hot drink and a chapter from a book, this selfish act can be very beneficial for your mental health. You could even use the time to have a massage or an aromatherapy bath by candlelight.

Many people simply schedule the time. They have no plans for the allotted time other than doing very little. Some may catch up on their favorite program or enjoy a day at the spa while others play sports or chat with friends.

Natural Anxiety Relievers That Actually Work

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Cannabis and CBD Oil

Cannabis products, such as those supplied by West Coast Cannabis, and CBD oil have been shown in some studies to help relieve anxiety. However, if you decide to try them, you should consult a medical professional first and be careful to choose the right strengths/strains to help you.

Spend Time with Animals

Animals are proving effective companions for people with a variety of serious disorders. Sufferers of PTSD are benefitting from an animal companion that offers love and support in an unconditional way. Studies even suggest that people that aren’t suffering from anxiety can reap the benefits of simply spending time with an animal.

Natural Anxiety Relievers That Actually Work

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Herbal Remedies

Whether you take it in the form of a relaxing cup of tea or supplement, there is a huge range of herbal remedies on the market designed to help reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. It might take a little experimentation to discover what works best for you, but it’s worth the effort for many people.


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