Neilmed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator #momsmeet


If you’re in need of a safe and effective nasal aspirator for your baby or toddler, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been battling stuffy noses and allergies along with sinus infections from the start of spring. Thanks to Neilmed, we’re breathing better and saying goodbye to stuffy, congested noses.

I received a Neilmed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

Neilmed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator #mommeet

Neilmed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator #mommeet

I have a green mom’s meet group and I’ve been sharing green products with them for a couple of years now. When we find “green” products that are effective, we share them in the group. This month, I had the opportunity to introduce my group to the Neilmed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator. The Neilmed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator falls into the all natural category because it’s a safe, effective natural way to relieve stuffy noses PLUS it can be sterilized. I’ve always sterilized all of the kids pacifier’s, bottle’s and even some toys, by boiling the items in water. I love that I can take this product apart to boil it as well. Not only can I take it apart, when it’s completely dry, I assemble it back in no time at all.

There’s little that’s more miserable to a toddler who doesn’t know how to blow their noses, than having difficulty breathing due to stuffy noses. They depend on us to do it for them. Most, if not all of my family members suffer from allergies and sinus problems and we become really miserable, really fast. I think we’ve handed down all of our allergy problems to our kids because the majority of them have flair ups as well. The Neilmed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator is a 2-in-1 product that takes care of this problem. I’m personally not comfortable in using the tube to suck out the mucus but I do love that I can turn it into a simple suction bulb. Even though I’m not comfortable using it, it’s good to know that in the event I have to, the NeilMed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator includes 7 in-line disposable
filters to prevent mucus from inadvertently entering the tubing and reaching my mouth.

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My name is Terri and I live in an urban area in central Georgia, USA. I'm a mom to three kids, a dog, 2 cats, 2 parakeets, 2 lovebirds, and other small aquatic pets. My hobbies include photography, reading, binge-watching movies, crocheting, D.I.Y. projects of every kind, gardening, hiking, glamping, and camping. I love to travel and go sightseeing. My coffee pot is my lifeline.

29 thoughts on “Neilmed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator #momsmeet

  1. We would have tried that when our kids were toddlers. We used a bulb syringe instead at the time which did not have the tubing or clear design. I like that you can see this one better to clean it.

  2. This looks like a great tool to have to suck some snot! Some people get freaked out about products like this but a clean airway is better than a snotty one!!

  3. This is indeed a great product for parents with babies and toddlers. I actually love that it has the tube just in case it is needed. The Neilmed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator I am going to have to share with my nieces and my sister. Thanks for sharing this awesome product for parents.

  4. Oh boy, this scared me so much when I was pregnant with my daughter because I just KNEW she was going to hate it. Then the time came when I had to use it. She wasn’t a huge fan at the moment but the aftermath was so worth it. A totally must for new parents!

  5. I wish I had this when my kids were little. I always hated when they got a stuffy nose. I would use the nose sucker from the hospital but it was hit or miss, if it worked.

  6. I wish i had this when my kids were babies. This would be a great baby shower gift.

  7. I’ve been curious about how these actually work. I am due in a few months and remember how hard it was to get my son to blow his nose. Thanks for the info.

  8. I’ve heard about this product before. I always though it was a bit odd myself. I’m glad that it can stop from getting the stuff in your mouth though. I was always worried about that part.

  9. Stuffy noses, cough and cold related allergies along with sinus infections is a common thing to deal with toddlers & I have faced that a lot with both my kids. The Neilmed Nasal-Oral Aspirator sounds like a good one & using the blower could help a lot too.

  10. It’s good to know that there are green products to help kids with allergy. I am so thankful that I never needed this with my kids.

  11. We battle major allergies in my home ad have been using something like this for years. They really are pretty awesome.

  12. I have never heard of this before, nor tried it. Does look like it’s something worth having around if you have kids though!

  13. Thankfully I never really had to have anything like this with either of my kids. They have so many products out now, I don’t really know which ones I would’ve picked!

  14. This looks like a great product. I used the nasal aspirator a lot with my oldest daughter. She always had a lot of mucus.

  15. there are so many new things on the market since my children were small thanks for sharing about this one so I can share with my children for their children

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