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Night Running Safety Gear Tips and Tricks

Night Running Safety Gear Tips and Tricks

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Night Running Safety Gear Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it – nobody likes waking up early and going for a jog with a shower and work immediately to follow – although this might be refreshing, it is quite difficult to make it a habit. This is why most people opt for evening runs, somewhere between 6 and 7 p.m. Although this makes a lot of sense during the summer, seeing as how the sun sets later and the heat waves are long gone by this time in the afternoon, in wintertime, the sun is down before you’re back home from work and the drops in temperature can make motivation a problem. Well, here are some running safety gear tips and tricks.

Night Running Safety Gear Tips and Tricks

Dress professionally

While you might not be a running equipment enthusiast and while running equipment isn’t really necessary when it’s warm outside, professional equipment can do you a world of good when it really isn’t all that warm outside. This equipment goes a long way beyond running shoes – quality running shirts and sweatshirts are designed both with sweat absorption, as well as keeping you warm in mind. While you may not feel cold while you’re all hot and panting, if you’re one to turn jogging into walking towards the end of your running session, you can easily cause back problems for yourself, catch a cold and even pneumonia the day after your session. Going out of your pocket is greatly advised when it comes to equipment.


If your running trail is in part, or completely along a street, or maybe even the very street in question, you’ll have to keep a watchful eye on the oncoming vehicles. There is a reason why the rules of traffic dictate that you walk against traffic – you can see what’s coming. Running is no exception here – just remember to keep your head down once you see an approaching car, seeing as how headlights can temporarily blind you.

Night Running Safety Gear Tips and Tricks


Headphones might not be such a good idea in nighttime. Although these are great motivators, many traffic accidents actually involve pedestrians wearing headphones, so you might be better off keeping them at home, at least during the winter months.

Dress brightly

While you might see a car approaching you, this doesn’t mean that the driver will actually see you. Weather conditions can cause bad visibility and, even with proper headlights, a driver might not be able to see you – a short lapse in attention can prevent the driver from reacting quickly and grim things might ensue. Make sure, therefore, that you dress brightly, preferably in yellow, in order to avoid this danger. Additionally, if you want to feel even safer, get some quality reflective gear and ensure that you’ve done everything to keep yourself safe during your night runs.

Choose your routes carefully

All the mentioned advice can’t even compare to this one. Even if you follow all the previous advice carefully, you are still at risk of getting injured. This is why you should use every means to choose safe routes. Luckily, this has been made easy, through the power of the Internet. Simply use Google Earth, for example, to determine the best possible route for yourself.

If you can motivate yourself to go out jogging after work, when it’s cold and perhaps even slippery, there is no reason to ebb away from motivating yourself to make sure you remain safe on the track. Follow the mentioned advice and unleash your inner runner safely and responsibly.


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  1. I agree with you & my husband too always opt for evening runs once he is all done with his office works. These are some great tips to take note as safety is so important & we always avoid busy roads & I love the idea of wearing the appropriate dress for the night.

  2. These are indeed great tips for night running safely. It is so important to know what is coming at you for sure and for you to be wear bright clothing. It is safer to use a reflector vest. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Those a very important safety tips. I have some outside the ear headphones that still allow me to hear my surroundings, though I probably would not wear them at night.

  4. Aside from grappling and boxing, running is one of our favorite bonding activities. My boyfriend and I never forget to bring our headphone because music makes us feel lively. Also, I love how you pointed the idea of dressing brightly to avoid danger.
    Great tips. More please. :)

  5. This is a great list of tips. Our teenage daughter wants to pick up running. She runs a little now, but is trying to make it more of a regular routine .

  6. I’m not a runner, but living in Florida I see a ton of night time runners. It’s so hot during the day that the night time seems to be the only time they can run without getting a heat stroke. I wish more of them would do some of this, like dress brightly, as sometimes it’s hard to see them when you’re driving until you get close.

  7. I prefer to run in the morning. These are great list of how to stay safe for those runners who run at night. I think your advice about the headphones is spot on. I know for me that music keeps me motivated but the downside is that it drowns out surrounding noise so I do think if you are running at night or in a not crowded route without other runners,, you need to either not the volume so loud or wear one bud. Safety first as they say.

  8. I used to run to shed off my baby fats years ago. It could be a great start to run again and night time could be ideal because I am not a morning person!

  9. When baby arrives I hope to do a little bit of night running again. I miss it. these are some great tips I will have to remember when I go for my runs!

  10. Wow, I love your tips and tricks to night running. I bet it’s super important to be seen when running at night first and foremost. Keep up the great work, I appreciate you sharing these ideas!

  11. Dressing brightly at night is so important. You want cars to be able to see you if you have to cross the road or run on the road at any point.

  12. There is a lady in my neighborhood that needs to take this advise. She’s usually dressed in black and never looks before she crosses the street, even the busy ones. Then she yells at the car that has to slam on its brakes to avoid hitting her. I am always telling my kids the “rules” as we’re walking to and from school.

  13. This is a great list! I don’t run but if I were to I would take this advice. I walk home at night a lot from the train station and one thing I do with my head phones is leave one bud in so I can hear my surroundings. I think it’s important to be aware of what is going on, especially at night when it’s dark.

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