Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

I have been trying all sorts of recipes in my new Ninja Coffee Bar and I don’t see that ever stopping. I wanted a Ninja Coffee Bar for several reasons, brunch being one of them. I love hosting get-togethers and spring brunch is my absolute favorite party time. It’s not too early in the day and it’s not too late either. It takes me a couple of hours to move about in the mornings and I tire easily because of my {failed} back surgery. So keeping brunch in mind, I can’t think of a better kitchen essential than a Ninja Coffee Bar. I can serve beverages hot and cold and with the large variety of recipes available with all coffee bar purchases, I can fix something different each and every time.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

After trying several recipes from the recipe book and making up a couple myself, my favorite coffee recipe so far is the cinnamon graham coffee on page 23 of my Ninja Coffee Bar recipe book. It’s divine. S’mores in a cup so a no-mess version. It will make your toes curl. After drinking this, I feel like I can stretch to the moon and back. It literally makes me want to dance. It’s that kind of a coffee recipe. Because it’s my favorite, I decided to show how I make it which is almost the same way as the directions call for, except I make it in the pot instead of a travel cup.

NOTE: before you make anything with your Ninja Coffee Bar, read all of the instructions that are included with your purchase. Then, you need to clean the machine twice. It takes an hour each time so set aside the time to do that. After doing that, wash your pot, the wonderful travel mug they’ve included, lid and straw as well as the frother that’s included with your purchase. The built-in frother is a new addition to the Ninja Coffee Bar and it’s one of the reasons I wanted this version of the coffee bar. There’s something you should know about me. I love every type of coffee available at coffee houses and coffee shops to the point that I plan all of my out of town trips around Starbucks (it might sound crazy to someone that doesn’t drink coffee, but, I do, I really, really do). Being able to make any of my favorite coffeehouse beverages in the comfort of my home means I won’t have to travel around my coffee addictions. I can go anywhere now. Of course, I’m not going without my NCB but hey.

After you get your Ninja Coffee Bar set up and ready to use, it’s time to G O … W I L D.

Just thinking about this recipe makes me want to jump up and make another batch of this liquid gold, so, let’s get started.

Gather all of your ingredients:

  • 5 Ninja Small Scoops ground coffee
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground coffee
  • 1 teaspoon molasses
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1/2 cup half & half
  • 1/4 cup marshmallow topping
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 4 teaspoons crushed cinnamon graham crackers (I used honey grahams for this batch)

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

Per the directions for the Cinnamon Graham Coffee recipe, you’ll need to start by adding your coffee in the brew basket (which can be used as a single-serve option minus the pods, therefore saving you money). The recipe book suggests 5 scoops, the website 6, so pick the one that best fits your taste. I use 5. For this recipe, I’ve found that Folgers classic roast, medium strength, is the best choice.

Next, you’ll need to add the cinnamon, molasses, and honey into a 22 ounce or larger travel mug. I use the pot that comes with the coffee bar.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

Select the SL multi-serve size; press the classic brew button. Like so…

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

You’re almost done, tell your taste buds to get excited. Turn on the music because you’ll want to dance.

While that is going on, and the smell is starting to wake up your senses, combine the half & half, marshmallow topping, and vanilla extract into a large mug. Pop it into the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

Pour coffee into 2 cups; 1 for you and another 1 for you. You’ll want both, trust me.

Now, froth the half & half mixture for 30 seconds. Top off your coffee cups with half of it as well as crushed graham crackers. Drink.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

Which Ninja Coffee Bar recipe would you most like to try?

If you haven’t purchased a Ninja Coffee Bar yet, maybe I can change your mind about that (think Mother’s Day gift). My new Ninja Coffee Bar is the newest product in the Ninja Coffee Bar line and it’s a complete coffee system. If you use single pod coffee, you’ll make your money back in no time at all. The single-serve option means I can use my favorite brand of coffee for each beverage I create, cold and hot. I can make anything from Espressos to a Cafe Forte. This is one coffee maker that truly does it all. I no longer need different machines that take up my already small space.

Check out the specialty brews I can create from the comfort of my own home.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

I keep going back to the frother and that’s because it’s one of my favorite features. I never knew I could make coffee that looks and tastes like coffee house coffee. The frother helps make that happen. I can use it hot and I can use it cold. It only takes seconds to use and cleaning is super quick and easy which means I can quickly and easily make more silky-rich microfoam.

You get all of this in your purchase: (note you can select a glass system like I got or a premium stainless system)

Ninja Coffee Bar Cinnamon Graham Coffee Recipe

Ninja Kitchen says it best: “The next-generation Ninja Coffee Bar® is a coffee system—complete with a variety of brew types and sizes, a built-in frother, and tons of delicious coffee recipes you can create and enjoy at home. Only the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer has Thermal Flavor Extraction, which truly unlocks the full flavor potential of your coffee. “

Head on over to Ninja Kitchen to make your purchase.


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