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Olive Oil

I love Olive Oil and I use it for so many things. I started buying it as a teen when someone told me it would give me a maximum tan while sunbathing. It does and I’d give anything to go back and undo those years. If I knew now what I knew then, I’d swap the Olive Oil out for Sunscreen. But at least I was giving my skin nourishment even if I didn’t realize it at the time.

As I grew older and wiser, I started buying Olive Oil for meal preparation and I prefer it not only for the taste but for the health benefits as well. I don’t really have a preference for Olive Oil brands but I do have to say that Devo, now Dove Olive Oil, is delicious. I won some on a site a while back and I enjoyed all 3 of the flavors I received. You can buy olive oil at many different places you shop as well as online.

Now that I’m even older and hopefully even wiser, I use Olive Oil in my everyday life for beauty, anti-aging, and more. Here is a list of non-food uses of Olive Oil: Beauty, Health, Household, Pet, and even Religious uses.

Can you think of another use of Olive Oil not mentioned?

The uses of Olive Oil


  1. I love posts like this! Thanks for sharing I didn’t know you could use it for anything else!

  2. Holy moly, that’s a lot of non-food uses! I honestly did not know you could use it as a shampoo/conditioner. I might have to try that one day.

  3. I use Tarte’s Maracuja oil on my face. I hadn’t even thought about using olive oil though. Good to know!

  4. Shoe polish and brush cleaner. I would have never thought to try olive oil. I always have a large bottle in the pantry.

  5. My Italian grandmother would be all over this! Great info. We love olive oil.

  6. Wow there are so many uses for Olive Oil. I knew a few of these but had no idea there were so many more uses.

  7. IT really is so good for so many things, isn’t it? My MIL told me to use it for preventing stretch marks. I didn’t and I got them, haha, she still says, ‘shoulda’ listened.’ MIL rights, I guess. 😉

  8. Great list! Love this post – so creative! I have a ton of olive oil at home!

  9. I also use it on my heels in winter. I would hate to live life without Olive Oil, lol.

  10. Love the many different uses of olive oil, I didn’t know several of them!

  11. We’ve always used olive oil but never really for anything nonfood related. I had no idea that there were that many uses! Alot of it makes sense though!

  12. I’ve used it on my face even! There are so many ideas for it.

  13. I did not expect that Olive Oil had these non food uses! Olive Oil is very helpful in many aspects!

  14. Wow, what a great post! My hubby insists we buy olive oil and use it for everything.

  15. That is amazing , who knew you can use olive oil for so many awesome things!

  16. I’ve never tried it for anything but cooking. Clearly I’m wasting opportunities here!

  17. WOW I never knew all of those uses for Olive Oil. It makes sense on a lot of these, especially the hair detangled. Thanks for sharing and I’ll have to share this.

  18. Most of the uses mentioned for Olive Oil is first time for me. I only want my olive oil to my pasta haha

  19. Olive Oil is a MUST in my house. I mean seriously, that oil comes in handy for so many things! I don’t know what I would do with out it.

  20. I love using olive oil to help clean my makeup brushes!

  21. I love olive oil! It is sooo yummy!

  22. Wow, who knew there were so many uses of olive oil. I have some and will definitely be trying these out! Thanks!!

  23. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I had no idea there were non food uses, so this is great to know. Thanks for the info!

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