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Pain Management With MIU COLOR Essential Oils Diffuser

Pain Management With MIU COLOR Essential Oils Diffuser

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I received a color changing aromatic therapy essential oil diffuser from MIU COLOR for review purposes.

I live with chronic pain due to failed back surgery. And let me tell you, it’s not easy to live with pain when it never goes away, but, there are a couple of things that help me lower my stress from the pain. When my stress lowers I can usually get my pain under control somewhat. That’s where my MIU COLOR Essential Oils Diffuser comes in handy. Scent therapy works wonderfully when I’m trying to get my pain level under control (as does soft music but that’s a whole other post). There are certain scents that work, and surprisingly, some that seem to increase my stress level. I learn from trial and error. Cinnamon oil works the best followed by Lavender. By using cinnamon oil in my aromatic essential oils diffuser, it puts me in a better mood. It reminds me of the time before my spine was injured. Happier times with a happier me. It also puts me in a cleaning mood for some strange reason. Since I’ve received my diffuser, I’ve been a cleaning fool.

Pain Management With MIU COLOR Essential Oils Diffuser

To use my essential oils in my diffuser, I fill it with water and add in a few drops of my favorite scents. I used Lavender for my review. The Lavender oil I have is pretty strong so just a few drops workes well. I’ve got some in it now and I’m so relaxed. Enough so that I’m able to type this post despite my pain. There are four settings for the mist and I use the longest one. I do wish I could set this to stay on but I’m sure it would run dry so it’s probably a good thing it cuts off before that happens.

My new Essential Oils Diffuser not only serves as a diffuser / humidifier, it changes colors to provide a soft atmosphere. It’s relaxing to watch the colors change. I’ve been turning it on every night beside my bed and the scent relaxes me to the point I’m sleeping better. I normally sleep about 3 hours before the pain wakes me up but I’m sleeping longer and I know it’s due to the fact that I’m getting my stress level under control before I go to sleep, by using my Essential Oils Diffuser. I’m sure the diffuser would be great to use combined with yoga or other activities, but for me, it serves as a way for me to manage my chronic pain.

Pain Management With MIU COLOR Essential Oils Diffuser

Pain Management With MIU COLOR Essential Oils Diffuser

Pain Management With MIU COLOR Essential Oils Diffuser

You can purchase your own Essential Oils Diffuser on Amazon.

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  1. Wow, it is a nice oil diffuser, beautiful changing color, really relax for night sleep. Thank you for your review so I could find awesome products.

  2. This oil diffuser is quite different from most diffusers that I have seen. I like the settings feature and how it changes color adds to its appeal.

  3. I was so excited to read this post! I’ve been researching diffuser’s that also work as a humidifier and color me confused, I never could tell which one would be good. That’s so interesting that cinnamon calms you. For me that smell really wakes me up and makes me hyper.

  4. Just starting to learn about oils and I was new to find out that you could put them next to your bed like this. It would be cool to do with a calming, relaxing oil

  5. I love diffusers! I have a few of them. I actually have one very similar to the one you have. It also lights up with multi colors. They’re so nice to have around!

  6. I have been wanting to try a diffuser for awhile. I get headaches pretty frequently, so I was thinking the aromatherapy could help manage that pain. Plus, some of them just look really cool.

    1. Before receiving this, I used a potpourri crock during the day but I’d have to unplug it before I went to bed. Night time is the worst for me pain wise. Because this essential oils diffuser shuts off by itself, I’m able to use it at night when I need to unwind and destress the most. Thank you.

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