Painting Your Bedroom Walls


Over the years, bedrooms have really expanded their function; now they’re being used for much more than sleeping. They’ve transcended their intended purposes into acting as dressing rooms, studies and home offices. Even without the multitude of uses that bedrooms now provide, choosing the right paint color for the walls is pretty important. Of course painting the walls in white is always an option, but only if you are certain that you don’t really care about your home’s aesthetics. If you do prefer your bedroom looking pleasing to the eye, you’re going to benefit from this guide.

Painting Your Bedroom Walls
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Starting from Scratch

If you’ve just moved in and there really is no furniture for your wall color to match, or have decided to do a full-scale remodel with a new bed, nightstands and everything else, you will benefit from a wide spectrum of available wall colors. As mentioned, going with white is always a possibility, but one that will make for a bleak, soulless experience. Think about more interesting colors; for example, certain shades of green will go a long way to make your bedroom look interesting, but also quite comfortable to look at. Sure, you can experiment with whatever color and shade you please, but keep in mind that repainting is going to be somewhat of a problem if the oranges, yellows or bright reds turn out to be a poor choice.

Match it with Your Furniture

On another hand, if you are perfectly satisfied with your furniture items and only want a simple repaint, you’re probably looking at a narrower set of color choices. Luckily enough, this also makes the whole thing significantly easier. For example, a wooden furniture set goes perfectly well with green walls, while gray walls play great with black, sleek items. However, you’ll want to avoid your ceilings, walls, rugs and furniture being all of the same color – this will doubtlessly make your room look and feel monochromatic and, well, somewhat unnatural and cold.

Look into Accent Walls

If you haven’t heard about accent walls, you’ll be happy to learn that achieving this look is easier than it sounds. Simply put, having an accent wall means painting a single one in a different color than the rest. This tends to give a room a feel of diversity and makes it look more interesting. Additionally, an accent wall will give you more matching options. Be careful to properly match it with the rest of the room – going with white is the most popular choice, but there are other options – as long as the colors match, anything goes.

Accentuate Your Bed

Even though it is used for a variety of purposes, a bedroom is still, well, a bed-room. Regardless of how small it is, putting your bed front and center is the best choice. In order to accentuate it even more, you can paint the wall, the ceiling and the floor in a color that matches your bed. However, this is done in a particular way – at the width of your bed’s backside, draw a wide ‘line’ stretching all the way from the floor, via the wall, to the ceiling – this will not only make your bed appear larger, but it will provide a cozy bedroom vibe. Keep in mind that the color of this ‘line’ is, naturally, going to be different than the rest of your bedroom wall colors, so looking for a deal when shopping for painting paraphernalia is the way to go – buying premium paint is definitely a smart choice!

Going Traditional

Choosing a timeless, classic color palette for your bedroom is always a safe choice, but white is boring. Instead of making your bedroom look like an asylum, choose bright colors that will appear white, yet somehow warmer – if you’ve never heard of creamy, grant beige and cotton, look into these colors for a classic combination. You can always add layers of these three, which are somewhat compatible; you can even use one of them for your accent wall!
So, there you have it, we hope that this guide will help you not only in choosing the right paint color for your bedroom, but also that it will give you more than a couple of interesting ideas to boost your design creativity.

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25 thoughts on “Painting Your Bedroom Walls

  1. I don’t like white walls in my home, either. I’ve always like blue walls in the bedroom because it’s a calming color. Once I painted my bedroom crimson red. It was so pretty!

  2. Our bedroom has white walls and I love them! I try to bring some color to our bedroom with throw pillows and colourful curtains.

  3. We’re looking to purchase a home in the next 4-6 months and we’re super excited to turn our house into a home. These tips will definitely come in handy. And I agree with what you said about accent walls. They really do make a statement.

  4. We rent right now, and my bedroom wall is so drab. I wish I could paint it. I think that the right color really does set the mood for relaxation! These are great tips!

  5. We live in a log cabin so there isn’t much we can do to the walls so I accentuate where I can! I have a really pretty bed spread that’s bright and colorful with matching shams and throw pillows. I think it’s such a great way to add a pop of color when you can’t paint!

  6. Some wonderful ideas to have a good makeover for my bedroom. The idea of using different colors is quiet interesting and matching it with your furniture makes it even much better!

  7. My bedroom was painted in mint green as I always wanted. Light colors really make the space bigger and the calm effect of green was soothing as I can sleep and relax the whole time I am in my bed. Green also matched my wooden types of furniture and my scented candles and paintings as well.

  8. I agree choosing the right paint color for the walls of the bedroom is so important and it should be match well with the furniture! I love pastel colors, they make me feel better and relax! Love your guide!

  9. I love the idea of one wall having a different shade from the rest of the bedroom’s walls. My bedroom walls are painted very pale green which is so refreshing to the eyes. However, I am thinking of repainting and am still undecided as to which color I would get.

  10. I like the idea of having one wall painted with a different color from the rest of the walls in the bedroom. I feel like it adds more character to the room. This is a great guide!

  11. I usually choose warm colors, the ones that are easy on the eyes and help you relax. It’s Important that the colors go well with everything in the bedroom.

  12. I am fine with white in the kitchen and bathroom however living rooms and bedrooms I prefer warm light shades of color. The bedroom is probably my favorite room as it is a place I can go to and be comfortable so the color of the walls is important in getting a relaxed feeling.

  13. I hate white walls, it’s just so blah! I love making a space in a home look amazing. I think bedroom walls need to be a nice calming neutral color.

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