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Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids #valentinesday

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids #valentinesday

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The kids like name decals, labels and stickers if they’re not making them, they’re asking me to buy them some. I don’t blame them one bit, even I love having name decals and stickers to personalize my things. I add name stickers to the kid’s clothes, shoes, and other supplies when they go to church camp every year. Personalized name gifts are a lot of fun to give. I love watching the kids expressions when they see their names in print. What you may not know is that Name Bubbles has some cute new styles that anyone would love and I’ve got a few suggestions to share. Plus they are affordable making them a great choice for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids.

First up are the personalized Wall Decals. They are so stinkin cute and with all of the designs to choose from, I think they’d be perfect for any age or gender. Here are a few wall decal suggestions.

Repeat after me, awwwwwwwwwwwww.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids #valentinesday

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids #valentinesday

Cute wall decals aren’t the only thing you’re going to find at Name Bubbles. Their personalized labels can help save your child’s life. They’ve got quite a few allergy labels to choose from that you could send with your child to daycare, school, sleepovers and even camp.

If you’re like me, when you send your child anywhere to stay, you’re going to want them to return with everything they left with. That used to be a concern of mine when the kids went to camp every year because something was always left behind. Since I’ve discovered clothing labels, we haven’t had that problem. And they’re so cute with two options to choose from: press or iron on. The kids have spent hours looking through their choices because they have so many great ones. I’ll give you a sneak peek of a few.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids #valentinesday

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids #valentinesday

Not only would Personalized Name Bubbles make great gifts for Valentine’s Day, they’d make unique gift ideas for Birthdays and baby showers. I happen to know there are some cute new designs coming out soon so be sure you bookmark their site and add them on facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, to stay up to date on products and promotions.

Upcoming new designs:

  • Mountain Camp and Tie Dye Camp Styles
  • Pineapple style
  • Sweet Heart Pack
  • 3 Color Wash Style
  • Which Name Bubbles would you most like to gift to your child or children?

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    COMMENTS to Lisa Heath

    1. Even the simplest gifts look perfect with a personalized touch. It is something one cherishes forever. And yes Valentine’s day is to show your kids some love to. Thank you for this post.

    2. OH absolutely love this Idea! My daughter is obsessed with seeing her name in writing! and yes the issue of getting clothes lost or left behind. When she started nursery, I labelled all her clothes with a permanent maker – what a massive mistake! So I will sure be looking at these. Thanks for sharing

    3. I love wall decals especially since I am renting for now. I’m also in need of the clothes label for the kids daycare boxes. hate when they’re clothes are missing and they teachers don’t know what belongs to who! Thank you :)

    4. I love the clothing labels – my youngest daughter is one of those weird little kids that likes everything to be clearly labeled and organized, so she would love those for her jackets and things she wears to school. For my oldest, the wall decals would be better – the patterns are so fun, and she would love getting to pick ones that would fit her personality.

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