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Playing and Having Fun Online, Kid Safe Sites

Playing and Having Fun Online, Kid Safe Sites

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The kids are out of school today so I spent the weekend trying to find fun things to occupy some of their time with internet safe sites. They all have their own laptops and tablets and I insist that they spent their time online, safely. Here are five sites I’ve come up with. Be sure to bookmark this post so you can reference back to it.

Playing and Having Fun Online, Kids

1. Paperdoll Heaven is currently a favorite with Abby and Alyssa The girls are currently having a load of fun on Paperdoll Heaven designing their own paperdolls, male and female. They also can design their own home, pet, play games and more. It’s such a cute site, I wish I had known about it when they were out for Christmas vacation. For whatever reason, I can’t figure out what program the kids need to play this on their Kindle Fire’s so they are playing it on their laptops. As far as I’ve been able to search and research this site, it appears to be labeled as a safe site for kids. It focuses around fashion so it’s pretty much gender specific.


2. One site I’m recommending that’s not new to the kids here is Kids National Geographic. We are an animal loving family so everything on the site is really interesting to the kids. They like learning about the different animals and seeing all of the pictures and videos. The dinosaur and prehistorical animals are probably their favorite. It’s super easy to make an account on this site which puts it high on my list of favorites.



3. If you want your child or children to learn to play chess, check out the free online chess for kids website. This site is rated as being 100% safe for kids. I plan to nudge the kids into learning to play chess this summer when they have more time on their hands. They do better with repetition so playing it daily will help them learn and will also encourage them. I might even learn to play chess myself this summer so we can play the actual board game on family game nights.

Chess for Kids

4. SpinandSpell is a fun way for kids to learn to spell. Abby doesn’t even realize she’s learning while she plays. She could use help with her spelling so I was thrilled when I found this online game. It’s cute too making it all the more appealing to her.


5. My next suggestion is for a word search puzzle maker generator. The kids do word search puzzles all the time, and being able to make them is just plain fun. You can make easy ones for the younger kids or harder ones like I made below which is geared more for the older kids.



That’s all for today but check back as I update the list.

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  1. I’ll have to keep these sites in mind, especially the Kids National Geographic! I know that my son would love that site. because he loves National Geographic.

  2. These are all indeed great playing and having fun online kids game sites that are internet safe for the kids. I will have to share this with my sister and niece for there kids. Thanks for sharing the games.

  3. These sounds great. Thanks for this. My daughters like to be on the computer at times, and I love when they do education type games. I’m sure they’d love all of these.

  4. I like that there are more educational sites and apps now with friendly visuals for the kids. It’s both fun and convenient to just stay at home and learn these stuff. Kids National Geographic looks so cool!

  5. I try to pay attention very hard to make sure that my child is not getting onto stuff he shouldn’t. I made the iPad that he bought for himself child friendly and I take it from him whenever I deem necessary.

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