Popcorn and Easter…..


Brought to you by Shabby Chic Boho and Franklin’s.

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…..have absolutely nothing to do with each other. If you think you can get the kids to give up their Cadbury eggs and jelly beans for popcorn, good luck with that. However, popcorn is one of the best snack foods I’ve ever found and I have on occasion, made colored popcorn balls for Easter, and because the popcorn balls were Easter colors, the kids LOVED them..

I like easy but when it comes to popcorn, nothing beats popping corn made like it used to be made back in the good ole days. Especially when it’s Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn, premeasured packs.

Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Pack- Delicious pre-measured corn, oil, and seasoning

You don’t need a microwave for this popcorn. Each pack has everything you need from the oil to the popcorn to the seasoning and all you have to do to have a fresh pot of popcorn, is throw it all in a pot on medium heat or kettle as directed and let the popping begin.


I don’t have a popcorn maker although I’m looking for one like we used to have when I was a child. I do have some Paula Deen pots and that’s what I’ve been using for our fresh popcorn. My plan was to wait until I found a popcorn maker to do this review but I realized I can’t wait any longer because the popcorn would be gone, lol. We all love it so I’ve been making it for snacks and for our weekly home movie night. I’m sure you can see why it is so amazing…

Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Pack

I used to think that nothing beats movie theater popcorn but this popcorn exceeds even that. Each and every kernel of Franklin’s Gourmet popcorn taste delicious. There is never any left at the bottom of the bowl. I’ve only had a few kernels that didn’t pop each time we made it and I think it’s because I took it up too soon. It’s not my fault that the mouthwatering smell drives me to digging in sooner rather than later.

Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Pack- Delicious pre-measured corn, oil, and seasoning

Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Packs are easy to use, the popcorn taste amazing and all for an affordable price on Amazon.

shabby chic boho

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My name is Terri and I live in an urban area in central Georgia, USA. I'm a mom to three kids, a dog, 2 cats, 2 parakeets, 2 lovebirds, and other small aquatic pets. My hobbies include photography, reading, binge-watching movies, crocheting, D.I.Y. projects of every kind, gardening, hiking, glamping, and camping. I love to travel and go sightseeing. My coffee pot is my lifeline.

12 thoughts on “Popcorn and Easter…..

  1. I have to admit that since they invented the microwave popcorn I haven’t tried any other method. But I like how this product uses the stove-top. And the kernels popped beautifully…and I bet yummy too! Thanks for sharing this. Would definitely like to try it 🙂
    Cara (@StylishGeek) recently posted…Flower Beauty MakeupMy Profile

  2. That is pretty healthy made popcorn, that is so awesome! I don’t really care though, I will still coat it in butter and salt when I have it when I go out, haha. I haven’t had popcorn in forever, our microwave stopped working hah but I love kettle corn the most. Now im hungry 🙁
    Natalie recently posted…If I knew then what I know now..My Profile

  3. For Christmas, we purchased some popcorn kernels to make with our Christmas Eve box instead of the individual packs. I am not sure if it was this brand but the boys loved the process of making it. I will check this brand out further.

  4. I think that any time of the year is appropriate for popcorn. My husband and I often make popcorn to snack on after our kiddos go go sleep. I have never heard of this brand, but I will try them. We are always looking for new kinds of kernels to try.

  5. It’s made with 100% pure COCONUT OIL. Plus it’s Gluten Free, Vegan, & Kosher. I provided a link in my review so you can learn more about this organic grown popcorn as well as the other packaged goods :).

  6. Popcorn is pretty much my go-to snack when I’m hungry. I’ve been known to even eat popcorn for supper when I’m too lazy to cook anything else to eat. But I’m a little creeped out by that orange goo with the popcorn. Although I bet it’s tasty I feel like it would be completely loaded with trans-fat. 🙁

  7. Oh my word, I bet it’s amazing with parmesan on it. I’ve never tried it on our popcorn but we load on the parmesan cheese on our spaghetti because it’s so good. I’ll try it next time.

  8. I’m not a big fan of popcorn, and I certainly don’t equate it with Easter! I think I’m not a big fan BECAUSE of movie theater popcorn. I hate salt and butter … and they just load it on. I don’t mind the kind you pop at home usually, I like to sprinkle parmesan on it!
    Beth recently posted…Top 5 Eco Adventures in Costa RicaMy Profile

  9. Even if you don’t eat a lot of popcorn, you could let your kids get creative with the popcorn, if you have kids that is. It pops up fluffy enough that we have been making popcorn strings with popcorn and cranberries for the birds. I always worry that birds don’t get enough to eat in the winter. I leave out the seasoning when making it for the birds.

  10. I got a popcorn ball from Good Cook which is a handy little thing. The last ones I made were pink. I couldn’t find peppermint marshmallows around here so I mentioned that on my Fb and I had quite a few followers message me for my address and they all sent me some. I was in peppermint marshmallow heaven I tell you. I needed to use them up so I used them in the batch along with a few drops of red food coloring.

    3 quarts popcorn, popped
    1/4 cup butter
    10 ounces mini marshmallows
    Food coloring

    Heat the butter and marshmallows until they are melted. Add food coloring, then stir in the popcorn. Put in popcorn ball maker and wrap with saran wrap and a cute bow for a delicious Easter treat.

  11. Our family probably makes popcorn AT LEAST twice a day! I love it as a snack because since we fresh pop it on the stove top it is controlled in the amount of oil and salt we use! I am curious as to how you made colored popcorn balls though, because I think my daughter would find that pretty cool for special occasions!

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