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Power Bank for Emergencies

Power Bank for Emergencies

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If there is one thing that really helped me in my preparation for Hurricane Irma, it was my HubXtra power bank from ¬†My Charge. ¬†My sister and her family had just lived through Hurricane Harvey and it was the main thing she recommended I purchase. ¬†Being able to stay connected with my family in Florida and Georgia gave me peace of mind during this tragic time in our lives. ¬† It allowed me to use my mobile phone long after the charge had gone. ¬†This power bank is packed with charge and¬†comes with an integrated¬†Apple¬ģ Lightning‚ĄĘ cable, an integrated micro-USB cable and a built-in USB port. ¬†It’s portable and I was able to charge it completely before the hurricane was upon us. ¬†It charged quicker than I expected it could (in fact it charges 65% faster than¬†competitors).

Power Bank for Emergencies

Power Bank for Emergencies

Power Bank for Emergencies

Power Bank for Emergencies

Even though Hurricane Irma has come and gone, it’s still hurricane season and I’m sure there are more to come. It never hurts to be prepared either way for hurricanes or what ever else may come our way that could create a power outage. ¬†This has been one of the most trying times of my life and I’m certain, it would have been even more difficult if it wasn’t for my new charger.

My new power bank is going to be my travel companion from here on out. ¬†I learned from my last trip that I need one after my mobile phone died and left me stranded at the airport. ¬†Reason being, I take oodles of photos where ever I go. ¬† I missed a lot of good photo¬†opps because of my dead battery along with being left stranded. ¬† I won’t make the mistake of traveling without one again. ¬†Not only does it charge my smartphone, it is compatible with my iPad as well. ¬†I never leave home without it as I’m sure many of you feel the same way about yours.

Head on over to My Charge to find the charger that is right for your needs. ¬† At some point, you’ll thank me for the suggestion.

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  1. I have never owned a power bank. Which is crazy, because I totally need one. This would be perfect for our vacation planned next month.

  2. Power banks are really indispensable, especially when you are traveling outdoors for long periods. On one of our treks in Africa the powerbank came to our rescue when our camera’s battery died.

  3. I need this, I have not seen this before. But having the piece of mind that if something happens I will be able to charge my phone and stay in touch with people it very comforting. I will have to check this out, thanks for the idea!

  4. I always take a spare battery with me and a power bank. There are times when my phone battery drains really quick especially when I am in an area where my phone searches for a signal. That drains the battery really fast.

  5. This is such a great resource for those not only in the path of hurricanes, but anyone who is susceptible to dangerous weather or simply doesn’t want to be left without communicative powers. Thanks for putting this on my radar!

    1. Oh yes, I completely agree. There have been 2 instances since I moved here when the electric went out. The first time I called and a truck had run into a pole or something. I didn’t call the second time, I figured they knew it was down lol. Of course, my phone was dead as it usually is. I plug my devices before it, lol. The power bank would have come in handy both times.

  6. Power banks are amazing, especially during hurricanes and other natural disasters, I always find them great for on the go work too! I’ll be checking out MyCharge!

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