Pure, Natural, Bath & Body, Beessential

Pure, Natural, Bath & Body @Beessential

I have a new Bath & Body crush that’s pure and natural. Not only that but Beessential hand makes their products from start to finish. Their ingredients? Fresh, pure honey, beeswax and propolis. Other wonderful ingredients such as coconut, olive & virgin hemp oils are included. If you’re a regular reader on my site then I’m sure you’ve read that Abby has skin allergies. She’s allergic to soaps, bath wash, laundry detergent and even fabric softener. We can only use pure and natural products on her. That’s why I wanted to try #Beessential.

Pure, Natural, Bath & Body @Beessential

Abby loves products that smell good. She’s still young so that’s all that’s important to her. Thank goodness Beessential products smell delightful so it was easy to talk her into using them. Plus she loved the colors and the bee logo. Oh to “bee” a kid again when all that matters is colors and images. While she focuses on the things that don’t really matter, I focus on the fact that Beessential products are free of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and dyes. And they’re cruelty-free.

Pure, Natural, Bath & Body @Beessential

You can find lip balm (we love this so much, smells great, feels great), body wash, foaming soap (Abby’s favorite and she’s made it known she doesn’t want to run out of this), body cream (my favorite), hair care products, bar soap (also my favorite), and so much more. I love the Lavender scented products because they help Abby (and me) relax. Lavender has always had this effect on me. I use scent therapy on a daily basis due to chronic pain associated with failed back surgery. Lavender is my number 1 scent pick. For that reason, I decided to try this scent first and I think I made a great decision.

Pure, Natural, Bath & Body @Beessential

I always give gifts for Easter. I always have and I always will. I especially love gift sets like the Beessential Lavender Love Gift Pack Tin. It comes with everything you see featured in my photos and I don’t know anyone, male or female who wouldn’t love to get this set for Easter. It’s on sale right now (25% off) so head on over and snag this deal while you can. Your loved ones will thank you. If Lavender isn’t your scent pick, there’s many other scents to choose from: Beessential Products.

Pure, Natural, Bath & Body @Beessential

Head on over to Beessential to learn how “switching to Beessential’s All-Natural Body Care Products will soon create a happier, healthier you.” Follow Beessential on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

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17 thoughts on “Pure, Natural, Bath & Body, Beessential

  1. These look like some amazing products. I need to try a few of these. I love that they’re natural too.

  2. I’ve tried the Beesentials lotion. I think they are a great brand. I’d love to try their lemon and lavender lip balm though!

  3. My skin has never taken well to standard cleansers and other products so I’ve had to become well-versed in natural alternatives. I hadn’t yet heard of Beesentials yet but I’ll definitely be looking into them more! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’ve heard of these products before. All good things. Would love to try them out I bet they smell pretty fabulous!

  5. I already like this product based on what I’ve read from your post. I would like to try their body wash and lip balm. I am sure these would smell lovely and care for our skin the natural way.

  6. I’ve tried this brand before and I love their products! The body wash smells so good and I like that they use all natural products!

  7. That lavender and bergamot body wash sounds amazing. Those are two of my favorite scents all rolled into one!

  8. This sounds like a great line of products. I much prefer natural things, so I definitely want to check this out.

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