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Raises Brows, LASHEM

Raises Brows, LASHEM

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I was not blessed with full eyebrows so I have to depend on products that provide full natural looking eyebrows. Products like colour strokes brow tint lift with lash enhancing serum. And depend on them I do. Every morning after hopping out of the shower, I go through a beauty routine. I apply anti-aging products to my face (and neck if you must know) and then if I’m going anywhere, I apply make-up on top of those products. My natural eyelashes are light and barely visible these days even when I don’t have them waxed. I thought they would darken up the older I got but that’s not been the case. If anything, they are lighter than ever. And as thin as my hair is.

I’ve used other brow enhancing products but none quite like this one. What is unique about it is the lash enhancing serum. It’s actually making my brows grow in places I don’t think I’ve ever had hair before. One day, I hope that my thin eyebrows will be thick enough that I won’t have to wear brow enhancing products every day. It only takes a few seconds to have natural looking eyebrows with the Colour Strokes Brow Tint & Lift but sometime in the future, I’d like to go all natural. Of course that’s not possible right now and that’s okay because this amazing brow tint is smudge proof. I bet I shocked you with that. It’s also hard to find eyebrow products that are completely flake proof while providing all day wear but this brow tint & lift provides that and so much more.
My color selection is purr-fect. Meow.


Is it safe? Well according to the company it’s Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist-tested. Another feature you might like is that i’s Paraben-free.

Is it hard to remove? Surely something that is flake proof and smudge proof is hard to remove? Not at all. I use my normal everyday {cheap} make-up remover and it’s off just as quickly as I put it on.

Are you ready to give this product a try? You’ve made a wise decision because you can fill, tint, and sculpt with a single stroke. Just. Like. That.

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  1. I also have no eyebrows. I am going to look for this in the city this weekend. I was just talking about the fact that I should start colouring my eyebrows.

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