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If you have children between the ages of 3-13 years old, I have a subscription service to tell you about: Reading Eggs. As you would expect from the title, Reading Eggs is a reading subscription that includes reading games and activities. Before I forget, let me just say that Reading Eggs is currently offering a 4 week FREE trial to try their service (no credit card required, it really is free). You can expect to see an improvement in your child’s reading at the end of the free trial. What is so unique about Reading Eggs is that they make reading and learning FUN so kids don’t even realize they are learning instead of playing.

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Reading Eggs Top 5 Reasons

The weather here has been really dreadful this year. Abby caught the flu courtesy of her friend who unknowingly passed the virus on to her. While caring for Abby, I caught the flu as well. Then Abby then had croup and I had bronchitis. Abby now has bronchitis and I have pneumonia. So far, everyone else is fine and tired of me being sick {guess which 2 didn’t get their flu shot this year}. And trust me when I say that Abby at 6 years old, is tired of being sick and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not any fun when I’m sick. Alyssa wants to play school and Abby doesn’t, Tyler wants to go to gamestop and neither Abby nor I feel like getting in a car and going anywhere. The “well” kids want to play and again, we don’t feel like it. I just want to crawl up in the bed until I’m well but the kids aren’t having it.

Reading Eggs to the rescue. I decided to put my free trial to work and both Alyssa and Tyler have been having FUN while Abby and I gripe and complain. I didn’t think I would be able to set everything up feeling like I do and having to sit up, but to my surprise, signing up was fast and easy (less than a minute folks). I just had to enter my email address and other info and click on the link they sent to activate my free trial. After that, I put the kids on the computer and they have been having the best time playing the games, listening to songs and earning rewards. I don’t even have to ask them if they want to get on Reading Eggs, they ask me if they can.

14 days

Reading Eggs

I wasn’t sure how the service would work with the different age ranges of the kids but Reading Eggs already thought of that and the kids were able to take a placement test and we went from there.

placement test

placement test

Wouldn’t you like the assurance that your kids are spending their time learning the ability to work productively towards self-directed goals? Sign up for your Reading Eggs 4 week FREE Trial today {offer valid from December 26, 2014 – February 28, 2015}.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Reading Eggs.

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22 thoughts on “Reading Eggs, online subscription service

  1. Looks like a great reading app that My kids would enjoy i would like to wait for a vacation or something like you did to take full advantage of a free trial Thanks for sharing

  2. You’re so kind to share the Reading Eggs service! It’s a joy to learn about it because as the mom of a dyslexic son, anything I can do to help him find reading a joy and not mental drudgery gets us one step closer to seeing him reach his goals and succeed. I know he’s going to enjoy both the reading and math portions of Reading Eggs! Blessings!

  3. Thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely have to take advantage of this opportunity with my seven year old son. We read everyday but, I want him to love reading!

  4. What a nifty idea. Any program that encourages reading is a winner in my book. Perfect for homeschoolers for sure. I’ll forward this post to my homeschooling mama friends. I bet they’d enjoy this.

  5. This is too cute! I love the name. There are so many reading programs out there so I love reading reviews from real moms so I can get a feel for what I want my child to learn from. My son is only two, but I now know that when he is old enough I definitely want to try this out 🙂 I think he would love it!

  6. That is really cool that Reading Eggs provides a placement test for young readers; that was a really smart thing to do. I just can’t get over how cute ‘Reading Eggspress’ sounds. I love the play on words. It’s also very nice that they offer a free trial.

  7. I have never heard of this reading egg program subscription before. There are so many wonderful reading programs out there for children these days. We’ve never used any digital programs for kiddo. We didn’t want her to get used to being on electrical gadgets, but instead, really have a chance to enjoy life outside of the digital glare.

  8. My son is only two, but he is loving putting together letters and saying them out loud. He will spell out words and I’m like…wow…the next step is READING!! I can’t believe how fast the time flies. This would be a perfect service for him when he is ready. I know that I read before kindergarten so I hope my son does too!

  9. My daughters love to read, and they have been begging to try this site. I guess I need to go sign up. Thanks for sharing. I am always weary of subscription sites because you never know what you’re going to get. I love reading reviews from real moms, so I know whether or not it’s truly worth it.

  10. Reading Eggs sounds just too cute!! I’m a self-proclaimed book worm, so I’m happy to encourage kids to get into any service that excites them to read more. 🙂 I think the placement test is a great idea, although I wonder if there’s a way to ‘gamify’ it so it doesn’t sound as… evaluative? But from what I can tell from the screenshots, it looks like a fun, engaging place for kids to explore around and learn both reading and math skills. Will keep it in mind for when I have kids at the appropriate age!


  11. Reading is my guilty pleasure. My children have mixed emotions, but as they grow I know there will be one book that will capture their soul and weave the threads that make them love reading. For my oldest it was Johnny Tremain, my second James and the Giant Peach, My third the Lightning Thief. Reading Eggs looks like a great way to get kiddos started on the basics so they can travel to anywhere in the universe just by opening the pages of a book.

  12. Oh my goodness I hope you two get to feeling better! I love all the apps that have come out to help kids learn and read!! They think they are only having fun while they are really learning!!!

  13. This looks great! I am definitely going to do the trial and will share your post with my mom friends 🙂 Do they have an app, or maybe plans of making one? I usually give my daughter an iPad to do her learning games on, mostly because it’s less easy to break (thank you, Otter Box!) lol. Either way, though, it looks great and we will give it a try tonight! Thank you for sharing this!

  14. Wow this looks great! I home school one of my kiddos and while at school she was way behind with reading. I wonder if this could help her out! I will for sure be taking a look at it because if so, I will sign up! I love these types of sites but often they cost way more and don’t offer a free trial so this could be great!

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