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Robotics Classes Plus Win LEGO® brick set, Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator

Robotics Classes Plus Win  LEGO® brick set, Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator

I love kids classes such as the lego robotics classes for kids that inspire them to use their imagination. Snapology has made it their mission to help children reach their full potential when it comes to imagination. With all of the advanced technology devices available, all the kids seem to want to do is play games. I’m including my grand kids in that as well. That’s going to change this year and I’m already having success with this task. When I was growing up, we didn’t have a computer, heck, we didn’t even have a cell phone. We created our own entertainment and I enjoyed life as a kid. I don’t recall if we had LEGO’S but I do remember having Lincoln Logs and a Barrel of Monkeys. When my kids were small, LEGO’S became the toys of choice. Now my grand kids play with LEGO’S and I was thrilled that they asked Santa for some and board games this year.

My main goal this year, as it was last year, is to buy the kids products that make them think and use their imagination. I like hands on products that help them exercise as well such as their new Space Scooter and hoverboard. I’ve been taking them biking, hiking, paddle boating, to play putt-putt, swimming and everything else I can find to take them to do. The kids have really been enjoying being outdoors and I think that surprised them as much as it has me. I think that the reason I breezed through school and college for nursing is because I did have to use my imagination when I was small. I’m glad we didn’t have a computer and other things that would entice me want to stay indoors and sit around.

Robotics Classes Plus Win  LEGO® brick set, Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator

If you’d like a chance to win a great product to help your kids use their imagination, please use the below form to enter. You must comment on my post in order to be entered. 1 winner will receive a LEGO® brick set, Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator (ages 6+).

Robotics Classes Plus Win  LEGO® brick set, Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator

This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal. Shabby Chic Boho is not responsible for prize nor shipment of prize. Prize is for kids age 6+. You must live in the U.S. and be 18+ to enter.

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  1. I would like lego robotics classes for kids (my kid) mainly because he is very inquisitive into how things work and loves to creates things. He watches videos constantly on how things are “made”.

  2. My parents were the same with me. Most of my toys/games were meant to encourage learning, creativity and thinking. And I’m definitely grateful they did so early on.

  3. What a generous giveaway! I like lego coz we all can play with it as family. Goodluck to all entries.

  4. the little man in the house loves to play and collect lego. Actually, they went to downtown now with his papa to buy another one as a gift for being an achiever in class

  5. robotic classes are such good ways to help build that strong IQ for little kids as it tests their mind and brain work speed and reasoning. good stuff.

  6. These are really cool! I agree with wanting to buy things that will get the kids using their own imagination!

  7. My son would enjoy the lego robotics classes for kids. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about these classes sooner.

  8. The LEGO’s are something we had as kids and so did my kids. They really do bring out the imagination him kids during playtime I will have to share this giveaway with my nieces and nephew for their little ones…. Thanks for sharing this awesome giveaway.

  9. Legos will always be awesome! It’s a great way to help your child develop his imagination and creativity. I think these are lovely! I’m sure the kids will love this set.

  10. My son is obsessed with Legos and I like that in Lego Robotics classes for kids, the kids not only have fun but they are learning important STEM skills.

  11. This looks like a great prize for the kids. I know that they do those lego robotics classes at my daughter’s school and she would love a set like this.

  12. Can’t go wrong. We actually had a guy give a presentation of how gerrymandered congressional districts work using legos the other day. Not just for kids!

  13. One thing I always wanted to get from any gift was Legos. I never got them though! Even as an adult, I have this sense of yearning to have them, because I missed out., I visualize all of the art I can make. Legos are really expensive these days, especially in Canada , To satisfy the craving I took to playing Minecraft, which allowed me to build stationary things, as well as functional projects. I don’t often get to play these days, but it is a nice break away to scratch that imaginative itch.

  14. My youngest son has a ton of Legos that his big brother gave him. It has been a while since he has played with them. I need to get them out for him so that he uses his creativity; instead, of spending time in front of a screen.

  15. Legos have always been some of my favorite toys.. I loved them as a kid, and my daughter loves them now! The idea of combining robotics with them just makes perfect sense.

  16. I also believe in creative and imaginative play. My daughter has taken a Lego robotics class and my son really wants to this summer. I feel that Lego Robotics classes for kids are a great way for them to have fun, while using their imagination, mathematical concepts, and fine motor skills..

  17. My child would benefit from lego robotics classes for kids. because he loves legos and using his imagination.

  18. LEGOS I feel used to be just plain. Now they’ve stepped it up and made it fun to create and use a child’s imagination

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