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Seriously cool plant facts

You can’t have a shabby chic, boho chic, apartment, without plants. Trust me, you just can’t. I’ve been buying a few plants along; the week before last I bought fairy garden mini plants, last week it was several types of aloe vera plants from 9GreenBox on Amazon and this week I have 4 parlor palms on the way that I ordered over the weekend. I was a little wary of purchasing plants from Amazon and eBay but so far so good. I did have one problem with one order and the seller immediately sent out new plants at no additional cost. I went from πŸ™ to πŸ˜€ in a snap.

The more I research houseplants to improve indoor air quality {and of course fragrant plants}, the more plants I want to buy. I have a list of the best houseplants to buy to improve indoor air quality and I’m buying what I can find as I find them as well as adding some cute plants, just because. I have limited space but I do have high ceilings so I’m going up with my plants. I never thought a ladder could come in so handy, lol.

I found this image chart somewhere, Google or Photobucket if I can recall correctly, and after quite a bit of searching, I traced it back to I tried to grab their code for it but for whatever reason, it wasn’t working for me. Anyhow, I thought the majority of you would enjoy it soooooooooo I hope you do :).

50 plant facts

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31 thoughts on “Seriously cool plant facts”

  1. I thought I had a black thumb until my mom told me I was overwatering my plants. I cut back on that and it she was right. Man, I hate when she is always right but this time I was thankful lol.

  2. These facts about plants are pretty awesome. I love learning new things especially about plants since I have the greenest thumb in the world! Any little bit helps! Lol. How cool is the self watering plant from Isreal? If onlyyyy we had one of those here. That would be the plant for me! Haha

  3. These are pretty cool plant facts for sure. I never really been much of a plant person, I mean sure they’re awesome looking and I’ve always wanted a garden. However, I have a black thumb and kill plants all the time, lol. I can’t keep a catus alive, lol.

  4. I love these fun facts. I am going to bookmark this post so I can refer back to it from time to time. I am a great outside gardener, but I’m lousy with houseplants … they can be the perfect specimen of health and I’ll kill ’em within a month! LOL

  5. What a fun infographic! It felt like a fascinating stroll through a virtual plant exhibit. I found myself wishing I could see visual representations of some of those items (e.g. the basil plant height and the banana length(!)) to get a good sense of their scale. As a child, I enjoyed finding edible plants (e.g. sour grass and clovers that taste a bit like tangy green apples), so I thought it’s cool that dandelions are completely edible. Somehow, I think a mouth-ful of the wispy ‘seeds/blossoms’ would be a bit.. dry? but I’ll have to try it sometime now… πŸ˜€


  6. Good Housekeeping has a list of plants that are really easy to care for. I have some of these on my list as well.
    Cast-iron plant
    Jade Plant
    Prayer Plant
    Ponytail palm
    Phalaenopsis orchid
    Philodendron (I own one of these myself and am currently rooting a couple as well)
    Crown of thorns
    ZZ plant
    Mother-in-law’s Tongue

  7. Wow, these are a ton of great and interesting facts about plants! Question for you if you have several- what are good plants you can buy for an apartment that require the least amount of care (and sunshine, ideally?!) I would love to have a couple of plants but always seem to kill them off pretty quickly. Oops!

  8. That self-watering plant in Israel sounds really cool. I totally have two brown thumbs. If the plant waters itself, than perhaps I have a chance not to kill it. I wonder if we’ll ever have such a plant in the United States.

  9. I didn’t know that carrots grew as purple! Whoa. I thought it must be sweet potatoes or something. Now I’m interested to see one. πŸ™‚ These are all interesting facts that are great to share with kids. For sure, they will appreciate the knowledge and tell them to friends.

  10. This is such an awesome infographic! I really had no idea. I wish carrots were still always purple! That would certainly make my purple loving daughter more excited to eat them!

  11. love gardening I’m a serious addict and once you start planting your own veggies & get a couple fruit plants you’ll want to do nothing else but be around plants

  12. This is some great information! I am not a plant person only because I don’t think I could keep one alive. I know that’s sad a pathetic, but it’s true. Rather let someone else buy them so it has a chance! HAHA!! I loved the information though. Banana’s as herbs? Very Interesting!

  13. Lol I am too, maybe more so which is why we have a pest control company that comes and sprays every month. So far I’ve not seen anything that moves, thank heavens :).

  14. I love indoor plants!! Our weather in Washington isn’t always the best for growing flowers outside. I love how much color and freshness the indoor plants can add to a room. I love to find ones that don’t require sunlight for growth.

  15. Wow, what an informative infographic, thank you! Also, I really appreciate that link to the NASA Clean Air Study, I’ve never really researched plants that much (despite the fact my moms a horticulturist lol). I think it’s time to get some chrysanthemum’s over here! Thanks again for sharing πŸ™‚

  16. A very nice infographics! Lots of good information.. that I did not even know! Plants have so many benefits, I used to take dried leaves for medicinal purposes. Can’t believe 70,000 of those exists!

  17. I hardly can keep plants alive so right now, the only thing I have is a bamboo plant because they don’t require anything but water to stay alive. These are great tips though

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