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Simple Beauty Routine For Anyone #michaeltoddusa

Simple Beauty Routine For Anyone #michaeltoddusa

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This post is suitable for men and women because taking care of our skin should be a priority no matter our age or our gender. As a teen and young adult, I spent most of my summers on the beach without sunscreen. That was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and I’ll regret it to my dying day. It’s for that reason that I promote so many skincare products that are affordable, usually suitable for any budget, and are not gender specific.

I made a little video for you and one thing I didn’t address in my video is sunscreen. The reason I tend to forget that step is because the day time moisturizer I use has sunscreen in it. If yours doesn’t, invest in a good sunscreen to apply daily. I also buy foundation with sunscreen in it as well. That wasn’t my only oopsie. The quality of my video is horrible and I apologize in advance for that. My Canon Rebel EOS T3 has seen the last of it’s days and my new camera is in transit.

While all of the steps are important in a beauty skincare cleansing and moisturizing routine, I want to focus on one product in particular today. It’s a corrector that I’m using and as of tonight I’ll be using it twice a day instead of the once daily that I’ve been using it. I always start anything that’s going on my face in small amounts and only once a day. I’ve yet to have a break out from anything I’ve tried but I’m still cautious just in case (lesson learned after my daughter had a bad reaction to something I gave her to try). So far, the Mattifying Gel Corrector by Michael Todd that I’ve been using is hard at work to correct my past mistakes. This is a 2 in 1 product which includes a primer and it matifies the skin to an air-brush finish. I kid you not. I hope you can see just how wonderful it makes my hands look on my video. If you can, then all is not lost with the video. I’ve been using this on my face, neck and as of last night, I started using it on my hands once daily. Don’t forget to pamper your hands.

Simple Beauty Routine For Anyone #michaeltoddusa 3 steps to beautiful skin

Simple Beauty Routine For Anyone #michaeltoddusa 3 steps to beautiful skin

Simple Beauty Routine For Anyone #michaeltoddusa 3 steps to beautiful skin

I mentioned the ingredients that are in the mattifying corrector gel and now I’m going to include a screenshot that breaks these ingredients down for you. I’m pretty confident you’ll be as impressed as I am with how good these are for my skin (and yours of course). You’d expect to pay a fortune for this product but it’s really affordable and it doesn’t take a lot of the product to see the results. A single 40 ml bottle should last a pretty good while.

Simple Beauty Routine For Anyone #michaeltoddusa 3 steps to beautiful skin

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  1. Great tips for a simple beauty routine! I need to be better about my morning and night routines. Thanks for the quick refresher on how I can fit this into my life!

  2. I need to make sure everything I put on my skin has an spf, my skin is so sensitive to the sun! But still, the wrinkles are starting to show. I need to try a product like this, it sounds like it works wonders!

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