Single Player Games, Preschool, Smart Games


I truly believe that we need to encourage kids from an early age to use their imagination and what better way to do that than with single player games by Smart Games? All of their products were created to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills in all ages.  They achieve this through fun, challenging, constructive play.

Single Player Games, Preschool, Smart Games

I received a Sleeping Beauty Deluxe Preschool Puzzle Game for review and after checking it out, I decided it would be perfect to add to my gift guide this year.  I love everything about it from the eye-catching colors to the theme of the game.  This game is geared towards kids ages 3 to 7 and it’s a single player game providing hours of fun with 60 different challenges for your kids. The object of the game is to beat the maze and break the spell. It also includes a vivid picture book.

Single Player Games, Preschool, Smart Games

Single Player Games, Preschool, Smart Games

Single Player Games, Preschool, Smart Games

The game is designed to stimulate the below cognitive skills:
Spatial Insight
Hand-Eye Coordination
Problem Solving
Visual Perception

Single Player Games, Preschool, Smart Games

Single Player Games, Preschool, Smart Games

Sleeping Beauty was the winner of the Toy of the Year 2018 Award in Belgium. That’s saying a lot about this game and its function. You can buy Sleeping Beauty on Amazon for a low price. Finding something that encourages kids to think and be imaginative is worth the low price of this game. Look on each game box where brainy benefits are clearly marked from logic and concentration to problem solving and spatial insight.

I believe you’ll find something for all of the kids on your gift giving list this year, at Smart Games USA, you can shop by age (so many ages to choose from so if any of the above cognitive skills are needed for your child, go pick something out geared toward their age) as well as by collection. Your kids can also play games online if you’d like to get a feel for what they like. They provide starter, junior, expert and master challenges. While you’re there, check out the apps available as well on Google Play and the App Store.


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  1. This looks great! I know some kids who would absolutely love to receive this as a present under the tree this year 🙂

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