SodaStream Celebrates Pride Month with ‘Love is Love’ Bottles


I don’t know of anyone that hasn’t heard of SodaStream.  When I go visit friends and family members, I always head to their kitchens to see what they’re displaying on their counters.   And more often than not, every kitchen I visit has a SodaStream.  I loaned out my last SodaStream for a party a friend was having and I haven’t seen it since, but really, I can’t blame her, lol.  Of course, I have a new one now, because I have gotten so use to my fizz that I was missing my machine. This time I got A Fizzi One Touch (oh em gee, the sleek design is so modern looking which goes even better with my decor). This comes in a white or black but I liked the light and airy feel of the white one best.

SodaStream Celebrates Pride Month with  ‘Love is Love’ Bottles

Kitchens are the most important room in the house, in my opinion.  Sometimes I see products I don’t have that someone else does and often I have products that they don’t have yet.  If you aren’t sporting a  SodaStream on your counter, you need to be and if you do have one and notice that some of your friends don’t, gently nudge them over to my post to see why they need one. For those of you that need to drink more water, SodaStream has your back.  By making ordinary water fun and exciting to drink, SodaStream helps consumers drink more water.

Reason #1 is because they save money.  For $29.99 you can buy a new 60 liter CO2 canisters which make 60 liters of sparkling water (how long would 60 liters of soda last? that’s how long 1 60 liter canister will last).  Now comes the fun part.  The flavored SodaStream syrups.  I tend to lean towards the $5.99 rootbeer because I love rootbeer floats made from my Sodastream.  Each bottle makes 9 liters of your favorite flavors.

This is a CO2 canister in case you are wondering.

SodaStream Celebrates Pride Month with  ‘Love is Love’ Bottles

Reason #2 (as if saving money wasn’t enough) you can ditch the inch (I’m talking about the one around your belly) because  SodaStream’s flavors do not contain high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame like other sodas do.  If you are a heavy soda drinker, the switch from high-fructose corn syrup to sugar really adds up.  I noticed a difference within my first month of switching.

Reason #3 is that you can personalize your bubbles according to your preference.  If you prefer diet soda, you won’t be disappointed in all of the diet SodaStream flavors you can choose from.   The first one I hope you’ll try if you haven’t yet is the Mango Fruit Drops.  They even have a diet caffeine free soda. I prefer to have caffeine and lots of it at that, but I know that a lot of people prefer caffeine-free sodas so I had to mention this one.  If you aren’t into diet drinks, no problem.  There really is a syrup designed for everyone. Today Abby and I have been drinking lemon lime soda. Doesn’t that sound refreshing on this hot summer day?

SodaStream Celebrates Pride Month with  ‘Love is Love’ Bottles

In honor of Pride Month, SodaStream is celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with its special edition ‘Love is Love’ bottles.  You can purchase these for a limited time only so be sure to check these out while you can.   Head on over to check out this SodaStream Pride – Home is where your love is video. After you watch the video, scroll down to the bottom and add your house rules for your chance to win a FREE Pride Pack.

SodaStream Celebrates Pride Month with  ‘Love is Love’ Bottles

What is your favorite SodaStream flavor?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I’m just geeking out over my new SodaStream & when I heard about their limited edition Pride Packs, I wanted to share the information with all of you. If you’d like to share this information with your family, friends, readers and or followers, click here and share via Facebook or Twitter, under the video.

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18 thoughts on “SodaStream Celebrates Pride Month with ‘Love is Love’ Bottles

  1. Soda Stream has been on my wish list for years! Ever since they first came out. My husband doesn’t want another gadget! Still, I might have to just go it for myself.

  2. I have a Soda Stream that I got years ago, but I ran out of the CO2 (or whatever it is that makes the carbonation, lol) and keep forgetting to replace it. I really need to get another one soon so I can get back to making my own soda. The one touch fizzy feature sounds really neat!

  3. We gave a SodaStream to my nephew as a Christmas gift. He uses it all the time. Turned out to be one of the best gifts we’ve ever given him.

  4. The appeal for me is the lack of high fructose corn syrup. But I am not a soda drinker, my husband is and I’d want him to switch for health reasons…only thing is, he’s a stickler for brands. He won’t drink off-brand soda. I once did a price comparison on buying a soda stream or the soda at the store and it did turn out that soda at the store is the least expensive option, but soda streams can be customized to be healthier and therefore worth it. Now if only I could get my husband to feel that way!

  5. Those bottles are really lovely and a great way to show support to the LGBTQ community. I just love that you can make your own soda! I need to try this!

  6. I’ve never used a SodaStream, but have heard great things! I have always wanted to try it out. My only hesitation is the cost. I’ve wondered if it is worth the price?

  7. I must have been living under a rock as this is my first time hearing about SodaStream! I don’t like sparkling water but my sister does so I bet she would really enjoy this.

  8. Is it really cost effective? I don’t drink soda but I do like sparkling water; adding some lime or lemon to infuse it sounds divine.

  9. I don’t own a SodaStream but I’ve definitely heard of it. LOVE this “love is love” campaign! Sounds like they make a good product, too.

  10. I used to have a Soda Stream and I miss it a lot and after seeing the bottles I want to get another one and if I do I am not going to share the bottles with anyone.

  11. I had a soda stream in the past and I can tell you it’s it’s a lot of money. It is definitely well worth getting if you do drink a lot of soda.

  12. I have always wanted to try one of those because it is so much cheaper. Thanks for explaining and answering some of my questions.

  13. My daughter and her family have a soda stream. Nice to do different flavors to meet everyone different tastes

  14. I don’t have a SodaStream. I’ve heard about them but I’ve never thought to purchase one. After reading this, I want to try one out!

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