Staph Infection and Biotin Bursts #neocell

Staph Infection and Biotin Bursts #neocell

I received a product sample of Biotin Bursts for review purposes from Neocell.

The kids started school today and I have to be honest and tell you that this wasn’t one of our better summers. I was {kinda} ready for today. Whew them grand babies sure keep me on my toes. When the grands are out of school, they love coming to grandmas. However, by 5 pm I’m completely and utterly exhausted and have actually been going to bed before the sun goes down. So, a lot of things that should be done, hasn’t been. It’s time for me to get back on my schedule.

After a long summer, it’s time to start taking care of me again. Somehow, during our mad rush of a summer, I got a staph infection. I’m on my second round of medication and it continues to get worse instead of better. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty bad and I’m super concerned. I’ll keep you informed on that and I mention it to show that I truly haven’t been taking me time and keeping up with my health and beauty. That’s why, I’ve started taking Neocell Biotin Bursts to take care of my hair, nails and skin. My nails are as raggedy as they’ve ever been and I just had my hair cut super short because of the damage that was done over the summer. I think if I had taken better care of my body, I might not have gotten this staph infection.

Staph Infection and Biotin Bursts #neocell

Staph Infection and Biotin Bursts #neocell

If I had taken these Biotin Bursts all summer long, my skin would have been healthy and this might not have happened. Biotin is a really important B-vitamin in that it promotes healthy hair nails and skin. It also aids in energy support which I sure could have used over the summer month. These Biotin Bursts have Acai Berry for antioxidant support. They taste delicious, are individually wrapped and it feels great to start my post school vacation, beauty routine. To learn more and purchase your own 30 day supply of Biotin Bursts, visit

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  1. This is definitely a vitamin that I would buy….I love acai! I need to pay more attention to which vitamins and minerals I’m missing out on since I don’t eat meat and start taking supplements.

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